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  1. Well, if you guys remember, more than a few months ago, I was asking for opinions on how my really bad troop ran things. So I'll bring up a point someone brought up then. But first, Scoutfamily, I'm really sorry you guys have to go thru this, but believe me I feel for you. In my troop when the not-so-scoutly scoutmaster had a grudge against one of the guys, it was the Scout spirit requirement that was held over their heads as unsatisfactory. The way my troop worked it, the spirt req was signed off as part of your SMC. Looking back, it would be far better for a conversation between the boy,
  2. Oh, sure, :-D that's what I remember of a talk/seminar at NCS this summer. I was there attending the Camp Commish track, and we talked to the other area trainers to learn something about the camp's interworkings, and how each area (aquatics, nature, shooting sports etc) complimented each other. Anyway, long story to say that when we were talking to the Aquatics Instrustors Trainer those are what I remember of the figures he quoted during his talk on water safety rules that Commisioners might have to explain to adult leaders. I figure as long as I remember them correctly they can be reasonabl
  3. I know the water ones off hand... there was a good number of years (not sure how many, but as many as ten) when the water related deaths were down to 0-1, then four all at the same time a few years ago, and last year I don't think there was more than 1. This is just off the top of my head so feel free to correct me where I'm mistaken -Curtis "Ego numquam pronunciare mendacium, sed ego sum homo indomitus."
  4. hi all, it's good to be back, the summer was long and hard, and I'm actually glad to be back at school (that's how hard it was, jk :-D) The Utah safety topic by fgoodwin got me thinking, and wondering if we could make it a bit broader (not to steal his thunder but...) What do you guys think of all the erm...troubles the BSA had over the summer? Between deaths at Jambo, drownings here in NM and other places, a few lightning strike deaths, and a lost scout in Utah, we have to admit the BSA didn't have a very successful summer. What do you guys think? Is these things the program needs to w
  5. Well, if it makes you all feel any better about it... I was suspended back in Middle School for accidentally bring a pocket knife. It was the monday after a campout, and I hadn't learned the value of using something besides your school backpack for a camping day pack. The knife was a small dinky one that couldn't cut a finger with a sawing motion :-D and I had forgotten to take it out of the small pocket at the front that morning before school. A friend saw it in there and "jokingly" made a big deal at lunch calling out "he's got a knife" at the same time the asst. principle was walking by.
  6. To add just a bit on my previous point, in thinking about eating healty on campouts. There are two ways you can think about this... 1. we (the adults) must lead by example in our eating habits infront of the scouts or 2. the campout is just a weekend get away with the purpose of getting out of the ruts of the real world. (after all, 2.5 days worth of meals every once in a while doesn't really effect the habits instilled by parents in their kids does it? I don't think it ever did for me, and we had some REALLY strange and no doubt unhealthy concoctions :-D, My eating habits today are in
  7. One camporee I remeber attending as a scout was first aid based as well. Adult leaders from every troop would gather for a meeting the night before (friday after everyone is settled) and each be given an ailment on which to "interactively pop quiz" every patrol they could find on. They would find patrols at the competition the next day (in the midst of walking around the camp between competition sites) and quietly tap one of the guys at the back of the group on the sholder, and whisper in his ear what he was just inflicted with. Then this scout would have to know what the symptoms of the ailme
  8. Hi all, I need help from someone familiar with the Dallas area. I'm going to a NCS session starting on May 21st at Camp Cherokee. To get there, I'm flying in because of time restrictions. I can arrive at the Dallas-Lovefield airport either 8pm the evening before, or noon the day of. I'm not sure who's going from my area (by car) and could pick me up and take me the rest of the way (about 100 mi), and going home shouldn't be a problem as long as anyone from my camp goes to the session (which should happen but it's still really unorganized ;-D) so I got a few questions for you Dallas dwelle
  9. Hi all, Do you remember that song/skit "I love to be a Boy scout" there's one (of many) verse that goes... I love to be a Boy Scout, there's nothing I'd rather be, but if I weren't a Boy Scout... A scoutmaster I would be... "Do this, Do that, boy I hope I'm not to fat..." I don't mean to be rude, or cruel here, but I do think that it's a sign that boys don't think about these kind of things as deeply as we old folks do (being 21, I'm gonna try comming at this from both sides- youth and adult - so bare with me) :-D. My fat scoutmaster didn't claim to be the best example of physica
  10. In a bit of irony, I've never gone to a boy scout camp for a summer session. My troop always did our own week long camp every summer.. but I have worked at one for the past 7 summers. Camp Frank Rand, NM we might not have the newest facilities, but our program is tried and true, and the staff have proven themselves the best every year!!! Seriously, if you like adventure, come to Frank Rand in mid-july!! 3 years ago we had a huge flood, and the year after that we actually evacuted beacause a forest fire was too close. Each time though, the staff proved their mettle. (we set up "camp" in
  11. I'd like to throw in a quick two cents... My first (and by far the best of the 3 I've been under) scoutmaster was... shall we say well rounded and pretty round himself. In spite of, and sometimes because of his extra mass, (not too much but certainly noticeable) he could still keep up with (and sometiems out do) a bunch of the retired military folks, (backpacking is the example that comes to mind). He was certainly a man I could respect, and want to be like (and by this I mean, his character) In my experience of 6-7 summers working at a scout camp, i've actually noticed a bit of a trend. A
  12. Funny, slightly related story... the scout camp where i've worked for 6-7 summers is really close to the famous "Santa Fe Opera" and a few friends (both girls, and only friends) drove up to camp to pick me up, and see a perfomance on one of my nights off. So we decide to get dressed up... the girls bring formal dresses, but I feel like it would be okay to just wear a class a uniform (venture green). Over the course of the night, we pulled up to an ATM and I got out, leaving the ladies in the car. And the way they tell it, they thought I looked rather dashing, and decided to honk at me becaus
  13. Ok, Merlyn and Ed, I'm about to ask you to sit in opposite corners so we can work this out politely! No offense meant to either of you, but discuss, don't attack. Anyway... Merlyn, maybe not the building, but the supreme court (and the judicial system in general) does have more than a few references to God. "whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you ___" (fill in the blank) Unless it's just been too long since I've been in a courtroom and the don't actually say that anymore (pity if they didn't). Acutally to bring back a random point I made a few pages earlier, there are references t
  14. Prairie, We'll let him answer for himself, but I believe by the term "attacking" Scheinling didn't mean legally... attacking a organization's support structure might not be attacking the organization directly, but no one would disagree, that it's making it really tough on the organization... anyway... I still got a few good hours of the night to keep writing final project reports... G'night fellas -Curtis :-D
  15. Pack I know what you mean, I'm in the middle of finals, reports, projects and presentations here at school, and I've been trying to keep up, but it's flying by really quick. a few comments though... >"The Worldnet Daily reported an increasing number of >California PUBLIC school students must attend an intensive 3 >week course on Islam. The course mandates that 7th graders >learn the tenets of Islam, study important figures of faith, >wear a robe, adopt a muslim name, and stage their own jihad. >They must also learn many verses of the Koran." > >ACLU doesn't n
  16. At my scout camp (in NM) we have one camp week (usually in mid July) when all the LDS troops in the council come up for the same week. For that week, the program is shifted just slightly. Instead of getting to camp on sunday afternoon (like every other troop) the LDS troops get there first thing monday morning. Since we try and work our merit badge classes to finish up in 4 days anyway, we simply have a merit badge session instead of a time when scouts can come and make up requirements they might have missed (like swimming laps at the pool) The campfire lay out is also a bit different, but it
  17. The "holding sway in courts" I was referring to was based on a lot of their statements on the website "the ACLU tells supreme court (*insert generic ACLU Statement here*)" I realize these were all on their website, and therefore they could have just been patting themselves on the back (over and over and over), but still, for only being 400,000 "members" they would certainly appear to have a highly regarded opinion. If they are the primary ones to bring charges against the Boy Scouts, and people (particularly the courts) take them seriously (evening if they do neglect the fact that we're a priv
  18. One last question (I thought of all these, and just forgot them when I went to write them down)... What gives the ACLU such a sway with the courts? Why is their opinion regarded so highly?
  19. One more thing I forgot to ask... Does anyone know how to email an opinion (well informed and polite, naturally) to them? They had plenty to suggest that it was possible but all I could find on the website were rabbit trails leading in circles.
  20. Well, some of you elders have spoken harshly about the ACLU, and I wasn't all that inclined to simply take your word for it, and wanted to at least try and give them the benefit of the doubt, but that was a very tough thing to ask of myself evidently. (things like this have a funny way of backfiring don't they?) I went to their website to browse around abit about Scout issues, and more than a few other things that they take positions on that are of interest to me (intelligent design, religious freedom, etc.) And I was frankly disgusted with what I saw (sorry for not trusting you fellas the fir
  21. I just read wing nuts... and I (being an engineer myself) had to add the second part (I'm trying not to dominate postings I'm sorry :-D)... 1. What do you get when you cross and rooster and snake? (rooster)(Snake)*sin(theta) 2. What do you get when you cross a rooster and a mountain climber? Nothing... you can't cross a scalar :-D If you want it explained ask one of those guys that actually knows what all the functions of their graphing calculator do :-D -Curtis :-D
  22. These are pretty much all great, I just copied them from an email and removed ones that I didn't really want to put my name to (if you're wondering about the numbers) :-D 1. A bicycle can't stand on its own because it is two-tired. 2. What's the definition of a will? (It's a dead giveaway). 3. Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana. 4. A backwards poet writes inverse. 6. She had a boyfriend with a wooden leg, but broke it off. 7. A chicken crossing the road is poultry in motion. 8. If you don't pay your exorcist you get repossessed. 9. With her marriage s
  23. A man looks over in to his neighbors' yard to see their son digging a rather large hole. The man calls the boy over... "hey Jimmy, what are you digging that big hole for?" the boy answers "my goldfish just died and I'm going to bury it". The man replies "Well that's really sad, but isn't that a big hole for just a goldfish?" Jimmy answers "not since your cat ate it"
  24. I"m not sure if he was ever a scout, but I'm thinking Bush couldn't have grown up without being at least a decent outdoorsman. The ranch life for a childhood and all... (that's just a best guess, don't shoot me down too quickly if I'm wrong :-D) About the initial, year old question... I agree with the outlook of "it shouldn't matter". If society wants to get all "free love with whoever and without God", then there's little to nothing we can do about it on the large political scale besides stick to our guns. If the president thinks it'll help his position to ally with such ideas, (or actuall
  25. One more pair... What does a man get when he's running infront of a car? Tired What does that man get when he's running behind the car? Exhausted -Curtis
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