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  1. No waiting list at Beans. The unit that does that is Troop 45 from Freeport. Their Scoutmaster is the engineer who does all the traffic studies and floor layout designs for Beans. I believe they have a lock on that. SDE
  2. One has to wonder if we are using the Scout "Oath and Law" for their intended purposes or just to pass judgement? For many years the National Council has really not focused on adult health and that is changing. Applicants to the 2010 Jamboree will have to meet Philmont weight requirements and rumor has it that the BSA is about to get very serious about these requirements going forward. As a former smoker I understand who we as a group tend to protect the rights of those who smoke. It is an addiction I would not wish on any person. That said it is legal and some people need to do it. That
  3. Aquatic, I am not a camp school guy, so I could not tell you what class would qualify you. I think Aquatics, COPE, Admin. Anything that is a week long course, but don't take my word, I have never been to Camp School. Also you would have to do those classes while a professional. They will not count stuff outside of your professional tenure. There is also a Master's Degree program offerred through Murray State University. That program will give you Master's Degree Credit for PDL1,2 and 3. SDE
  4. Basically today all new hires for Executive (professional slots) attend PDL1 within three months of hire. This is two weeks in Texas. When I went through in 2007 it was different than it is now. The decided to revamp the program to make the process more responsive to what actually happens in the field. The team leader for the Center for Professional Development is a great guy and he was really a driving force in this redesign. PDL2 is attended 12 or more months after PDL1 and its major focus is on volunteer recruiting, team building and finance. There is a project required for this class
  5. This award is far from a give me. The people I have seen nominiated for this award all all major scouters who are Vigial Honors OA members, Silver Beavers and District Award of Merit recipients. I have signed off on three since I have been a designee and all were big hitters in both the lodge and Scouts. SDE
  6. As a Master Mason and the professional designee in my council who handles these awards this is a fairly easy process. First and formost the individual must be nominated by another master mason. Step one is that the nominating Mason fills out the form indicating who he is nominating and gives his information. Step two is that the Council Designee verifies that the nominee has met the Scouting Criteria for the award. If they do, then the sign off on behalf of the Council stating that they agree with the nomination and verify the nominee's service record. Step three is that the nom
  7. I have a line to the national council marketing office. I am going to try to help him next week when I return from vacation. SDE
  8. ""District nominations are between either the District Chairman or the District Executive to make the nomination. The Chapter Adviser approves the nomination, by signing the nomination form."" That is not true. The District Chairman and District Executive have the abilitiy to nominate District Level Scouters for the OA, each in their own right. There is no either or. All Council professionals are allowed to nominate adults to OA membership in thier own right. The District Chairman and the Council President are also afforded the ability to nominate adults for OA membership because of thier
  9. "You guys have that special in." That is a load of puckey. The Scout Executive can do that for anyone, not just a professional. In fact the Guide for Officers and Advisors lays out in plain english that all members of the professional service are ad hoc members of the OA Lodge in their council just because they are professionals. So what about the adult leader who volunteers with Scouts and builds a career before in Scouting and the OA before he or she 1) had kids or 2) their kids were old enough to be cubs? That is just one more scenario where a cub leader is an OA member as an adul
  10. '"As cub scouters, the ONLY way to join the local lodge is to have been elected to the OA as a youth" It is possible that a Cub Scouter could be nominated by the district, not likely but possible."" What about the guy like me works for the BSA? I was nominated for membership by the Supreme Chief of the Fire. WHat if I leave my job. I still want my son to be a Cub Scout? That would mean I would be involved in the PAck. There are lots of adults in the cub program that were not youth OA members. THere are also lots of scenarios for that possibility. SDE
  11. I would have a hard time with this. Especially because many crossovers in my district happen on school grounds. I am not sure the ceremonies team guidelines allow for a firearm, nor am I sure that carring a firearm, fake or otherwise, is a good idea for OA youth. Not because I am anti-gun, but rather because I worry that society is so ignorant that the situation will cause more trouble than it is worth. And think of all the nightmarish PR possibilities. SDE
  12. I am not really going to site any of the threads where I have picked up on this particular item, but I do want to express me dissappointment when it comes to Scouters and their feelings about the Silver Beaver. Just because a Scouter does not work directly with youth does not mean that they don't perform service to youth. Would anyone argue the Waite Phillips who has been dead for years no longer does anything for youth? I mean afterall he ain't working with the Kids, but we put plenty of them through Philmont Scout Ranch every year. Those guys and gals that work behind the scenes in your
  13. There is a tin of Trail Mix that Trails End makes that all Scouts can sell during the popcorn sale. I believe that there are two or three flavors. A group of Venturers also reached out to Trails End and asked them why they did not custom a product for them to sell? So Trails End did some research with Venturers across the Country and came up with a 9 oz bag of trail mix product that is for Venture Crew Fund Raising. I will be trying and sharing the Venture Trail mix at a major Venture Event this weekend in my District. Secret DE
  14. GW, I understand you question. Have you ever served as a Chapter Advisor, Lodge Advisor or member of an election team (youth or adult)? From what I can tell the biggest barrier for our Chapter Election Teams getting into a unit is how the Scoutmaster feels about the Order of the Arrow. In many cases if the Scoutmaster is not a fan of the Order, an election is not likely to happen. I know, you can always argue that the Committee can force the issue, but you and I both know that many will not. Often times getting a unit's Scoutmaster involved can and does make a big difference in wheth
  15. SWScouter is correct. Somehow in my explaination I got used standard for District Award of Merit for OA unit adults. My bad, I jumble a lot of numbers and ratios for work. The Lodge Advisor and the Scout Executive as a team may waive camping requirements for non-unit Scouters. Once the Adult Selection Committee meets to approve Adult selectsions, they are forwarded to the Scout Executive for sign off. In many Lodges the Scout Executive will defer, sometimes greatly, to the Lodge Advisor. This is an important item to understand as the Lodge Advisor and Scout Executive have a very inte
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