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  1. One of my biggest concerns was that they wouldn’t find my son in the records. We included the LCs involved, the CO, the troop information, the court records, the sex offender registry record for the perpetrator, and our names, but I worry because we redacted his name as he is still a minor. I know the legal system is wicked complicated, especially in a mass tort bankruptcy, but it’s hard to wrap my head around not getting civil recourse for my son, when we’ve already had a criminal conviction, just because record-keeping was lacking, or my son’s name is redacted to protect what litt
  2. We received a packet and the print is excessively small. It is multiple pages fit on one page. My first thought, and I blame this on being extremely skeptical in general, is that it’s a “they won’t read the fine print and just go off what we tell them it says” situation. The Army taught me to never sign anything I can’t read, or understand, so pulling up the online is definitely my go to. I can’t imagine the frustration survivors might have.
  3. We already have a case filed and a criminal conviction. His lawyer has tried to explain everything to us but this forum has made more sense to me with regular language instead of legalese. Thank you!
  4. That actually answered my question and explained it in a way I understood. Thank you!
  5. It’s been day by day for the last three years but he’s a fighter! He’s wicked strong and I am so proud of him. The bankruptcy is just confusing and I don’t want to give him bad intel when he asks me questions.
  6. I don’t even know where to start, or how to word my questions. I’ve never posted on a forum like this before. I’ll start with a thank you. I’m the mom of a minor survivor. Reading this forum has helped me navigate, and process, a lot of my emotions. All of you are incredibly brave and, to me, your voice is so powerful. Mom hugs all around! I guess I’m just really confused with a lot of the nuances of the disclosure statement regarding closed/open states. My son is well within his SOL, but our state is considered a grey state I think? Are they just grouping by state SOL, or
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