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  1. What wonderful ideas! Seems to me, now that we have Saddam in custody we should put him to use. Perhaps he can give our President pointers on how to set up his own Republican Guard to round up citizens he wishes declair "enemy combatants" and shoot them. Wah La! our problems are solved! SA
  2. In our troop scouts address adults as Mr. or Mrs. No rules established, thats just the way it is. We have had a recent Scout reach his 18th birthday and is now an ASM. The scouts still address him by his first name. What I've just realized though is I'm comfortable with scouts addressing me as Mr. I don't know when it happened. For many years Mr. Scoutingagain was my father, as far a I was concerned. Mr. to me seemed weird. Gosh, I think I'm growing up. How does one stop this. SA
  3. Our SPL or his designee usually attends Troop Committee meetings. We have found the youth attendance to be very positive. SA
  4. We were in Gettysburg the week before ACCO's group last year. As noted in this thread, contact the York Area Council and get information on the Heritage Trails Program. The link is in one of the earlier posts. We had 8 Adults and 11 scouts earn the Gettysburg Heritage Trais Medal. Two of the adults are involved in a Cub Scout Pack and wear their medal on their Cub Leader Uniform. This has precipatated a fair amount of interest in the Pack in the Webelos to cross over to our Troop in the Spring. One additional piece of advice, the York Area Council Info mentions being able to ta
  5. The Troop I joined was in tough advancement shape as well when I joined several years ago with my son. While parents were not signing merit badge requirements, there were a lot of partials being credited by SMs and ASMs on dubious documentation after kids would return from camp. I was asked to take on the role of advancement chair last year and have made some progress within the troop. We now have Merit Badge Counselors(MBCs) that have filled out applications and sent them in to the District. I've looked at them and am satified the MBC's for the troop are qualified for the Badges they sign
  6. Glenn, Thanks for the response. My original question was initially rhetorical. However I'll admit to learning a thing or two from your and Rooster's responses. Adrianvs, you asked Achilleez, "What do you propose, Achilleez? That those who believe fundamentally different things are all equally right? " I respond with the following not necessarily to Adrianvs, but all. I think we need to remember that those who believe fundamentally different things, all equally have the right to those beliefs and I don't believe, we are in a position to judge those beliefs as right o
  7. You can combine Jeopardy and EaglyinKY's idea. The answer: Bowline Proper Jeopardy Response: What is the Rescue Knot? (Demonstrate Correctly) SA Great Ideas!
  8. If your looking for reliable information on the health risk du jour, I have found the website at the Center for Disease Control to be a good source. You can access the site at www.cdc.gov SA
  9. I don't believe that the US intends to weaponize space in the sense that there would be missle platforms orbiting the earth, but the US and other countries(I would bet Canada included) certainly have military surveillance satellites, navigation aids, tracking systems etc. in space. I'm certain the US intends to maintain and modernize these space based systems as budgets and technology allow. I would like to believe the US would honor any agreements it's made regarding military applications in space. While we may get to the point where the US can watch what you Canadians are feeding your
  10. "My thoughts...we have an Adminstration so seeped in oil, who, to preserve their wealth and power will strip away our civil liberties...so, where can we find an honorable person, who as President, will enact a policy of seperation between oil and state and lead us out of this bloody mess..... " Le Voyager, why would you make such a statement? Why didn't our current President authorize something like more than (to be read as Dr. Evil) ONE MILLION DOLLARS to do research on hyrodgen as a possible source of energy? SA
  11. Thanks Bob. I printed out the document and will hand it to our Troop instructors this week. (I can use "our" can't I ) SA
  12. "...clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right...here I am." SA
  13. From reading previous threads, I thought professionals that didn't take themselves too seriously wore official BSA kilts. SA
  14. Laurie, I certainly don't have the credentials of others on the forum, but to me "show" means show or demonstrate, not discuss, describe, tell or write, etc. It also does not mean memorize, master, or show upon demand. I'm sure others with more advancement savy will be happy to respond as well. SA
  15. FOG replies, "Huh?" I believe that public stonings in the town square are an effective punishment. Fog, this is true. I believe even Jesus did not disapprove of this form of punishment. He only asked that "Let he that is without sin, cast the first stone." Rooster can now officially join this thread. If there is a rock star that is a true good moral role model, I'm sure he can enlighten us all. SA
  16. molscouter, I stand corrected. The light bulb went off in this poor man's brain as soon as I saw your post. Yes, it was Mr. Watt, Sec. of the Interior under President Reagan, who would have had authority over the National Park Service and the 4th of July Festivities. While I like the Beach Boys and Beatles, neither could be characterized as good role models, nor could most entertainers. There are probably a couple. Among the world's shortest lists: Rock Stars That Are Good Moral Role Models Donny Osmond? SA
  17. WOW is right. OGE, your last comment is even more agressive than the infamous " book thumping" thing. Hope it doesn't start an online riot. I for one as a volunteer scouter will say that if DSteele is spending work time on these forums, I consider it one of the most productive uses of his time, and am thrilled if any of my registration and FOS money goes to support it. I assume though that much of his posts are on "his" time, whenever that is. I will confess, that I spend entirely too much time on this forum and end up having to work later to make up for the time I do spend here.
  18. This thread reminds me of when Nancy Reagan made some critical statements about the Beach Boys when they were selected to play in Washington DC on the 4th of July back in the late '70s. SA
  19. "Why is that we never read about the kids who knew how to rescue others or save themselves because they played soccer? ;-) " Best recruiting statement I think I've read in the forum. SA
  20. Here's the referenced article... pretty impressive. SA PARKERSBURG, W.Va. A 12-year-old boy saved his 18-month-old sister from a fire in their home, running through smoke and flames and carrying her out through a second-floor window onto a porch roof. "She's my sister, and I'm supposed to take care of her," said Michael Wedekamm, who suffered minor burns and smoke inhalation in the fire early Tuesday. The blaze started in first-floor bedroom and quickly spread to the rest of the two-story home where Michael lived with his mother and three sisters. All escaped with mino
  21. I was able to get both the Eagle knot and AOL knot with no questions as well. I did show my Eagle card but was told I didn't need to. Now this shop is a local authorized distributor of BSA merchandise, but basically a private store. I'm told the shop at the Council Office is more particular about what they sell. For example we wanted to get a recruiter strip for one scout, the Council store asked for a copy of the new scout's registration form, the local distributor just sold us the strip. The local distibutor would not sell a BSA Lifeguard patch without a signed card though. S
  22. Thanks to all for the education. Based on le Voyager's reference it seems there is a very high threshold required to void an individual's constitutional rights, which as far as I'm concerned is as it should be. However eisely points out a number of instances where the government has suspended these rights. As eisely points out, in these times of unconventional threat, how the government goes about the process of protecting us is extremely important to us all. In my opinion, it's not just about succeeding in preventing terrorist attacks and capturing those that would do harm, but
  23. ..You're not embarrassed and it takes no coercion to wear your scout or scouter uniform in public. Great thread! Have really enjoyed this. SA
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