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  1. Thread revival I'm not seeing too much different with the new medal vs the old, but it IS now available. National, if you're reading this, changes like these without explanation are what lead to confusion and speculation. Please be up-front about what you're doing and it will reduce this.
  2. DougJ, That is OUTSTANDING news!!! Very glad to hear it. I'll admit...it's pretty cheap for such a hefty award
  3. Same with me. If you or anyone can find the ribbon, I'll put together a design. It will not feature the same dangle (that's a copyrighted design and I'm not going to violate it unless I have permission...I may make some designs in order to submit for approval later), but I'll come up with something appropriate...perhaps an owl FWIW, due to the help of those in this group, I was able to present my son his National Outdoor Achievement Medal at National Jamboree with the whole family and many on national staff present...perhaps this will give them a light kick in the pants to fix this sooner r
  4. @Oscar, agreed. I have looked at making a custom medal and can probably do it on the CNC machine I have available. I can make a generic dangle from the award, but the biggest issue I have is finding a ribbon that would be at least similar. If anyone can find anything comparable, I'd be happy to start making a replacement medal.
  5. I'm fine with going back to our roots...this medal was all about that: adventure!
  6. Not impressed, but it's immensely better than the previous draft
  7. If we're talking about meting out justice and being equitable with regards to the outcome based on the evidence presented, I'm all for it. But that does not appear to be the "equity" in question here
  8. I forgot to touch on intersectionality... https://quillette.com/2018/05/08/illiberal-logic-intersectionality/ This sums up a lot of the centrist criticism of the subject. To simply declare it "important" and ask scouts to explain why shows that BSA HQ doesn't seem to understand that even declaring this an "important" concept is an inherently leftist idea. It is about as FAR from being "not political" as possible
  9. "Scouts should never be political in nature...we aren't looking to push any agenda whatsoever" At best, this statement is disingenuous/insincere. At worst, it is misleading. When you are actively promoting far-left ideals, it is INHERENTLY political and it IS pushing an agenda. "a Discuss with your merit badge counselor the following terms and why they are important (1) Diversity (2) Equity (3) Inclusion (4) Bigotry (5) Intersectionality ... 2. Discuss racism with your counselor including the four types of racism listed below For EACH type, give one example from personal
  10. Well, if we go this route and cite leftist dogma, we're actively countering what many mainline religious positions. I can't see them continuing this way. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2021/03/15/vatican-says-catholic-church-cant-bless-same-sex-unions/4698628001/ By BSA definitions, one of its COs is "discriminating" against those with certain sexual preferences. Oh, excuse me, "sexual identity". I didn't realize they changed the definition in the middle of my statement/testimony just to vilify me (despite Snopes' claim, this wasn't AFTER the testimony, but DURING it... htt
  11. What SHOULD they do? What additional steps should be taken? I'm not naive. Pedophiles (especially ones who are uncaught) target youth organizations like schools, scouts, churches, etc. If YPT is insufficient, what should be changed?
  12. 1. What age were you? If he "was waiting" until you were 18, as much as I dislike it/find it distasteful, it was perfectly legal 2. The legal obligations of the SE and the council and national are at least in question as it highly varies from state to state (and certainly did in the past). 3. NONE of this means I don't care you were abused. I genuinely do and I'm VERY sorry you suffered such abuse. Have the people who committed these acts been held to account? Have they been sued? To be blunt, they should be included with any such lawsuit as they are the proximate cause. The question
  13. Oh, and as long as the TCC remains in existence, they are making $$$. They have every incentive to continue this as long as possible.
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