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  1. Just got back from Jambo and want to trade patches still! Lookin for mostly Alaskan, Hawaiian, Puerto Riccan, etc. My council-Housatonic My lodge-Paugassett Others I will trade are- Denver Area Council, Mid America Council(Enola Gay patch(plane that dropped the A-bomb)), Ore-Ida Council, Nashua Council, Hiawatha Seaway Council Staff Patch. Make me an offer, some I will see to ya if you want! Rob hoverboard360@gmail.com
  2. I agree, medical forms are meant to be informative to the camp to see what medical problems they are going to have to face. This helps prevent a lawsuit and/or anything that is not a necessity if a complication does arise. All people: leaders, staff and campers need to fill out a medical form for their safety and if you dont want to go along with the policy of many boy scout camps then you dont need to go. -CTBoyScout101
  3. I recommend that all who have not yet signed the petition should do so now! www.grassfire.org "Save Our Scouts Petition"
  4. At my camp the early registration is also on April 15th! We still have openings for Weblos Resident Camp, Summer day camp and our Edmund D. Strang Scout Reservation's boy scout camp! If you would like information about this camp or programs at Edmund D. Scout Reservation located in Goshen, Connecticut, please contact me!
  5. So in all Judy, I recommend that your son and fellow troop members go to one week of your councils summer camp and then experience Camp Strang this summer for one week, so during next year he can decide which camp he likes better, gives him the option! CTBOYSCOUT101
  6. Thanks Judy. You should also see if he can ask the scouts in the troop if they want to go to this camp this summer, they do not have to go as a troop. Also a note to add, you can go one week to that camp and one to camp strang, that is usually what happens at our camp. But, ask the kids in the troop if they want to do an additional summer camp trip this summer, the scoutmaster also may decide that he is not going to go and the boys will still be able to attend and be placed with another troop or if you pick week 1, your son can do trail to eagle which puts him with a troop of all various troops and they work on eagle required merit badges! CTBoyScout101
  7. Good Point. Judy I agree that your son should experience a week at your camp, but also experience one that is out of council because it allows the boy to grow and become more independent which the child will need when going out into the real world. So ask the scoutmaster and see what he wants to do, he may decide not to go as a troop, but allow boys from within the troop stil have the opportunity to experience camp strang! CTBoyScout101
  8. What did the scoutmaster say Judy? -CTBoyScout101
  9. Thanks alot Judy and I hope to see your son and his troop this summer at camp strang, also, please give him the week schedule which is located above or you can also print out the camp information packet which is now located on that website! -CTBoyScout101
  10. Thank you Judy. If you or your troop would like we do offer 4 sessions by week, you can choose to have 4 of your troop members come to camp as a unit and be placed in a camp with another unit, but work entirely different. I think it would be a great experience for members of their troop to experience both camps, so please ring this by your scoutmaster and if he was any questions, have him email me: CobraCrusade@yahoo.com Or to email the people on the previous message. Thanks for your support, CTBoyScout101
  11. It is nice to see the scouting philosophies spreading peace, democracy, and good-will of Gods grace to every corner of the globe. It sometimes comes under the attack of many, but our organization will survive and flourish around the world to those places even in the third world. It may be the key to global peace, if only a friendship or trust in another is built that is good enough for me! Rob Connecticut, USA
  12. TO ALL FELLOW SCOUTERS: I Would like to invite your troop and yourselves to attend summer camp at Edmund D. Strang Scout Reservation which is located in Goshen, Connecticut this summer. This camp is run by the Housatonic Council, however many of its staff come from Connecticut Rivers and Connecticut Yankee councils. Our first week we are offering a Trail to Eagle Program and is only open to about 30 scouts, we will do Eagle required merit badges as well as prepare the scouts to plan their Eagle projects. For scouts under 1st Class we offer First Class Emphasis which is our goal to work on requirements and help the scout to advance, this seems to be a very popular program with the younger scouts. Other areas of interest as the aquatic area for recreational swimming, kayaking, canoeing, sail boating, snorkeling, fishing, etc. And you can work on BSA lifeguard as well as the swimming, lifesaving, fishing, canoeing, small boat and rowing merit badges. At the field sports area you can do many sports related activites inclding soccer, baseball, lacross, rifle, archery, black powder, shotgun and much much more. The merit badges offered her includeRifle Shooting, Shotgun Shooting, Sports, and Archery. HANDICRAFTS AREA The merit badges offered her include Basketry, Woodcarving, Woodworking, Leather work, Art, Metalwork, and Indian Lore Merit Badges. Here you can make a plaque for the dinning hall, a patrol flag or a special gift to bring home. Ecology Conservation Area The merit badges offered here include Environmental Science, Fish & Wildlife Management, Soil & Water Conservation, Weather, Nature, Insect Study, Bird Study, Geology, Astronomy, Archaeology and Oceanography merit Badges. Take part in conservation projects and nature observation training as well as enjoy nature walks with your troops and/ or compete in various nature realted competitons. SCOUT CRAFT AREA The merit badges offered her include Camping, Cooking, First Aid, Hiking, Orienteeering, Pioneering, Backpacking and Wilderness Survival Merit Badges. You can complete the requirements for Tote'n Chip, Paul Bunyan, and Fire'n Chip certification. As well as enjoy building catapultes and compete in many events such as those on the obstacle course. HEALTH LODGE The merit badges offered here include First Aid and Emergency Preparedness as well as CPR and First Aid certification. OTHER AWESOME EVENTS: There are dances every week to the girls camps which are located nearby, Mohawk Girls camp in Litchfield and another camp. Tubing down the Housatonic River and BMX bike trecs are sure to be a time of a lifetime. VENTURING The are special Venturing programs avaliable, please email either Tom Transue or Steve McEwan for more information.(SEE BELOW EMAILS) Summer Camp Schedule: Week 1- July 3-9 Week 2- July 10-16 Week 3- July 17-23 Week 4- July 24-30 WEBLOS WEEK- July 31- Aug 6 To learn more about Edmund D. Strang Scout Reservation and the programs the will be offered at summer camp please visit: http://www.housatonicbsa.org/campforms/Strang%20Reservation/Welcome%20to%20Strang.htm Or call: (203) 734-3329 Or even email a few key people that help run the camp: Summer Camp Director Tom Transue: eusnart@comcast.net Housatonic Council Scout Executive Steve McEwan: smcewan@bsamail.org
  13. I agree with you as a patch collector. You should never sell your patches for any profit. I never buy or sell patches from anyone except my council and then I trade for other councils patches. I dont base anything on financial matters, just if I think the patch is "cool" or one that looks interesting. CTBOYSCOUT101
  14. The time to act is now! Summer camp is beginning to fill up, and if you miss the April 15th date you will not get the early bird rate and pay $20 more a scout! CTBOYSCOUT101
  15. I just wanted to let everyone know you are free to post here about any Strang experience you have ever had! Campsites still avaliable! Week 1 July 3-9-only one campsite avaliable! -Algonquin(One of the most popular campsites) Week 2 July 10-16-no campsites avaliable sorry! Week 3 July 17-23-three are three campsites avaliable! -Scaticook(Large area that has nice layout!) -Lean To's(Personal favorite) -Pootatuck(Newest campsite, leader lean tos are brand new!) Week 4 July 24-30-there are still 4 campsites open! -Chesapeake(Popular with larger troops, close to entire camp) -Scaticook(Large area with large layout!) -Lean To's(Personal favorite) -Wepawaug(Center to camp) Weblos Resident Camp July 31-August 6! -Check with Housatonic Council for more information! Please visit us on the web, Housatonic council and Strang Scout Reservation! http://www.housatonicbsa.org Or email me: CobraCrusade@yahoo.com -CTBOYSCOUT101
  16. The schedule is now located on the websites to know which campsites and dates are still avaliable for your troops! -CTBOYSCOUT101
  17. I would love to trade with both of you! Please email me and we discuss further on the trading! CobraCrusade@yahoo.com -CTBOYSCOUT101
  18. Since the last time I posted 4 more slots were filled up, and I thank you for your interested in such a worthwhile camp. There are still 7-8 slots remaining for troops to attend summer camp this summer. Week 2 is completely booked, there are 1-2 in week 1, 3, and 4. My recommendation is that you choose the Tierney Lean-To's, Paugassett, Wepawaug or Scaticook. Those are my favorite 4 campsites at Camp Strang. NOTE: We are also currently searching for a camp nurse, head chef and other staff positions for those preferably 17+. You will find a staff application on the council website! http://www.housatonicbsa.org Thanks again! -CTBOYSCOUT101
  19. Some of those merit badges are listed differently at my camp. 1st of all, Wilderness Survival is taught at "Scoutcraft", we currently do not offer Space Exploration, but will consider it for this summer in adding it to our program. Last year I experimented with Oceanography and I felt that it had a good impact on th kids, will do again this year. You may also want to consider Archaeology in depending on where you live in the country, for example, there is an Indian museum right near our camp, I plan to go there with that merit badge class, hopefully with the Indian Lore people also which is located at Handicraft. So, in all I plan to introduce 2-3 more merit badges to the area this year, all will be by appointment and require me to do extra work by staying after, but is well worth the results and making the kids have the best program and time at summer camp! CTBoyScout101
  20. Hey does anyone have any JSP's for trade yet for the 2005 Jambo? Looking for the Cap't Crunch, Yosemite Sam, Yoda, Star Wars, or any pop culture icons! I can offer CSPs, OA flaps, etc. Just reply to this thread or email me! CTBoyScout101
  21. Up at Housatonic Council's Camp Strang in Goshen, CT, which I advise all of you to attend summer camp this summer offers numerous programs for first years that include- 1st class emphasis which really does focus on the road to 1st class and completing requirements to get there as well as recommends swimming, camping, or any ECON and Handicraft type merit badges. For more information on how you can attend Camp Strang out of Goshen, Connecticut please visit: http://housatonicbsa.org/ Or email the Scout Excecutive of Housatonic Council at: boy.scouts@snet.net Or call Housatonic Council direct for information on this camp or other programs: (203) 734-3329 Thanks and hope to see you there! CTBoyScout101
  22. I agree, it takes away from the Jamboree experince if you do such a thing. Either go to the Jamboree as a constigent or do no go at all. It takes away from everyone who is attending the Jamboree if you are invading the area in which you clearly are not supposed to be, there are no loopholes in scouting just stupid choices and that is one of them. CTBoyScout101
  23. I would like to note that spaces are running out to reserve a campsite at Camp Strang so please hurry. My recommendation is that you reserve either the Tierney Lean To's, Wepawaug or the Paugassett campsites because the are central to most the camp. HOPE TO SEE YOU ON THE LITCHFIELD HILLS IN GOSHEN, CT! CTBoyScout101
  24. Time is running out and the good campsites are filling up so reserve your spot now! My personal favorites are Chesapeake, Tierney Lean-Tos, and Paugassett. Hope to see you there! CTBoyScout101
  25. Also to any one interested in becoming a staff member at the scout camp and who is over 21 there are two current job vacancies: Camp Nurse and Head Cook. Hope to see you there! CTBoyScout101
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