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    New Troop Website.

    Dear Members of the Scouting movement. Our troop has at long last got their own site. We would like to invite you to view our site. And if you have any ideas of topics to add to this site please do let us know. We are based in Nottinghamshire UK. Our address is www.2ndhucknallscouts-explorers.co.uk The site is still been constructed, although most of the current pages are compleate. Our aim is to create a useful directory of subjects that are of use to the movement.
  2. dude-in-scoutin

    Scary decision,

    Dear members of the Scouting Movement. Scouting in the UK has under gone some changes over the year. One of which, is a new section in the Scouting movement called "Explorer". This section comes after Scouts and before Ventures. The age group is 14-18 yrs. Now the problem I have,(well it's not really a problem), is that I have been asked to run this section. I love teaching kids, & I have just retired from working in the USA Summer Camp Program (7 yrs). My position there was assistant head of the adventure training program. My main job was teaching and health & safety. We the troop are struggling for leaders, and I feel that I will be letting down my Scout Master if I don't accept the post, (as I have a great respect for him). But the thought of running a New Section in Scouting really scares me. Now, I am a shy person who likes to be behind the camera, not in front. I'm more of an organiser or/and a contact guy Plus a designer of events. I am not a loud person! Is there anybody out there who has been in my position, and could pass on any advise? I'm all ears. I thank the members of the Scouting Movement for any help they could provide.