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  1. I have som old rubber gloves continers an I am trying to think of something the boys could use them for to make crafts or whatever...Any ideas????????
  2. thank you all for your help. I am going to be making some calls very soon and getting everything started out on getting straight. I only want the best for the boys.
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    I have just complted my cubmaster training and i am going to be taking over my sons pack due to the cubmaster that there is now is leaving us. Well she does not really run things the way that the books say to do things. most of the stuff is done all as a pack. we have been meeting 2 times a month. we have a very small pack i think there is maybe 16 or 17 something like that. i was wondering how to go about getting things back in order. I have the leader book, the how to book and the program helps what else do i need. and i am also wondering what i need to wear as far as uniform. none of the sc
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