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  1. I agree with this point and its the reason I brought it up. We have a leaders meeting soon where it will be discussed. My history always was being awarded current rank as earned, and the ceremony was to move them up.
  2. Anyone got some ideas on rank advancement ceremonies? I was told that the pack will do them all together in April and that traditionally they do a short speech and then award the boy and parent with the new rank. In a quick conversation it was brought up that perhaps we could do something of a bit more significance. Anyone got some ideas that have worked before?
  3. New Committee Member of a small’ish Pack (20 kids). Personally I was in Scouting from 8 to 14. I wasn’t able to be the most active scout but being back in made me remember how much I actually took away without knowing it. We have a lot of Webelos moving on to the Boy Scouts leaving a void of not just kids but also in leadership. I have been thrust into the mix being one of the dads who has been to all the events in my short time my son has been active. I’m just here looking for other views and share mine as I stumble along the way.
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