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  1. last weekend my eagle sons and I visited Old Fort Vegas, we were surprised to find a reanactment group who informed us they are there the last weekend of every month with lots of civil war uniforms for staging a day of fun and education. The told me they can also do the American Heratige MB for a group on that visit. My son's pointed out that a great Eagle project is there to be had by restoring the pioneer garden that is in disrepair
  2. Well, I guess you learn something everyday. I knew brand new flags were folded for shipping, and I know it is mill doing the flags everyone request. Again hats off to Comgressman Quayle on prompt reply and generous gift.
  3. It is a U.S. flag flown over the Capital, being former military, I never saw a U.S. flag folded in a rectangle at any time. I have been on flag duty in misable rain and still folded it as I was taught. I commend Congressman Quayle on his gift, it was unexpected and will be cherish. I have talked to other parents who have recieved Capital flown flags and they were all folded in the traditional manner. I didn't realize our Nations flag could be folded any other way but what we know as the triangle.
  4. Read this article yesterday http://www.azcentral.com/community/scottsdale /articles/2011/05/26 /20110526phoenix-cub-scout-pack-refugees.html ,About a man who started a Cub Scout pack for a group of refugee children and recieved the Councils blessing to include girls. Have other Councils been allowing girls into Scouting and I have been living under a rock? (This message has been edited by a staff member.)
  5. My youngest son finally got off his PS3 and finished his paperwork to pass his Eagle boards. My wife and I started to send out letters asking for return letters of recogntion and was pleasantly surprised to have the Freshman Congressman from Arizona Ben Quayle, not only send a letter but also a Flag flown over the Capital. To my son's dismay it was folded in quarters not like all his friends folded correctly. Has anyone else seen this, are they being lazy and/or just don't care. I shake my head and had my son's folded properly with reverence.
  6. Can anyone give me an update on recieving Eagle letters from the President? I know last year there was alot of discussion on whether or not he would sign them. I thought the conclusion was he will but it takes time. We sent him a request back in October for my son's achievement and still am waiting for an response. Now my youngest son has reached the rank and don't know if we simply wasting time and postage. John
  7. I find this thread very interesting, as JET knows I have been known to show up to different events in one of Kilts, and some boys have also has shown up wearing them with their "Class B". I started a similar thread on one of the Kilt sites with this same question of what is to be worn with a "scout" t-shirt it got so out of line it had to be locked, half the people refused to acknowledge anything but the scout pants or shorts to be worn period, the other firmly holding on to if you are not wearing the scout shirt who cares what is worn. Just a thought you all might wanted to know this subject
  8. Thanks John I didn't think about getting involed at District that would get me exposed to the leaders, By the way I will be in Palm Springs area if anyone here has some advise. John
  9. Hey guys I have question, I will be working in another State durning the week and going home to my family on weekend. I am very active in scouting as are my two sons. I would like to start checking out new troops but my sons will not be moving for several months to a year due todays real estate market. If I find a good Troop is it okay for me to join by myself before my boys are here or is this a grey area? John
  10. Jet, I spent a good part of the day Thursday talking to Council about it, they are clueless, the Program director has refused to explain himself, so Council has finally said at this late date we will have to comply with his wishes. I tried for a refund, but once the money is spent its takes a discussion with the "Committee" to decide whether I will be entitled. I can't take that chance, so my boys will going up with MA, since I no longer can get them up there with the change of start time too. John
  11. If a very short scout wears a pair of socks that are way to big for him would it be knee socks to him? John
  12. As a good parent, when my son's told me half of their socks were no good since it was required to have certain socks, I of course ask to see the list. I was puzzled over it and so the question, but these are the same people who called last night, four day before the start and changed the course from 5 1/2 days to 4 1/2 days without Council's knowledge, so I wouldn't put anything pass them. John
  13. My son's are going to NYLT this weekend and as I go through their packing list it states that if Scout shorts are worn only mid-calf or knee-hi socks are allowed. When did this happen? I don't remember anything in the uniform guide concerning sock length, just if you wear shorts Scout socks must be worn. Am I missing anything? John
  14. The best deal is at Sportsman's Warehouse, their DO's are rebranded Logdes and alot cheaper. John
  15. Hi all my youngest finally was tapped out and goes to Ordeal in acouple of weeks. He has a drinving interest in learning to play the Native American flute. Is there somewhere we can find flute songs for the different ceremonies? Thanks John
  16. Just had to take the lead again !!! Congrats Jim going through cubbies this weekend, the next course is what I like the best John "Talk to the Claw"
  17. Ours are breaking in the wash, unless they are buckled before going in I run the chance of breakage. I have emailed Scoutstuff.org about the situation and they will be sending me new buckles. John
  18. Do you have boys that can actually keep track of thier belts? This was why I like them, one less thing to find at 5 till the meeting. John
  19. Since we now know that the new pants are Chinese and they might be at Wallyworld. Are they cheaper and can we convert them to save money switch a button or two. Please hold the torches John
  20. Five of my sons switchbacks now have broken buckles, the male end. I am having problems locating new buckles can anyone help? John
  21. Jim, As a proud Eagle "Talk to the Claw" That is IMHO the best patrol to be in of course that are others who beg to differ. Is There a Beaver in the House? Can you find out what patrol your dad was in? John
  22. Us Adults all know about the upper (fat) restrictions for height and weight, how is the bottom line? We have a crew going next year and several of the boys are turning 14yo have lots of backpacking experience but are 10 pounds under the current weight chart. I know they will be gaining weight over the next year, but I was wondering if anyone had face this problem when they arrived at Philmont and how it was handled. Thanks John
  23. Here is a website for those who are those who really want to know the ins and outs http://derbytalk.com/viewforum.php?f=11&sid=a61a9629c1320c05eb16ad112a9b710b. If you are wanting to place well, the biggest tip is polishing your axels, chuck it into a drill start with 80 grit sand paper and move up the line till 3200 grit. Lube is very important and the site can give you some help with that. Good Luck
  24. Okay guys, with so many hats floating around we have been having discussion about which hats the boys can wear with their uniform and whether or not if wearing a nonuniform scout hat they have to take it off during flag. My position is only the hats on the uniform list and older UNIFORM hats can be worn durning flag. Just because a hat is made by the Scout shop, unless it was voted on by the Troop, does not make it a piece of the official uniform and should taken off. I have been known of course in being wrong so can anyone enlighten us?
  25. Just for grins I have a 1938 Scoutmaster's handbook and for Eagle the scout had to do 1. His record of satisfactory service as a Life Scout shall have been for a period of at least Six months; and 2. He shall have qualified for twenty-one Merit Badges, which shall include First Aid, Life Saving, Personal Health, Public Health, Cooking, Camping, Civics, Bird Study, Pathfinding, Safety, Pioneering, Athletics or Physical Development. The requirement for leadership is simply; "Made an effort to develop and demonstrate leadership ability." Personally I think Pioneering should still on the
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