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  1. 2 hours ago, 69RoadRunner said:

    Well said. I think the current YPT measures are very good. They do rely on people following them. A conspiracy of 2 registered adults could result in a failure.

    Let's all do our part to provide a safe program for the youth in our charge.

    I know the victims will forever be affected by what happened to them. I hope they are able to find some peace in their lives.

    And last, I hope Avis has our 2 vans at the Miami airport so we can get to Sea Base on Monday.

    I agree that the YPT training is very good.  Very, very good and I'd even say it may be the gold standard for youth protection at this point in time in the United States.  If you have not seen it, take a look.  Note it may be triggering, it makes me feel very emotional and it is memorable and important information. 

  2. Our council has two camps and sent a survey asking members about them.  It sounds likely that one or maybe both would be sold.  Our up north camp was sold a while back.  

    It is hard to say one camp is better than the other, as we have good memories at both.  One camp has much better facilities and cabins, the other is more wild.  I think either could be made into a subdivision or whatever if sold.   The up north camp has had nothing happen with it as far as I know.   

  3. Update;  my husband (current SM) and CC connected and my husband is going to let this go.  He offered to talk with the former SM but they have not reached out to him to discuss.  CC will have my husband's back and we do not have any parent committee meetings until Fall so perhaps this will just fade away.  CC is committed to making sure that during troop committee meetings that people will speak up if they have things to say and will help with the communication pieces.  

    Onward to a troop fundraiser today,  and bringing one of our kiddos home from NYLT this afternoon.  

  4. On 6/12/2021 at 4:46 PM, Sentinel947 said:

    It can be hard for folks who hang it up to watch other people in the job and not be critical. If the Scouts, their parents and the CC are happy with your husbands performance as SM, he should take the old cranky SM's opinions with a huge grain of salt. 

    One of the things the CC wants to figure out is if this is just the former SM or if there is an undercurrent of dissatisfaction among a small group of the parents.  It was such a rough year.  Our CC is new, our SM is new, our ASMs are new, our Advancement Chair and Activities Chair are also new to their roles.  It's a near total turnover of leadership.  All these new people are pitching in and helping. In the Troop, Scoutmasters have had short terms of service, averaging maybe 2 years?  My oldest already had 3 Scoutmasters before his dad in his first 6 years.  Through that, he was able to work with a variety of adults, but I know that many troops have longer serving leadership and every troop is different.   I don't really know if anyone else is chomping at the bit.   It does not seem like that, families are so busy.  



  5. 16 hours ago, Eagledad said:

    I think one year is enough time for a new SM to get their program under their feet. The old SM needs to make the next move if he still wants to participate in the new scoutmasters program. 


    Starting in the SM role under Covid was challenging for him and the troop activity almost ground to a halt in the Summer/Fall of 2020.  I thank God that the troop was able to start meeting outside again in Spring 2021.  I personally think that it was very good for kids to have activity again.  Virtual meetings were very hard but the kids were getting pretty darn good with working in Zoom meetings and patrol breakout rooms.  We are now back in person outside while the weather is nice, and having meetings outside at a park shelter is extremely  nice (when the weather is good).

    Anyway, I think that half of his first year was Covid compromised. 

    I had a conversation with the CC about this yesterday and I will send her copies of the angry texts.  She is extremely good with people, and she will help to improve communication if that's what is part of what's falling apart here.  We have a nice group of kids and parents and we want to keep it positive. 

    Onward to summer camp!



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  6. Thanks everyone.  My husband on the one hand says that he is ok and it's not a big deal, and on the other hand, he's confused and hurt.  Our CC has very good people skills so hopefully she can help navigate this one.  It also feels like the loss of a relationship as my husband is not eager to interact with the former SM after this and that's too bad.  The former SM did a fine job and is good with kids and the abrupt criticism coming from them is sad.  There was a whole set of famiiles whose chidren have all grown up and moved on and most of those parents ceased their roles in the last two years or so and my spouse has inheirited the troop and all the newer families and the newer volunteers and perhaps that shift is part of the issue.

    Camp is going to be a little different this year too.  Our last camp two years ago was struck by a derecho (a special kind of wind storm like a tornado that travels in a straight line pattern) with our kids in it (lots of damage, everyone got out safe) and last year's camp was skipped because of Covid-19 concerns.  This year it is great that we are going back to camp, but it is a different camp than before, and so we won't have some of the same traditions.  People can't come in and out of camp to visit due to continuing Covid concerns.  We won't be able to invite the troop's Eagle Scouts alumni for a special ceremony due to that restriction.  We are also giving up most patrol cooking at this camp for this year, and that's hard but it has been discussed with the parents whose kids are going and it's understood why.  The big picture is that we are going to camp, the new camp seems like it has a fantastic program that the scouts will enjoy. I feel like the parent committee is overall supportive and the CC is supportive and we just want to give these kids a good year.  I think it's very exciting that as these younger scouts grow up, more and more will be available to them.  It's really a nice group overall.  I am extremely thankful for the parent support and the great kiddos.  I have seen a lot of really nice moments from the kids in the last six months and I have nothing but high hopes for these boys and their families. 

    Anyway, I shared some of the comments with my husband yesterday and you have lifted his spirits.  I will share the rest today. Thank you for your help.  


  7. My husband is a new scoutmaster who finished his first year.  He was an ASM for 5 years prior. An event was cancelled because of schedule conflicts and lack of volunteers, only one kid was signed up. My husband received two angry texts from the former scoutmasters this morning criticiizing him for it.

    Big picture, the Troop has made it through a rough pandemic year,  had many virtual meetings,  had some good outings and is developing two young leaders as SPL and ASPL.  Most of the troop is 14 and under, with two 16 year olds.  They have a good participation level overall and for summer camp.  So one event bombed but the troop is not in bad shape.  

    Thankfully there is a good CC and very good activities director and my husband is confused but does not feel bad.  He called to apologize to the former scoutmaster who cussed him out via text message. 

    I think I am just venting.   

  8. Small update in case anyone is interested. He has decided on pitching a bluebird house building project to the local nature center.  He has volunteered with bird watching and nature observers at this location, who are very enthusiastic.  He has the name of the naturalist at the center and needs to make contact.  He has an Eagle coach (who is new as an eagle coach but is an eagle scout).  Little bit by bit.  He also finished one of the needed merit badges (Cit in Comm).  Has 2 more Eagle MBs  lined up for summer camp (Cooking and Personal Ftness).   Completion of those should put him at 9 badges done, 3 to go.  (Communication, Cit in World, Personal Mgmt, maybe E-Prep?)  Maybe 4 if he needs Diversity.

    I need to learn about the Diversity Merit Badge and am not sure if he needs to get it or not based on when he ranked to Life. 


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  9. On 4/6/2021 at 10:04 AM, Jeff1974 said:


    In the past Covid year, we had 5 scouts successfully pass their EBORs: 2 who were approaching their 18th birthday, 2 16 years olds and 15 year old.  This was the largest number of Eagles our Troop had seen within a 12 month period in recent memory. 


    Covid has given kids more time to work on stuff.  They need things to avoid the boredom!  I know a kid who took his Covid downtime and applied it to working on Eagle. 

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  10. Our Troop re-stated our outdoor program last month with a day of outdoor cooking.  We are in the middle of a second outing this month with an outing focused on rank advancement (older scouts teach newer scouts).  I am thrilled that the Scouts are meeting in person to do Scout stuf.  We also had a hasty and chilly outdoor court of honor and a few outdoor meetings last fall before it got cold and dark and the Troop switched to Zoom.

    Our Troop currently wears masks at outdoor outings.   We have a lot of group interaction.  I am thinking about asking for masks optional soon at a parent committee meeting --- but --- I simply do not think it will have the support.  My husband the Scoutmaster says he wants to keep masks until "it is gone".   Our Committee Chair will favor continued mask wearaing (and she has vulnerable health), and so this is frankly going nowhere.

    I do not know if I should even bring it up for discussion.  I expect our summer camp will require masks. 

    At some point though -- I think we can safely go mask free in the outdoors?  Or is there too much close interaction for that to make sense?   Maybe wait for Fall?  

    Our state is about 25% vaccinated and approx 60% of vulnerable individuals are vaccinated.  I do not expect that we will ever get to 100% vaxxed as a society, nor do I think vaccination should be required. 


  11. My husband is the Scoutmaster now an I am an assistant Scoutmaster.  I am a lazy ASM so far and am still working on getting up to speed, and I am Mom first. I have other obligations and do not make all the meetings, etc.  But what I can give is a set of extra hands at outings.  I have enough background from Cub Scouts and Wood Badge to know a bit.  Out of our three kids, one likes Scouts and is doing well.  The other two are struggling and I wonder if we should let them go.  But the oldest is a Life Scout who could make Eagle if he works hard in the next 1.75 years.  The young one is 12 and has had his early Scouting very disrupted by Covid.  Our first two real in person outings have been cold and rainy.   Long days.  The first one was 12 hours, outside! No real shelter except an open picnic shelter and vehicles.  (I am trying to influence this.)   Yesterday was 8 hours outside and it was better but cold and rainy.  But we are starting to offer an outdoorsprogram again.  The Zoom meetings have been hard.   We are going to summer camp -- HUZZAH!  

    But my two reluctant Scouts?  Middle one was elected ASPL and I think he has upped his interest with a leadership position, TBH. 

  12. Wow, time is flying.  Oldest, who is now just over 16 years old, is getting ready to start his Eagle project (with a little prodding from Mom, who is just pointing out that these things should not wait until the last minute).  Oldest still has several merit badges to work on as well, but he's getting there, bit by bit.  He has an idea -- he wants to build a bridge.  This will likely translate into building a boardwalk for either the local nature center or the school forest, and he will reach out to those organizations to see if they might need anything like that for their trails.   If that is not needed, then perhaps something else for the nature center or school forest.

    But -- what are the steps of an Eagle project? Should he be asking for an Eagle coach right now?  I know there is a planning book....  What should he do to get off to a good start with all of this? 

  13. My spouse recently started in SM position.  The dilemma is that the SPL and ASPL are both very concerned about COVID and do not want to have meetings.  It sounds like the objections are -- can't meet in person, can't meet outside, it's getting cold, Zoom meetings don't work.  So, there is no momentum at this point and my spouse wants to honor youth leadership but not have troop life grind to a halt.  The Troop skipped summer camp due to COVID fears.  They've attempted small patrol meetings in a park, and they had a very brief outdoor court of honor.

    But, it is very hard when the youth leadership does not want to meet.  Any suggestions?  Thank you.

    Side note that many in the Troop got together for an Eagle project and Eagle court of honor.  There is another Eagle COH coming up.  So the fear seems to be uneven. 

  14. I just came home from a two night Pack overnighter at the council camp.  We were in cabins.  Council will tell us if this is not approved, but since we are at a council camp, I am sure that these things are A-OK.   We want our council camp facilities to be used for Scouts, they are set up very well for Cubs and the kids have a great time. 

  15. On 10/9/2019 at 3:58 PM, qwazse said:

    It's a big country. So yes, there are troops of boys with two female adult leaders. One could argue that allowing that was a step on the way to how we got to where we are today.

    I doubt that the criminology of predation has clearly shown that that a girl in a troop with two male leaders is at greater risk for abuse than a boy in a troop with two female leaders.

    Rather, I bet the damages that BSA would incur from abuse perpetuated by a male leader on a female scout while dodging his male co-leader will be far greater than from abuse perpetuated by a female leader on a male scout while dodging her female co-leader.

    This isn't about how safe our scouts are. It's about how deeply the organization's pockets can be gouged.

    Most sex offenders are male.  There are female sex offenders too, but the majority of abusers are men.

    Scouting needs leaders, male and female.  Two-deep leadership and Youth Protection are VERY important, and parents should have full visibility into the program any time / every time they want it.  It takes a village to keep kids safe.

  16. This is tough.  I left a cub leadership role last year because a newer leader was a perfectionist who did not appreciate that others are volunteering and who make mistakes.  I retired and chose to let a younger group lead and now it is in their hands. Like you my youngest is going to Boy Scouts. 


    If i had to do it again I would have had.l a private conversation with her about realistic expectations for a volunteer group with various personalities. I was worn out and decided to go. 

    In our case, I had just given a lot of work for a camp weekend and then felt reamed out in front of the committtee by the new person because the next pack meeting started late.  But no one was communicating that time concern on that day.  It was too much. I had five years in leadership and I was not going to take harsh criticism after working so hard. 

    People need to understand that Scouting takes the cooperation of many to make it work. 






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  17. My oldest just did his Ordeal and they made some announcements about upcoming activities.  There are three regions in our council.  One region is having an ice cream social, and I think another is having a lock-in.  (fun stuff)  But two of the regions are looking for leadership people.  

    We were not expecting our oldest to get invited to OA, but on the other hand, he's becoming a stronger camper and person as he is getting older and more experienced.  Top kid in the troop? Nope, but he's making his way, little bit by little bit. 

  18.  My husband and two older sons, ages 14 and 13, were at Ma Ka Ja Wan on the night of the storm.  Their Troop sheltered in their vehicles in the East camp.  They were lucky to have brought their vehicles to camp and were starting to pack things for Saturday departure because the storm was coming in.  Trees fell all over and around the vehicles, and the Troop evacuated on Saturday, going across a lake to where there was road access and our Troop leaders had send up 4 more vehicles with other family members to pick up the boys.  Nearly all the gear was left behind, along with all the vehicles.  Leaders returned to camp to pick up most of the gear and vehicles on Tuesday.  Our van suffered a broken windshield on the driver's side and is in Rhinelander, we're picking it up tomorrow.

    We are lucky that everyone got out OK.  It was a stressful weekend. 

    Bryan on Scouting Blog Artice:


    Facebook photo album from the Northeast Illinois council:



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  19. I bought my two sons some Crocs (closed toe but holey) today for camp wear, along with sneakers/hikers.  Do you think these are closed-toe enough?  This is a last-minute question, I can return them to the store or send them up to camp.  We'll make our best guess.  I can go exchange for non-hole Crocs as well.


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