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  1. It reminds me of when I was rear-ended at 45 mph by a lady whose first words to me were: "Sorry, I was adjusting my radio". There was $60k in property damage/collision and no claim of injury on my part. Several people told me to just file a claim and they'll send me a decent sum just to close it. My response was "I wasn't injured so I am not going to claim I was". On the other hand, there was my friend's wife "slip and fall Jane" (name changed to keep me from being another victim) who literally made her living doing exactly that-and got pain pills to boot. What a deal! If she had bee
  2. In my case, I'm clearly still working through it. I know that because sometimes what I post would make a pitiful legal argument. I really don't suppose I'll ever really be past it. It's just part of my past. Not my fault. Not even close to my fault.
  3. That's the way I read it from the start. It sounded good for a minute though.
  4. Yes, if the story was really out there, the media would pick up "Boys who were molested in New York may receive up to $1 Billion dollars. However, due to the Statute of Limitation in Mississippi, boys who endured the same abuse will receive somewhere around 10 cents". At bare minimum, that would catch the attention of Legislators. Whether they choose to jump in and do something to make this equitable is an entirely different story.
  5. And the genius (not) who decided to use what I call "shades of grey" to define our worth goes to the top of my list. I'm guessing he/she is not familiar with the book. It has taken on a whole new sick meaning to me. From the day the BSA camp employee "took me under his wing" because I was a boy who deserved and needed "special attention", I spiraled downhill. As a young adult, I pulled out the merit badge to contact the Council, but it could not be handled anonymously so I feared his retaliation. Then, I decided to hire an attorney to see what could be done (but by that time, the SoL
  6. And, again, given the history of abuse and concealment I would only support a reorganization over liquidation if the BSA does everything it can to prevent further abuse AND takes care of the victims-be it compensation, reimbursement for expenses or anything else within reason. I only have one vote, but it is my vote.
  7. Agree 100%. I could have written the same words.
  8. Because BSA encouraged me to file a claim with talk of taking care of victims. All I heard at that time was that it is a bankruptcy claim, so SoL is not an issue. Not so much.
  9. I understand law is law and State Law is State Law. My abuse occurred 30 miles from the border of my current State of residence. Abuse was in Grey 3 and adjacent State of residence is Grey 1. I just had this understanding through the process that somehow BSA was going to compensate on severity, rather than technicality. So, the Grey scale applies to BSA settlement. Are we locked into the same Grey factors for potential future insurance settlements from that trust?
  10. Now that this has successfully invaded my life yet again, I'll be more than willing to lay out all of the details. Put it out there, get it done, and do my very best to cover it up with mud, once again. I really don't expect any claim to be handled without some investigation. But anyone who joined the club for some quick $$$ or got drawn in by the TV commercials without a strong case may consider the $3500 nuisance payment- especially when coupled with requirements to furnish details and sit for an interview. All of that perjury stuff could get a person thinking. For me, however, it is c
  11. I would have never been a scout. My parents would not have let me be a scout. I did not allow my children to be scouts, past Cubs, and told them exactly why. Had I been aware that BSA summer camp was a lion's den for molesters, I would not have gone. I'm not an attorney and apparently cannot afford to have one. But talk about concealment....
  12. Knowing how complicated things get with ONE victim, 82K is a big number.
  13. Yes, but once the large firms advise their clients this is as good as it gets, I expect them to approve it. I'm in a Grey 3. The removal of the SoL almost made it in 2019. It might have passed in 2020, except for a global pandemic.
  14. Are there credible numbers as to Closed, Open and Grey cases?
  15. I have just completed reading the entire document. Though the dollar values are incredibly low, given the assets and deferred insurance settlements it makes some sense-until I reach the final page (State SoL factors). It has been stated that perhaps 50,000 claimants are time-barred to some extent. I always felt that SoL should not be a factor in settlement because it is simply unfair. And yes, I understand the legality of the SoL's. I get that a claimant in an open State would support it. But it leaves me wondering: Why would a claimant or attorney representing a large number of claimant
  16. Same with Missouri, the location of my abuse. You can put the abuser in prison but not a dime for care of the victim.
  17. If fraudulent concealment is at all effective in tolling the SoL in BSA cases, doesn't that potential then become a factor in the insurance settlements?
  18. That is what I am proposing. And on a personal level, as a decent human, I fully support those direct expenses (especially counseling) be addressed.
  19. Is "time-barred" an absolute? I have heard of instances where memories were repressed and other theories. Looking at my State statute, it sure looks like time-barred is time-barred.
  20. I will gladly give up my pittance so therapy reimbursement, medication and other direct expenses are paid first. In any event, whatever "money" is available for settlement may be insufficient for reimbursement for counseling alone. If the BSA really cares, the trust would address this on a primary basis-before paying cash settlements.
  21. I just learned that the legislator who spearheaded the SoL revision in my State was not re-elected in 2020 and nothing has been filed since. A reasonable conclusion is that it will not happen anytime soon, and it is not in the interest of my well-being to live the ups and downs of this, every day. I can understand there not being some huge windfall. But compensating for therapy and direct expenses should be a given.
  22. That actually made me laugh! I'm already down to zero dollars (roughly). So consider it tempered.
  23. I can't even imagine a valid claimant voting for approval, unless they are desperate for a couple of dollars. Why would this win approval. Why would attorneys support it. I simply don't get it.
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