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  1. Let's face the truth: some are just in it for themselves. looks good on a resume' or whatever. The good ones? They stay because they know what it is all about. You can't teach people how to care. They either do or they don't. Eagles are no different. Sad but true.
  2. Seems to me, as quite often, people forget that the SM does not run the troop. It should be run by youth. Command decisions in general should be consensus of a committee if one exists.
  3. In Dan Beard Council (Greater Cincinnati) we are fortunate that somebody took the time to compile a very thorough listing. Organized by districts, merit badges, anyway you want it really. I suspect it simply takes somebody willing to put in the time and effort. Easy enough to maintain once it is first in place.
  4. 45 years in this program. Trying to make it to 50. "Reitred" a few years ago after 29 years as an Assistant Scoutmaster. I am very glad now for my decision. In this sue happy society it is too easy for people to find a reason to file a lawsuit. Thankfully, I will not have those issues on a campout or other activity. Good luck to all.
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