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  1. Anyway to bring it back to the main point: what the TCC's proposal for YP reform in the BSA might entail. Unlike BSA, which selected its own "outsider" to review the BSA YP policies (and made 100% to tell BSA it was just oh so perfect!) the TCC is so much superior. There will be a Child Protection Committee that include outsiders and especially survivors. Here's my only fear: the composition of the committee is ambiguous: all that is required is that within 6 month the committee will be formed and include "members from the BSA, Local Councils, the Tort Claimants’ Committee, and the C
  2. Yep. As I said: if I am a lawyer reading this forum (and we KNOW they are) these comments about how it isn't not REAL because it is just volunteers are exhibits in the next court filing about how BSA is not really taking YP seriously.
  3. Oh, so BSA volunteers cannot legally get BSA in trouble? YP doesn't apply to them, only professional and legal staff? This conversation is useless. Pretend Mic-o-say is not doing what it is clearly doing under the direct auspices of BSA Hey, hey. It's ok. Just keeping looking the other way. There is no use trying to persuade you at this point.
  4. Uhhh... https://www.hoac-bsa.org/mic-o-say If I am the attorneys for any of the abuse victims with claims against Heart of America Council, I'm going after them hammer and tongs. Again, I've called, others have called, BSA won't lift a finger. So, tell me again how BSA takes YP seriously?
  5. Yep. And they won't. But remember, BSA takes YP "seriously"...until the donors start to complain.
  6. This times 10,000 Expect him to turn a blind eye just like everyone else at national does. again I called the 800 number and reported it and absolutely nothing happened.
  7. While we can offer our opinions and conjecture about the settlement in general, or for the "average" victim in order to answer questions pertaining to your particular son you need to speak with your attorney. Only he or she can tell you exactly what the ramifications are in your particular case.
  8. Go Google and FB search the photos that are dated this summer. I would post but the mods would disapprove and frankly it comes close to child pornography. I will be very, very happy when an external monitor comes into BSA and starts to clean house. Perhaps some people losing jobs and positions will get the message through. Nothing else does or will. I want to also see council by council reports of the number of YP violations reported and results. BSA needs to stop hiding.
  9. Exactly. I have seen it too. Personally called the 800 scouts number. National doesn’t care and will not lift a finger. My council, thanks heavens, won’t put up with this garbage.
  10. Possibly not interviewed or have a no comment. keep in mind the UST is in record/ in briefs at least questioning the use of channeling injunctions like this for third party not debtors. I would expect at confirmation the UST to oppose much/most of this Plan.
  11. I'm sorry folks, but I just literally can NOT get over this. The Coalition is now arguing that ANY examination of the aggregators must end because the judge, in accepting the solicitation plan that allows all 82,500 claimants to vote, has in effect mooted discovery in to HOW those claims were generated. Somehow I doubt that's what the judge thought she was doing, but who knows at this point.
  12. Kosnoff has always said the AIS will not use master ballots and the other two firms have agreed to that from the start. It is also a question of whether victims look at $3500 as an insult and vote no or a sign of defeat.
  13. The $19 comment comes directly from BSA's own table/chart. It refers to Tier 6 abuse in a closed state. It appears PDF page 41 of this BSA disclosure statement. https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/2e1a8c44-7812-46a0-8a93-5aa5621dc7b2_6431.pdf
  14. And what do you know: The Coalition is also objecting to Rule 2004 discovery as well. They are NOW arguing that with the court's approval of the solicitation plan, Rule 2004 discovery about how the proofs of claim were generated is now done. Forgeries? Misuse of names and signatures? Done. The aggregators are now off the hook. The argument is, in effect, that now that the court has agreed to allow all 82,500 claimants to vote, there is no legal basis for Century to examine or ask to examine how those claims were generated. https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_4737
  15. Coalition trying to defend their fees at all costs. They have filed a response to Century's request for clarification. https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/4bd5c010-5a6f-4f4c-ba10-152abbd05088_6458.pdf
  16. The data they have is EXACTLY the same data published by the BSA as part of its disclosure statement. Unless the BSA is lying? The data comes from the BSA disclosure statement. PDF pages 40-42 of this document. I reformatted it here to avoid referring to abuse types (I called it Tier 1-6, the disclosure statement spells it out). https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/2e1a8c44-7812-46a0-8a93-5aa5621dc7b2_6431.pdf Base Min Base Max
  17. National won’t lift a finger. Several camps and OA events still do this. No one says boo.
  18. https://money.yahoo.com/survivors-soon-vote-boy-scouts-222712191.html “A USA TODAY analysis suggests that as many as half of those who filed claims could end up with a few thousand dollars – a fraction of what their counterparts have been allotted in more than a dozen bankruptcy cases involving Catholic dioceses.”
  19. So last week the BSA filed a motion for a protective order in effect declaring anything and anything Century has ever asked for as protected by mediation privilege. Now, the TCC has come out in opposition to that motion. https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/c65363b0-b7f1-488c-9b84-4a0b601f2817_6457.pdf As I read the TCC is arguing BSA is way out of line closing off entire lanes of inquiry by making everything "mediation privilege". EVEN IF the BSA wants to make everything mediation privilege, the time to do that is after someone demands the disco
  20. As we have now quite clearly learned, the failure of volunteers to police or self-police child sexual abuse has cost BSA almost everything. As the Catholic Dioceses have now done, BSA needs to do. If these people through their lack of diligence are going to get the BSA or LCs in civil liability as it relates to child sexual abuse, they need to be taken out of the equation OR placed under the direct oversight of a paid professional. In the Catholic model this is called the "Safe Environment Coordinators". After that I'd stick in each unit a mandatory Youth Protection Compliance Office
  21. Yep. YPT goes out the window when the donors get mad enough.
  22. So a group of untrained volunteers is going to have program safety oversight? Jurisdiction over child sexual assault? Yeah, we'll be right back where we were. That's why the TCC insisted, rightfully, on at leas the national level a monitor. I'd go one step further have demand BSA hired 200 independent monitors, one for each council, to ensure YP compliance. Every Catholic diocese, for example, has this (Office for the Protection of Children, Office of Safe Environment). I'll start to take BSA seriously about sexual abuse when it has 1 such DEDICATED PROFESSIONAL per council. I w
  23. Official agenda for October 5 is up https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/4048f5b6-0d68-46cb-b3bf-f9ebbb5925eb_6455.pdf
  24. The victims are going to be hearing in one ear direct from their attorneys "Take the deal. There's more money coming. This is just a down payment." https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/9e6bec25-c79e-44c4-9305-119362586c17_6441.pdf And on the other side the TCC (and for that matter some attorneys with victims who do NOT have time barred claims and others) junk the deal.
  25. In light of the fact that COs have utterly abdicated their responsibility to do these functions, I would expect that the external expert brought into to review BSA's policies will mandate this.
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