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  1. John~ I agree this is a problem that the adults have the DL and the ADL- her eis the thing- i am new to this pack we just moved to this area- and the pack we were in ws very VERY nice and very well organized - and now well - the DL is new and kind of in this cause his son just started and i am not sure how much training he has had- his son is the same grade as mine they are around each other alot- so i dont want to come off as a know it all jerk - that approach just isnt me- i think since he is open and willing to the idea of a "den mother" i will just try to help out along the way - and
  2. that is what i am thinking a reward system - i want the boys to have fun - the actual den leader is not yelling at the boys or giving the sign and acts like he doesnt mind when they turn into lord of the flies- then the assistant shows up and (i mean no offense to this it is just a thing to relate his behavior too) and acts like he has turrets- it is disturbing to me and scares the boys the way he yells i suppose i am most interested in running interference with the boys- keeping them occupied so that they can learn adn participate..
  3. Thanks so much for you input and suggestions- i have had some training i was very involved when my son was in Tiger scouts, as it stands right now there is an assistant Den leader for the den- unfortunatly for as much as the den leader doesnt have control over the boys the assistant more or less just has scream bouts(and i mean scream to scare the boys) when the boys dont listen - i was always under the impression that the hand sign should be used to settle the boys? any way - i am hoping that i can incorporate a "gathering activity" for the beginnign of the mtg to get them settled while waiti
  4. Hello everyone- i am new here- wanted to pop in and say hello - i am going home shortly but wanted to ge tthe topic out there. I am in pa - and my son is in Bear scouts- the den leader is pretty new himself and doesnt have a whole lotta control over the boys- so i offered to help by being the den mother- anyone have any hints or tips- i wanna make the experience fun for the boys:)
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