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    Age requirement verification

    Lots of good points to consider here, I think it would be wise to wait until summers end to cross over. Summer camp is quite an experience for the first time, and I would hate to see one of them have a bad one because they weren't fully prepared. The suggestion to step up the outdoor side of the Webelos program echos my own feelings, and the Council has a well established program to enhance this. Addressing the pace; I don't see it as a high speed, high pressure, top driven thing at all. They've earned four badges in the six months they've been at it. The Craftsman badge they're working on now my not come until January. Slow down? Bottom line is that it is up to Sender to decide what works for his Webelos. I just hope that it is the boys who are pushing to get to Boy Scouts and not Sender who is burned out by Cubbing and wants to get to Boy Scouts with both his sons ASAP. Being "rejuvenated" as the WDL is wonderful, but not so wonderful if it is because he will finally be able to get out of Cub Scouts and into Boy Scouts. Sometimes you take your motivations where you find them Without getting too much into my personal situation, let me just say that I've started back to school for a PA program. Up until now it's been prerequisites, but in Fall 2004 the program starts in earnest. Don't take my last statement to mean the boys aren't driving this as well, and perhaps I've mischaracterized this as a decision set in stone, rather than the set of options I see it as. The boys with older bothers in Scouts are the ones who are the most hyped about it. I do think all the boys would benefit from another summer as Webelos, and there are still plenty of activities and projects that they wouldn't do together as a group in boy scouts. In September, those who are ready will cross over. If the boy and his parents have reservations, I will assist them in transferring to the other Webelos den.
  2. BSA223_CT

    Age requirement verification

    They started working on Webelos in May 2003 as they finished third grade. "If they are 9 months early, then that makes them 4th graders by my calculations. If they are 4th graders and Webelos 1 then they could not have earned the AOL. to earn the AOL you must be active for 6 months since completing the 4th grade." That's not what I take from this; 1. Be active in your Webelos den for at least six months since completing the fourth grade (or for at least six months since becoming 10 years old), and earn the Webelos badge. -from the AOL requirements. They all turn 10 before December 6th of this year. They just earned Their Webelos badge last month, and have completed Outdoorsman, Fitness, Artist, and Handyman. They were invited to the Troops fall camporee, and participated in a Webelos overnight over the summer. They did the alternative religeous requirements, and are now working on the religeous emblem. (I was pleased in the interest level in this, and when one of the other den's parents offered to put on a formal course, they all wanted in.) Earning five more badges by May 2004 dosn't seem such a stretch, about on course for what they've been doing so far. It's almost leisurely when compared to the LDS one year plan.
  3. BSA223_CT

    Age requirement verification

    -Meant to add that this will be an entire Den crossing over nine months early. I just wanted to have all my facts straight. Not sure if I should be shamed to say, but this news has really rejuvenated me as the WDL. They're working on their religeous knot and craftsman badge now, I've opened up the door for them to completely choose what badges they want to work on after this. I predict bridges, catapults, and electric gizmos will be high on the list.
  4. BSA223_CT

    Age requirement verification

    Input from all much appreciated. Two of the boys were tag-alongs starting at age five when older brothers started Tiger Cubs. One of them, my younger son, attended his own Tiger meetings and most of his older brothers Webeolos meetings. It will be interesting to have them both at summer camp next year. -Hopefully not in the sense of the Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times"
  5. Wolf in cubs, First Class in Scouts, Patrol Leader. Tiger coach, Webelos Den leader and ASM in the last few years.
  6. 1. Meet age requirements. Be a boy who has completed the fifth grade or is 11 years old, or has earned the Arrow of Light Award but is under 18 years old. - from the BSA joining requirements. 1. Be active in your Webelos den for at least six months since completing the fourth grade (or for at least six months since becoming 10 years old), and earn the Webelos badge. -from the AOL requirements. Just looking for a second opinion to confirm that a 10.5 year old boy who has been active in a den for six months, and who then earns the AOL, is eligible to join a Scout Troop. (meeting all the other AOL requirements of course) I have four such boys who will be at that point in May 2004. I think they're ready.
  7. BSA223_CT

    Ideas for Webelos Craftsman projects?

    I'm at about this stage with my younger sons den. Two years ago with my older sons group we went with a toolbox like this one; http://www.stilesdesigns.com/toolbox.html , stilts, a leather sheath for their knives, and taught them to tie the turk's head knot for a neckerchief slide. I think this time around we're going with the toolbox (it was a big hit), a small wooden step stool, the sheath, the knot, hobo stoves, moccasins from a kit, and some others that I can't think of right now. They already did derby cars, and made the display stands last week out of scrap lumber. It took us most of two months to get through all the requirements last time around, but the den was twice as big (ten boys).
  8. BSA223_CT

    Great moments from Camp

    Great moments indeed. I'm a week back from Camp Bartlett in Idaho, and wouldn't have missed it for the world. The things learned/experienced by the scouts and the four dads that went . . . well to me that's what the whole thing is supposed to be about. We had a couple of homesick boys, and our share of close-quarters induced antagonism. We had the "snake" in the tent that turned out to be a sleeping pad with an open valve. Funny, it only hissed when you stepped just so. We had seven wide eyed scouts tear into camp at 2am when a severe lightning storm drove them off the mountain during their overnight survival exercise. We had little sleep. We had new found friends and newly learned skills. We had a quiet pride as we realized that these scouts are living up to the promise of scouting and enoying the rewards of comraderie and achievement. We came back with enough talking material for several years worth of 'remember whens' I tried hard to stay out of my son's hair. Succeeded for the most part, but was really touched when he sought me out to bring me into his world or for a goodnight hug before lights out. We also had an SPL who really lived up to the job.
  9. BSA223_CT

    Summer camp-6 scouts-how to use patrol method

    Here's a twist I'd like some thoughts on; four patrols, 18 Scouts, no SPL or ASPL. I walked in on the part of the discussion where the Scoutmaster was telling the boys about a special election for Camp SPL to be held next week. He was quickly reminded by one of the PL's that the PLC had decided to rotate the position among the attending PL's. Scout decision, but not all the scouts, just the PLC. Is the PLC's proxy vote enough to make this valid? I'm thinking yes, but maybe there's a flaw in there I'm not seeing.
  10. Try a search on a Jansport Scout. It's a good kid size, and it adjusts. http://www.epinions.com/otdr-Backpacks-External-Jansport_External-Scout
  11. BSA223_CT

    New Scout Patrol / Merit Badges

    Thanks for all the input. This came up when ALL the boys in the troop were asked to pick meritbadge classes for summer camp. The boys got so excited I would have hated to crush that. Hopefully it will turn out as OGE wrote, and they will work on advancement reqs. first.
  12. To clarify, I understand the main goal of new scouts should be towards First Class rank, does this preclude them from earning merit badges during the first year? Some of the merit badge requirements overlap or are at least related to rank requirements.
  13. BSA223_CT

    New Troop Website.

    Nice, got me interested in looking up scouting in the UK. The awards/ranks structure is quite different than BSA.
  14. It's a slow transformation from a gaggle of Cub Scouts to a pride of Boy Scouts, but when it happens, it seems like it took only a short walk across a bridge.
  15. BSA223_CT

    Den Chief system broken?

    Timely topic for me, I'm following with my older son as he enters a Troop from Webelos, and picking up my younger sons Bear Den (soon to be Webelos). My wife is going back to school, and had the younger group with an assistant who recently relocated to another state. That leaves me as primary leader with rotating parent help for the Cub group. My big advantage is that of having just gone through the Webelos program. A previous poster noted that Den Chiefs usually ended up being an older brother of a Cub or son of a den leader. That's been my experience as well for the most part. When my older sons group were Bears, we requested a Den Chief and through an odd set of circumstances, ended up with a First Class Scout who had shown up early for his troop meeting (held in the same building) and just started interacting with the cubs. He met our requirement for enthusiasm so he stayed. His attendance was spotty (understandable as our meetings overlapped with troop meetings), but he never completed training and at times interfered with the program we were trying to promote. His term eventually expired, and when we started the den with Webelos activities, we just didn't ask him back. I think the position is a good idea, even a great idea, but would like to see it filled by a slightly older boy (maybe a four year age difference or two full years with a Troop) with the proper training and a clear set of expectations on all sides. I like the beret idea.