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  2. Here is going to be the problem: what is BSA doing to ensure compliance? BSA can have all the YP videos in the world, all the training in the world, but if leaders are not a) being reported and b) shoved out the door, who cares? That's why data is critical: how many incidents of YP violations? What happened to the offenders? How severe was the YP violation? Etc. One reason I suspect BSA is NOT willing to release this information is that it will show a) abuse is NOT in fact being reported to the police (mandatory reporting language in BSA material aside) b) abuse is not being rep
  3. Hey @fred8033: Rather than just downvoting me, can you answer any of these three basic questions about BSA and YP? Or is the down vote your only answer?
  4. Yes. BSA is NOT being sued or claimed filed because sexual abuse happened in scouting. They are being sued because DUE TO BSA's NEGLIGENCE scouts were abused. If BSA can show in a state court case they took all due diligence all reasonable precautions to prevent the abuse (and it happened anyway) that could be a sufficient defense to a negligence claim. Whether they reached that point in any given case is to be determined by a judge and jury.
  5. That doesn't necessarily mean he wasn't there. The IRS 990 only requires reporting the highest paid employees and staff. His salary may have been below the reporting threshold. But the fact that you and I, relatively savvy scouters, cannot even figure this out speaks volumes, no?
  6. By the way, to prove my point, lets look at other organizations that have had massive child sexual abuse scandals, shall we? Catholic Church: Full committee plus listing of professional staff for Bishops' Committee on the Protection of Children and Young People https://www.usccb.org/committees/protection-children-young-people/committee USA Gymnastics: Shelba Waldron, Director of Safe Sport Education and Policy at USA Gymnastics. https://usagym.org/pages/post.html?PostID=22770 and since they also use the U.S. Center for Safe Sport as their outside auditor/monitor https://uscenterfor
  7. I got his out-of-office-I-no-longer-work-here message in February 2021. I was told he left even earlier than that.
  8. BSA not exactly being forthcoming with membership numbers. Shocker. https://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Ascouting.org+"Key+Performance+Indicator+Report" They released December 2019 data on January 9, 2020 or thereabouts https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/commissioner/newsletter/2020_fall/KPI_NatlRegion.pdf July 2020 data on August 12 or thereabouts http://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/commissioner/pdf/KPI_NatlRegion.pdf September 2020 data on October 12 (or thereabouts) https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/commissioner/newsletter/2020_fall/KPI_NatlReg
  9. Who is the BSA board? Who is in charge of YP for BSA? Either paid professional, volunteer committee members, or both. I'll take any. How many occurrences/how prevalent is child sexual abuse in scouting today? Hiding. Hiding. Hiding.
  10. Let's take that example. I am not asking for BSA to release HISTORICAL data, Pinto-era data But if BSA really, really is taking sexual abuse in scouting seriously NOW, prove it. Show us the data for NOW (or this year and the last few, Catholic Church is 5, I think USA Gymnastics is 3) BSA shouldn't have to be ordered by the court to do so.
  11. Show me a youth serving organization with tens of thousands of victims. Catholic Church? Yep, and they put it in an annual report. USA Gymnastics? They have agreed to do so as part of their bankruptcy. BSA? No way, fighting it tooth and claw.
  12. TCC never did that. You are mistaking them for the Coalition. TCC never promised huge settlements. They simply promised to do what the are legally required to do as appointees of the U.S. Trustee: maximize benefits for all similarly situated (read: child sexual abuse) claimants.
  13. I'll say this: while I would LIKE that level of detail (council by council) I would at LEAST like the Catholic Church model of those data points reported NATIONALLY and historically (Catholic Church goes back 5 years, that's fine). BSA says "No way! You don't get data from us (without a court order)! Child sexual abuse is being addressed in BSA, but you don't get any data. TRUST US."
  14. You got it exactly right. BSA is in hide mode. Who is the BSA board? No listing on the scouting.org website. The ONLY and let me repeat ONLY youth serving not for profit that is true for that I can find. Who is in charge of YP for BSA? I can find that information for every diocese in the U.S. I can find that info at the national level as well. BSA? Nope. Hide, hide, hide. How many occurrences/how prevalent is child sexual abuse in scouting today? We know the IV files have not gone away. We know there is a reporting system. Will BSA share the data as the Catholic church d
  15. Yep. And remember: the BSA plans including NOTHING about how to prevent future abuse. The BSA had to be forced by the TCC to include these provisions. That's why I am saying BSA still doesn't get it and still doesn't take YP seriously. They have convinced themselves they are perfect. They are in for a court-ordered rude awakening. Thanks again to the TCC.
  16. I am saying here, now, I can determine whether the Catholic Church is doing better/worse at preventing and reporting child sexual abuse. Right now. Just a click away. https://www.usccb.org/issues-and-action/child-and-youth-protection/upload/2019-Annual-Report-Final.pdf I am saying here, now, I can determine the professional in each diocese/local level whose sole purpose is to ensure the safety of my child from sexual abuse. Right now. Just a click away. https://www.usccb.org/node/25794 I am saying here, now, I can determine the list at the national level of who it is that is responsi
  17. Not precisely. We know what other parties involved with how the claims were generated have been asked for and I would assume Kosnoff was asked many/most/all the same questions. https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/8a2ffeb3-5bf3-4357-9e17-1a9545061f12_6378.pdf We may eventually see a copy of the subpoena, but not yet.
  18. What I am saying is that from my perspective, the Catholic Church is using a reporting system that BSA should emulate. Like BSA, the Church only got there after thousands of abused children, bankruptcy, and court orders. It is a shame it will take a court order for BSA to do what is necessary to protect children and inform parents.
  19. Back to the topic: YPT Changes in TCC Proposal I am really, really looking forward to the Evaluating Entity going and cleaning house in BSA. I've already shown what that can look like in the context of the Catholic Dioceses. But USA Gymnastics and its bankruptcy has some ideas as well. https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47282/c66b1b09-6d90-4e99-85c9-243103212938_1552.pdf The appointment of a Director of Safe Sport Education and Policy with broad, sweeping authority to investigate accusations and remove people. ALL accusations must go to an independen
  20. I never said they were not reporting to law enforcement. Read what I wrote. Sure they report to police. But do they provide data so parents and others can make informed decisions? So we can see if the much vaunted YP training is actually being enforced? Nope. As I said: the Catholic Church got the message. Annually they report this data. BSA? No way. Hide, hide, hide. BSA: "YP violations? What YP violations? Nope. No YP violations here." https://www.usccb.org/issues-and-action/child-and-youth-protection/upload/2019-Annual-Report-Final.pdf Again, the Catholic diocese
  21. How often does BSA report the number of YP violations? Answer: 0. How often does BSA report the number of adults removed from or disciplined within the BSA system for YP violations? Answer: 0. And when the TCC (and I'll give them credit here the Coalition supports) the requirement for annual reporting of this data? Tons of opposition. And I'm not even asking to take the step the Catholic dioceses have taken to annually report that names some of the offenders. I am simply asking for BSA to report at the LC level number per year. https://www.usccb.org/issues-and-action/child
  22. BSA has never been democratic. There's never been a vote of all registered leaders or scouts on anything. And the fact that you want to subject child sexual abuse rules to a vote says a lot. But if we are going to have a vote, I vote AGAINST children being sexually abused. What about you?
  23. Activist is simply short hard for "render a decision I don't like". And when it comes to child protection, I'll rely on the experts (the Evaluating Entity) and victims before I listen to BSA cronies. Yep. That's how rules work in the real world. You don't get to decide. BSA is not a democracy. Don't like BSA's child protection rules? Leave.
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