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  1. Any chance this could be shared? We have many scouts just like others here have mentioned that do not have an income for various reasons. Instead of creating the wheel from scratch it would be nice to have something that works as an alternative that will teach the boys more about real world finances.
  2. US Venture Crews are co-ed and ages 14-21, the absolute worst age group for raging hormones, and I have not heard of issues with Crews.
  3. We have 2 sisters now that would jump in the troop, they have spent the past 5 years wanting to be cubs and now in a troop. They have been waiting to hit 14 to join Venturing. They are Girl Scouts and they are not happy with it because it is all cookie sales with a little arts & crafts sprinkled in.
  4. Thank you for your informed, experienced view. I have yet to see anyone on any social media actually mention actual co-ed scouting experiences from any other part of the world or show where it has brought horrible consequences to their scouting. And as for social media and the backlash this is causing, there is an old retail saying, that 10 happy customers will not share their experience with anyone, but 1 unhappy customer will tell 10 others.
  5. The troop has bought all the tents for the boys. This tent was a large 8-10 man tepee that was bought because they saw another unit using one at Trappers. This headache came about because one of the 2 remaining dads of the patrol was getting bent out of shape because dad in patrol C, whom he does not like, kid was going to get to use that tent "for free" while he (or his son) had to buy it. We had 2 unreasonable dads that do not like each other being little punks. I want to get a policy so moving forward it is spelled out what will happen with any equipment. With all the all the time and money
  6. Nothing was discussed about the ownership besides patrol. This is more 2 dads that don't like each other and are trying to measure tic-tacs. The old CC and SM dealt with this, but since I have taken over this past week as CC, I plan on setting a policy so no one can say anything. I just want to make sure I was not crossing a line.
  7. The problem is not the boys, they would be fine moving it to the new patrol and leaving it behind when they leave, as the other 3 boys did. It is the parents that are the issue. My personal feeling is that anything bought for a patrol, either from CO, Troop, fundraiser, parent or boy own funds is then owned by the patrol and default the Troop, and CO. Once the boys leave I feel whatever it was stays with that patrol. If the patrol dissolves that item goes to their new patrol, but ultimately stays with the unit. At this point the boys $50 over the 3 years is $16 per year and next year it wi
  8. Our troop buys most camping gear for the patrols. We have the shade tents, chuck boxes, kitchen items and enough 3 man tents for 12 boys. We have a couple of patrols, Patrol A and B, that went in together with their own money and bought large Tepee tents. One patrol, Patrol A, is still together and we have no issues. The second patrol, Patrol B, was down to 2 boys from the original 5 and the last 2 boys were put into a different patrol, Patrol C. Now I have a parent from Patrol B that states he is okay if the tepee goes to Patrol C, but the other boys need to pay for it (not sure who he expe
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