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  1. Indeed and I hope that it's successful in providing more protection for the future
  2. I do indeed but I will keep it confidential for the safety of the youth scouts. This coalition will be Stern,Vigilant and will not continue to let this nonsense continue
  3. As a scout leader you should know by now of The Coalition.Its a group of Scouts that are Leading in the next stages of Safer Scouting for the Youth
  4. Should see changes in the way Scout leaders are chosen and for more safety precautions for our youth
  5. You can Contact the Safety Coalition. There are big changes coming to Scouting.This is Not acceptable and will be looked into as I am a Surviving abused Scout with an autistic Grandchild this is heartbreaking and to think of the Mental impact that comes with bells palsy. I can just imagine how this Scout feels as I have had bells myself. CONTACT THE COALITION, BE VIGILANT AND PRAY FOR THESE PEOPLE WHO Say they are Masters of Scouting..
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