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  1. The BSA Camp system was designed and developed for a time when BSA had 3-4 million scouts. We are now 900,000 (at best) and BSA in its most cheerfully optimistic projections is saying 1 million by 2025 at the earliest. The NCAP has utilization standards as does BSA itself. And the TCC has its own standards that will be used. All agree: BSA does not need every camp it has. Time to cull and turn the proceeds over the victims of child sexual abuse.
  2. Yes, and I honestly don't know based on my read of the document. It's not clear one way or the other.
  3. https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/806851_207.pdf
  4. I would imagine a little of both. For example, Claro does not need to re-create a database with claims numbers, basic information, etc. It can take the existing data set and review for accuracy. The real key is Bates White discounting vs. what Claro will come up with. How, for example, did it ever come up with $2.4 billion to $7.1 billion as the realistic payout range? https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/da60d7ce-df85-45e9-9737-4dd1a5d50014_6445.pdf Bates Whites did a two step analysis: Valuation of claims and degree of BSA liability Valuation was brok
  5. Most unfortunate. Just the latest example of BSA hiding information. If I had to guess (this is a guess): membership is still in free fall and BSA got very, very embarrassed that its data was being released to the public, therefore, it shut this report down.
  6. This makes sense. The subpoena is I think returnable in a court of competent jurisdiction within 100 miles of the location. So Kosnoff = Central District CA AVA/Arsdale = Southern District CA But then why is Salvation Army (Virginia) Delaware? Because you can drive 115 miles from the location to Silverstein's courtroom. I'd guess if Salvation Army wants to throw a fit the proper court to make this returnable against is in Virginia.
  7. As I noted: any progress in terms of BSA and issues like this only occurred after a lot of years and a lot of kicking and screaming. BSA has not exactly been quick to embrace modernity and when it has it has been condemned by scouters as "politically correct".
  8. Well now things got interesting. Or more so. The Coalition is now issuing discovery demands on the TCC. https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/0901a0f7-57a2-471f-8309-f7ba40cf1069_6567.pdf What, we don't know other than it is for documents. And Century has now officially subpoenaed Kosnoff https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/fd0dc01f-34c3-42d7-9092-345ada49eb63_6565.pdf
  9. So, the more I think about it the more I am changing my mind on something. I had said that I thought a BSA-only toggle plan was the end result of this mess. I am, however, somewhat intrigued by the idea that came up in the Minneapolis-St. Paul archdiocese case. After the Archdiocese's plan went down in flames (90% AGAINST) and the abuse victims plan was supported (90%) the judge rejected BOTH plans at confirmation and ordered them back into mediation. I still believe that BSA-only comes out of this, but I am now not as certain. Perhaps, after this plan crashes down in flames or at the ver
  10. Yep. They were Whereas BSA hired White & Chase to come up with an estimated valuation of claims ($4-7 billion) Claro will come in likely much, much, much higher.
  11. One thing that will start to happen is we will see 1) tons and tons of parties coming out of the woodwork. There are already 5 new filings. Remember: lots of claimants have attorneys but those attorneys have sat back and let the coalition and in particular a brown-rudnick to do the heavy lift of attending all meetings, etc. 2) expect lots of “joinders”. That is legal parlance for “what that group is asking for? Yeah we want a copy, too.” Or “who that group wants to depose? We want to be there.” eventually Mosby and other BSA big wigs will get deposed. I would expect a line of at
  12. NOT under the BSA plan. The BSA plan called for victims to be on the committee and appointed by the TCC and Coalition but does NOT say how many. I would expect them if BSA has its way to be a very small minority. It also says the outside evaluator is appointed by the BSA after “consulting” with the committee I am referring to what I expect will be in the TCC plan: a victim-driven committee appointing an independent auditor with real power to ORDER BSA to comply (right now the “Evaluating Entity” only recommends and suggests)
  13. The last time the BSA brought in an "independent" academic to review themselves was Warren 2011. Her report was a complete white wash. And, as was pointed out, when members of the press tried asking her questions about her work, she refused to answer.
  14. I totally agree because BSA can NOT be trusted to self-report. Outside auditing is in order. Catholic bishops brought in John Jay for the original 2002/2004 report looking backward. And now, annually, they use an outside auditor (StoneBridge) to compile the data and review 15% of all dioceses at random for an in-depth dive each year. See, it can be done. No more BSA excuses. https://www.usccb.org/issues-and-action/child-and-youth-protection/upload/2019-Annual-Report-Final.pdf
  15. And yet such surveys are done all the time and they reported all the time and it is not impossible to do. moreover I would point out that the focus on the statistical data the TCC shows interest in is the number of occurrences the number of abusers the number of YP violations etc. none of that requires any IRB. Somehow the United States conference of Catholic bishops was able to figure out how to do this. So is USA gymnastics. But poor old BSA cannot? Really? This reminds me of yet again BSA throwing up excuses. I can remember at one point hearing directly from BSA national
  16. Oh, but you know the "wheels were moving in that direction" don't ya know. Sure they were. Race: only after the NAACP started filing suit in 1974 to finally get BSA to stop its last segregated units and even COUNCILS (it blows my mind: a segregated COUNCIL) Gender: only took until 2019. Orientation: Dale anyone? BSA had to be dragged there kicking and screaming. Religion: I will note that B-P original Scout Oath NEVER included outright references to God and there are writing indicating he was horrified about how scouting in the U.S. was so tied to churches, a result of
  17. Talk about revisionist history. The BSA literally went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court in Dale to defend its right to deny membership/leadership to openly gay scouters. The wheels most certainly were NOT "moving in that direction". BSA had to be dragged their kicking and screaming. This very message board in its earlier forum posts is a testament to the fact that the wheels were not even CLOSE to moving in that direction. Revisionist history.
  18. Just FYI: based on last night's TCC townhall Stang semi-admitted that the section on non-monetary relief had been "Watered down" but that the TCC plan coming out will be much stronger. I suspect a LOT of the "Suggestion" and "Recommendations" from the victims and the outside auditor/monitor will turn into "shall" and "musts" for BSA.
  19. Whenever I hear people chime in with the BSA has never been political and always supported the Oath and Law, I remind them BSA allowed for segregated units, districts, and even Councils until 1974 when the NAACP sued them into shame and the last Council was finally ordered desegregated. https://aaregistry.org/story/the-african-american-boy-scout-movement-a-story/ https://finding-aids.lib.unc.edu/04688/ https://www.nytimes.com/1974/07/28/archives/naacp-plans-suit-against-boy-scouts.html
  20. BSA had no problem with "casting aside the Oath and Law" and allowing for racial discrimination to run rampant in scouting until it was sued into shame by the NAACP in 1974, DECADES after Brown vs. Board of Education.
  21. Depends on what you define "social activism" is. Was it "social activism" when BSA allowed for race segregated troops, districts, even COUNCIL until 1971? Or was it "social activism" when BSA STOPPED allowing that to happen? Except that whole part about seperate-but-equal units, districts, and councils. That wasn't held in common, not for a LONG time.
  22. I think that's about right. This is tracking with the Catholic Church scandal with one difference: I would trace the starting point for the Catholic abuse scandal as the 2002 Boston Glove report about the Archdiocese and its coverups. That story was the replicated diocese by diocese since there is not overarching U.S. governing body of Dioceses (the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is a meeting-of-equals) For Boy Scouts the starting point in my views was the Oregon case and the forced release of some of the IV Files in 2012. After that the ball started rolling downhill into the 20
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