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  1. I like this one. http://troop200.com/(This message has been edited by MountainMan)
  2. I posted a silly spoof to try to break the tension in here. It did not break any points of the Law. It was a fake news story a troop put on the web. So can anyone tell me where it went? And why it went.
  3. When you have to wear your underwear in side out, outside in, side ways in side out, sideways in side in. ect. ect.
  4. Who makes the best tent for back packing? Tent 3 season, 2 person light weight High Adventure for Back Packing. Speeping Bag 3 Season (maybe 15 degrees) I am not certain concerning the temp.
  5. Wow! Sounds like fun! Sometimes I feel I could leave everything behind and go live off the land. Thank you for the web sites. I have been looking around and it looks very interesting.
  6. Has anyone here ever thought about back packing from Canada to New Mexico?
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