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  1. For the last 2 years me as being the cubmaster has planned and ran every pack meeting. From the beginning of this year, I assigned each den to help with a specific meeting. I would create the agenda and get them their copy a week before but they have all needed to work together to get the activities or games completed. This has especially important for me as my son is a W2 and I'm about gone and do not have a replacement (another long story).
  2. Anita thank you. Got your e-mail. Thank you Koolaidman I never thought about that and will check and see if they are able to do it.
  3. For the last couple of years we have used the bobcat face panting ceremony also. My son is one of the 4 who will be getting their AOL's but did not get painted so it might been neat to put them through it. If you would not mind could you send it to me at kdhaile@gmail.com? Thank you.
  4. We are having our Arrow of Light ceremony this March and I'm trying to locate a suitable script. We are breaking the service into the AOL ceremony that is being held at our school and then at a later date we are doing the cross over outdoors at a local pack called 7 bridges. I'm trying to find a suitable script just for the AOL ceremony. We plan on presenting each of our 4 scouts with their patch and their arrows. If you have a script that I could use that would be great. I found a couple of ones online but each one contained the ceremony and the cross over. Due to weather we want to hold
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