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  1. Well that makes no sense - it could take years to make a vaccine, and there is no evidence that a vaccine will ever be effective.
  2. wouldn't you treat a fever on the trail in the same way you would 6 months ago? A fever in an of itself is just one symptom and could be a number of things. There is a lot that can go wrong on the trail... heat exhaustion, altitude sickness, lost adult, axe to the leg, not eating enough and collapsing (thankfully these were not all on the same trip!). The 2-4 weeks before the trip are nerve wracking - what if someone get's hurt or sick? Last year we had a scout break his arm 4 weeks before Sea Base, which meant he couldn't go at all (and a bummer for him being his last chance). We wer
  3. Our NT trek is still on (June 27-July 4) out of Ely, and both crews are still going. As we had paid everything except airfare, we paid that also (and got a great discount on southwest!). A few adults are worried about the air travel, but it beats 16 hours in the car just to Minneapolis. I guess I'm in the minority, but I'm not worried about the air travel or NT. The BWCA is one of the most isolated places I've been and rarely see anyone when I'm out there. The crew's are already small sized, and i have no problems sharing a tent with the other adults in my crew, or riding in a van wit
  4. For Northern Tier (and Sea Base, not sure about Summit but it's not exactly wilderness), the staff that stays with you is WFA trained, and our WFA training is in June. Additionally, my physical is next week and isn't virtual, so that's also positive.
  5. Our Troop is sending 2 crews to Northern Tier, Ely, at the end of June, and I'm hoping it's still on as we've put deposits on most everything and final payments for Blue Sky and Southwest are coming up this week and next. We are moving forward hopeful that it will happen, and it seems positive given the news coming out of the Mayo Clinic and that BWCAW is opening up for permits on May 5th. Our Troop is also collecting money for summer camp, so we've got a lot of hopeful people. Mike
  6. But can't the female adult tent with her own son?
  7. since they require non-waterproof boots, I'm looking at getting a pair of the Altra Lone Peak 4 Mid Mesh Hiking Boots from REI with my coupon. Anyone have any experience with them in the BWCAW? Thanks!
  8. Taking 2 crews to Sea Base - how do you all organize the paperwork for efficient check in? Thanks, Mike
  9. Yep - read about that and that 16oz per person is too much for most it seems. Some specific questions: Field Uniform (Class A) or activity uniform (Class C) for Flags and arrival? Scout t-shirt (either troop or sea-base, etc.) on the afternoon in Key West, or not? Best dive booties for those that don't have any and might not use them again? What have you done to encourage scouts and advisors to "unplug"? Worth it to bring own dry bag or just use one provided? Thanks! Mike Troop 1998
  10. Hi, our Troop is sending 2 crews to Sea Base in July 2019, Keys Adventure, and it's the first time our Troop has gone to Sea Base. We've booked air fare and Blue Sky Adventures (easy button). Any tips, hints, do's or don'ts? Thanks! Mike
  11. Barry, With all due respect, this is a request from the camp, as stated in their Brownsea Program letter: "We ask that every Troop with Brownsea Scouts designate a Leader to participate in the program with those Scouts throughout the week." I appreciate your concern, but having been to camp a time or two, the scouts are perfectly fine with finding their way around and are usually better at it than us old timers. Occasionally they need to look at the map the first day, but they seem to remember where everything is from the opening tour better than we do. And while we don't put
  12. I think you all who are shouting "do not let new scouters near first year campers" need to chill out. (and aren't cub scout leaders also scouters?) While I understand that cub scouts and scouting usa are different, I don't think one can make the general statement. It's better to decide on a person by person basis. What this adult is going to be doing is exactly what @69RoadRunner says - herding cats and be a general assistant.
  13. That's a good idea. I think he is the Packleader (still is - kinda dual roles right now). I'll talk with the Scoutmaster and see what he thinks.
  14. Thanks for all the quick replies! The camp requires everyone to have taken the new YPT, so I'll be making sure of that. Of the 8, I know that 5 of us (myself included) know our role and let the scouts do their stuff. I've been to summer camp with 2 of them before, and after the first day, the Scouts are typically with their buddies getting to classes and such, while we wonder talking to staff, taking photos of the scouts in class, getting some nap time in, doing some service, etc. 1 adult just transferred over from Cubs and has offered to assist with the new scout program (the c
  15. Hi! This will be my third year coordinating and attending summer camp with my Troop (though I took last year off to go to Philmont!). The previous years, we had a smaller group attend (9 + 2 adults in 2015, and 15 + 4 adults in 2016). This summer we are at 30 scouts, and 8 adults, and still have a couple spots open. My question - is this too many adults? I think 6 of the 8 are fully trained ASMs, one will complete his IOLS at camp, and the last one is a committee member. Thanks, Mike
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