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  1. I would much prefer that we not go down the path of debating the diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, or denigrate individuals who have been diagnosed with it. Maybe if we consider the question another way. There are Scouts and Scouters that have special needs that require medical devices. Some of these devices require electricity. We have worked with scouts who had ventilators, suction units, power chairs, and yes... CPAP units. What are camps doing, if anything, to help meet those needs?
  2. Hi ItsBrian, I am responding to your post, as I see from your bio that you are entering the Nursing Profession. I have been an RN (CCU, Telemetry, ED) and Paramedic for over 25 years, and this may be a good opportunity for professional development. Talk to someone in your program's Respiratory Therapy/Pulmonology Department about the diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. They will give you a better understanding of the pathophysiology. Good luck in your studies!
  3. Greetings! I am looking for some input from the group. I am the Health and Safety Officer for one of our Council Camps. We are seeing a steady increase in the number of adult leaders who rely on CPAP, and we have tried several different options to meet their medical needs. Some of our sites are close enough to run a long extension cord, but many are not. We have tried battery boxes with some success, but they are heavy and expensive. During our busiest sessions, demand surpasses availability. So,.... What are your camps doing to meet this need? (Please note that I am talki
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