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  1. Thanks much, RememberSchiff. Very helpful suggestions. One response as to my older son's term as Den Chief -- he completed a 10-month term and his Scoutmaster wanted him to rotate to a leadership position in their troop, so that is what he did. This worked out well for him since he was not available this school year anyway since the Cubs meet right after school beginning at 3pm and my older son had practice everyday after school for Cross Country in the fall and then wrestling in the winter. I also think he needed some peer leadership opportunities, so I was fine with it -- although his as
  2. Struax - Thanks for the inspirational article. We can hope, can't we?!
  3. 1. What are your den rules? You and your scouts should have developed a rules list. These rules should be prominently displayed in LARGE BOLD FONT during the den meeting. Yes - rules were developed as a group and on a poster that we put at front of room at each meeting. I don't have it in front of me but it includes keeping hands to self, listening when others talk, no bad words, etc. Very standard and inclusive. 2. When a scout is not following a rule, does den activity stop? If too much time is wasted do they miss out on the game activity? Yes and yes. Planned activity/ad
  4. Does anyone have any ideas for character building games/activities that I could use with a den of misbehaving Bear Cubs? This is a Catholic Cub Scout pack/den, so something religion-based would be fine. I have searched the web to no avail. There are 10 boys in the den (10 out of the 11 3rd grade boys in the school) and at some point or another 9 of the 10 have had pretty substantial behavior issues. There are a couple ringleaders who are consistent problems, but all but one have had behavior issues at one time or another. I have tried many incentives and disciplines, to no lasting avail. Th
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