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  1. ScoutingMom, Our camps have Webelos programs too. This boy is not going to one of those camps - he is going to scout camp with his uncle's troop. Dad was clear about that. All, Thanks for all of your input. My question is answered - they are bending the rules. In my experience this is a very bad thing to do because it sets a precedent and opens the door for others who want to do similar things. This scout will most likely cross over to the Troop in which I serve as CC (not Uncle Scoutmaster's troop). I already know what my answer will be when the question of merit badg
  2. The dad was pretty clear that uncle scoutmaster told him that it was OK for second year Webelos to go to summer camp. I am certain that he has not earned AoL, and doesn't meet any of the other joining requirements. Someone seems to have forgotten that a scout is trustworthy.
  3. A fellow I know told me that his second year Webelos scout is going to summer camp with his uncle's scout troop. He is going as a scout and intends to earn merit badges. I politely told him that I didn't think that was possible. Is this an accepted practice or are they bending the rules?
  4. May: Canoe trip on the Cahaba River, AL June: Summer camp at Camp Comer, AL July: Rafting on the Ocoee River, TN July: Venture patrol 50-mile backpacking in Wyoming August: Camp in Racoon Mountain cave, TN September: 10-mile hike and camp Mt Cheaha, AL We also have some scouts scheduled for NYLT this summer. The September hike is the beginning of a quest for the hiking merit badge. The boys have planned four other 10-mile hikes and a 20-mile hike at Shiloh.
  5. When we collected dues ($10/month) the treasurer would invoice the scout parents quarterly for dues and other costs that the scouts had accrued. At the beginning of the year the boys all had credits to their accounts from our fundraiser so the parents usually answered that the bill should be paid from their son's credit. When that ran out they would typically send a check with their scout which was given to the scoutmaster. We've done so well with our fundraiser in the past couple of years that we no longer collect dues. But we use the same process described above to collect expenses
  6. Vasque is one of the best boot makers BUT their boots are not the best for everyone. Different boot manufacturers use different "patterns" for their boots so their boot will fit better on certain types of feet. You may have a Lowa or Salomon or Montrail or Merrill foot. Find out before you buy. Likewise, REI is a great store but they don't carry every brand. Take your time and look around.
  7. SR751Fox, Your interviewer sounds like like a real jerk - not because of his opinion on scouts but because he would talk like that in an interview. I would suspect that his attitude has less to do with the example of some eagles and more to do with resentment of an accomplishment that he didn't have. I hope you didn't get THAT job. FWIW, I've met several people who got jobs because they were eagles. Depends on who you are inteviewing with and what their values are.
  8. It has always puzzled me that a rabbit's foot is supposed to be lucky. It didn't seem to do the rabbit much good. I'm still seeing Alpacas for sale and Alpaca and Llama scales at the top of the window. All this talk of rabbit stew may not be changing the ads but it is making me hungry.
  9. Maybe so. But it can't compare to llama stew... Genuine Chilean Llama Stew NOTE: Recipe requires a quite large Dutch Oven, Recommended for entertaining V.I.P's in Camp. 3 Medium sized Llamas 1 ton salt 500 bushels Potatoes 1 ton pepper 200 bushels carrots 3000 sprigs parsley 2 small rabbits 1000 gallons of brown gravy. Cut llamas into bite sized pieces, cube vegetables. Place meat into pan and cover with 1000 gallons of brown gravy. Simmer slowly for 4 weeks. Garnish with Parsley, Should serve 3800 people. If more are expected add 2 rabbits.
  10. Oak Tree and Hunt, We are getting these results because of the vast alpaca conspiracy. Do your part to fight against if by NOT CLICKING ON THE ALPACA LINKS. Viva la llama! Llamas son muy buenas! Las alpacas son muy malas!(This message has been edited by yellow_hammer)
  11. An arrow that travels down a wire into the target never misses and travels slow enough that the flame does not go out. We did an indoor ceremony in which the boys were "tested" by holding their arrow over a flame. If the arrow burned but was not consumed, they passed. The arrow was wrapped loosely with flash paper and the boys loved it.
  12. It was pogie bait in the army. As someone has said, the origin of the term is not fit for this forum. Pogie should not be confused with pogue (ue is silent) - a lazy soldier or a soldier with a cushy job.
  13. If there is an Explorer Post close by that may be an option. The focus of an EP is around a career choice/profession instead of outdoor skills. They operate quite differently from a Troop/Crew.
  14. Novice_Cubmaster said, "So, what if your religion doesn't do kneeling?" Here are some options... 1. Whine about how unfair the world is to every "religion" no matter how small and demand that PRAY design a special patch for each and every sect known to man. 2. Forego the award and spend your time on other priorities. 3. Design your own patch. 4. Sue. Hope this helps. ;-)
  15. They are small flint and steel tools for starting a fire. Boys love them. We get ours at the council scout shop but you can get them online at scoutstuff... http://www.scoutstuff.org/BSASupply/ItemDetail.aspx?ctlg=05NDC&ctgy=PRODUCTS&c2=CAMPING&C3=CAMPEQUIP&C4=&LV=3&item=01167
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