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  1. I know what you are saying, but have you seen the girl scouts lately? There official uniform consists of a vest or sash. They can choose to wear a GS shirt or pants, but you usually can only tell if they are girl scouts or not if you can spot there vest or sash under all the patches. The uniforms may be the same as years before, but they are recognizable by most of the population. It also gives most boys a sense of belonging and pride. I agree that the cost is imposing and I wish something could be done about that, but I feel that the design is fine.
  2. This issue does need to be addressed within the unit, but I would suggest you start at the committee meeting. Bring up your concerns along with the rules from the Guide to Safe Scouting. Mention that you don't feel this is setting a good example for the boys, and you feel it should be stopped. Volunteer to be the one to make the copies. You may even want to call a parents meeting, without the boys present. If you don't get any response from the leadership at the committee meeting, I would take it above theirs heads. Try the unit commissioner or the Unit Serving Executive. The
  3. Our pack would meet once a month from Sept. to June, with at least 3 summer activities other than camp. Den meetings were left to the individual dens. Some met every week, some met only twice a month. One den met during the summer as well, but most did not. The troop meets every week year round on Sunday nights. We don't have meetings when we have activities, such as camp-outs, where we come back on a Sunday. We also have an activity/community event each month. We do not have meetings too close to holidays, and we take a week off after summer camp. Summer time attendance is
  4. Hi and Welcome! You mentioned that the den leader doesn't seem to have much control over the boys. As mentioned before, training is the key. Some tips to help until you get trained: Have a plan for the meeting and stick to it. Have a gathering activity for the boys to do as they assemble. This will eliminate the "free for all" as you wait for everyone. Have snack/game time at the end of meetings. If you run out of time because of bad behavior, you don't have snack or game. Let the boys know this is how it will be. They will change quickly. Another great tool to c
  5. One of the units in our district in Central Wisconsin is going to the Porcupine Mts. in the upper Peninsula of Michigan. If you go north of Sault St. Marie, this wouldn't be too much further. It borders Lake Superior, and has very good hiking trails, etc., so I'm told. Not sure if that is what your looking for?
  6. We start asking our boys what events they would like to do at summer camp when we are around the campfire. We brainstorm ideas and write them all down, even the crazy ones. We compile a list and present it at our fall annual planning meeting, which we hold after our district Fall kick-off event in August and before school starts for the year. We map out our troop meetings for the year, district events, school events,and see what we can feasably use from the boys list. Things like a trip to Disney World have to wait (we live in Wisconsin), but we can definately do more camping and hik
  7. I came from a pack that had more boys than yours, but bad leadership. We went from a Cubmaster that just wanted out, to one that flew to both the east and west coast for work, and planned pack meetings in the hour he arrived home before hand. I wanted better for my son, so I took over when he realised he couldn't keep up. I would see if one of your troop could become the CC, then I would have a real committee meeting. Find out what the leadership of the Pack really want to do, whether quit or make it stronger. Then, go to the parents. Set aside time during a pack meeting just for thi
  8. Hi! I'm too new to have done any high-adventure stuff, but have you considered contacting the councils in Alaska? They may be a great resource. Sorry I couldn't be more help!
  9. Hi All! Awesome info! Here is my 2 cents: 1. We don't let the SPL at our comm. mtg. 2. We schedule the event, and those who have other plans, don't attend. They decide on an individual basis whether to change their other plans or not, the troop doesn't reschedule for a few. The annual planning calendar is the best defence for this. If you plan ahead, less conflicts. 3. We have 100 % at some activities, and 40% at others, also with a small troop (12 active boys). YP guidelines are always followed. We are also trying to become a boy-led troop. Former leaders
  10. At the Den level, you can probably get better results by withholding snack. Have you ever tried a behavior candle? You light 3 candles at the beginning of a meeting. You tell the boys that if anyone is naughty/disruptive, a candle will be blown out. If all 3 candles get blown out, no one gets snack for that meeting. You would be suprised what peer pressure does! At the troop level, we tell them that if we need to stop and wait for there cooperation, we won't have time to play the game that was planned for the night. One or two reminders, or games missed, and you get a different atti
  11. I agree with Wishboat. Some television stations will do non-profit advertising, our local paper also does, and our Chamber of Commerce has an ad board that they post events on. I also like the idea of handing out flyers at a sports event. Are there any coaches who have been involved in scouts in the past? Ask if they could hand them out at practice, such as Flag Football, soccer, etc. Especially if they are run by other groups, such as the YMCA, etc. How about checking with your Chartered Organization? Maybe they will have some ideas or can help with some more costly options. Churc
  12. Hi! I am also from WI and new to Boyscouts. I would start with the "Fast Start" video. You can get a copy from your scoutmaster or your local council office. Your scoutmaster may also know when the training events in your area will be held. If not, your local council can put you in touch with your district exec, who should know. Youth Protection training is also a must and can be completed on-line. See your council for details, or email me back. I have them. I commend you for wanting to go to the training. I had a blast at mine, and enjoy all the adventures with my son!
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