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  1. This summer we had a trail to first class camp for all new scouts, at first it sounded really good having control over the teachers for the rank advancement and all. Now six months later we have a bunch of scouts that have rank but don't have maturity of a boy who took his time and learning the skills by doing them over and over again. We also have young Eagles and older Eagles, the older boys projects seem to me to be more worthy and planned out, then the young ones in my opinion. John
  2. Liz, that is a state law, when we from AZ travel to California and bring the Big Van the Driver must have the license. So You might want to get one of the Adults to take the test before you go, so you can do this. John
  3. Metrosexual, where did that come from? That term is usually taken as a insult among those of us who wear kilts. John
  4. Packhound, yes kilts are tolerated, and the mystery is up to you to convey or not. The Maclaren tartan is the most widely worn and if you look at the early history of Scouts you will find that the all scouts were invited into the Clan by the ruling Cheiftan of the tiime. A solid kilt in olive or the new green is also often seen. If you want a good Kilt wearers site go to X Marks the Scot http://www.xmarksthescot.com/ and they can give you all the info you want. There is alot of kilt wearing Scoutmasters there John
  5. Due to today's society, I always wear something if the boys are around. I don't need any problems from a boy's family who might claim I exposed myself to their son. Other than that I always wear boots and socks under my kilts. John
  6. I do throw on a kilt every once in awhile with the scouts, and help one buy his own from Stillwater Kilts. For those who have not worn one, they are the most comfortable piece of clothing made for men, but due the mystery of what is worn under it you will acounter many strange looks and concerns from the parents. Heck I have been ordered never to wear them to work even though they are way longer than the ladies' skirts due to the mystery. This is why I think National will never make it Official, but as in many things in Scoouts people in authority will turn aa blind eye. John I own
  7. I proudly wear my kilt, I have a olive green AlphaKilt and a Maclaren from Stillwater Kilts. Yes I know I am out of uniform, but I love to see the uniform nasties spit and howl.
  8. Being a bargain shopper, I bought several of the switchbacks for 2 for 1 deal and I won't be going forest soon. My wait is for the old shirts to go on clearence and snag some for formal wear. I like the new stuff for the outdoors, but at COH and stuff they look like wearing shorts to a wedding. John
  9. looking at the pictures there are buttons under the pocket flaps so we still hang dangles. John
  10. Thanks guys, another mother has told us, we can wash it in cold water and it will be fine. My son did buy a plastic sleeve but of course didn't have on when it took a nose dive into the dirt. John
  11. Help my son just arrived back from his ordeal and he drop his sash in the dirt and says he needs to buy a new one, that the sash isn't to be cleaned. I know someone is giving him a hard time. Any Help? John
  12. My son is currently a Den Chief and the Den has now started to work on everyones Religous awards, I thought the boys do this on their own through whatever religion they practice. Should I step up and see where this leader is going with this? Confussed John
  13. Saw these http://scoutstuff.org/BSASupply/ItemDetail.aspx?cat=01RTL&ctgy=PRODUCTS&c2=NEW&C3=&C4=&LV=2&item=608XP&prodid=608XP^8^01RTL& at the Scout shop anybody bought and tried them out? looking for some good outdoor pants beside the switchbacks John
  14. Thanks Pete, I can see the reasons for the Cadre to remove the patches, while at the course, but my Patrol Guide also hinted that outside the course we were not to wear it. I am proud to be an Eagle and wish to show it and answer questions on why I wear such a proud emblem. John "Eaglet" Ivey
  15. While at Woodbadge last weekend, I noticed that none of staff wore their appropiate Patrol patch. When I question the Patrol Guide I was told that the Cadre was inform the wearing of the Patrol pacth of their Woodbadge patrol was wrong, so everyone removed theirs. I cannot find this regulation on What an adult can wear as a Patrol patch, any help? John "eaglet" Ivey
  16. While going through my first weekend of WB we were all assembled on Gilwell's field for the Flag ceremony. As the U.S. Flag was raised, I being our Patrol standard bearer lowered the banner straight out in front me in salute. Others holding the various banners did a clumsy salute while holding the banner. After the ceremony I approached the Cadre and inform them of the proper etiquitte for all other banners to be dipped in salute. I was informed the BSA is not a military organization and I was giving a military opinion on proper Flag etiquitte. Am I wrong? If not where can I find the prop
  17. My Webelos has earned it, but noone seems to know where its goes. I seen it placed all over the uniform. Can anyone help? John.
  18. The former Cubmaster and current Web II leader is now telling his boys and mine WebI's that since they are Webelos they do not use the Cub Scout Handshake and Salute, but the Boy Scout's. I disagree, but before I start anything I want to get my facts straight. Can anyone enlighten me? John
  19. Now the next question, the hat does not have the pin anymore so which pin can he wear? I thought the adult universal pin looks close to the orginal, but the First class pin says youth only. Can he wear the First Class pin if he has not earned it? So many questions John
  20. My son a Web II is crossing over into Boy Scouts next month and as part of ceremony we are using my father's old campaign hat to represent the Boy Scouts. My son wishes to continue to wear the hat as part of his class A's. I heard both yes and no on this subject can anyone clear the issue up? John
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