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  1. If everyone is able to participate then it doesn't make a difference if it's troop wide or scout account. The problem is when not everyone participates. But I believe the units have a responsibility to make it possible for every scout to participate to the maximum by setting up show and sells and not just giving them an order form and saying have at it boys! If the opportunities are there and you just don't take them to sell then get out your checkbook.
  2. Aren't we the only country left in the world without co-Ed scouting? And it would double the member base too.
  3. We are lucky that we have a troop in the area whos SM's son has aspergers, so he gladly runs the troop and takes in kids who need more attention/patience. But its not just "special needs" kids that act this way. We have had kids in our cub scout den who have anger issues. One we worked with very closely, and he actually made an incredible positive change. He went from throwing scissors in his class at the teacher to actually saying yes sir and yes mam and listening to the adults after a year in the den. But we have others that don't respond so well and just have to sit out when they get
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