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  1. Congratulations!!! I cant wait till the 30th for mine... Wood Badgers are the best! Jerry A good Ol Beaver too
  2. Simple... Wear the color shoulder loop that matches the Unit number and office you are in. COR, while not always active in the unit, and a voting member of the District/Council, is still a part of the unit. If you participate as a member of the Pack.. wear blue and the numbers. Velcro.. works.. but I choose to go simple... Like everyone else, many hats are worn. I am a member of the district committee, a Scoutmaster, and on the Pack committee.. oh and Committee chair for our Venturing Crew. I have three Shirts.. two with Scoutmaster insignia and all that goes with it.. and t
  3. Thanks... I thought I learned something in Wood Badge... Besides that awesome song! I used to be a Beaver.. and a good ol Beaver too! Jerry
  4. Having the ceremony in front of the boys was really the only choice. When I started my Ticket I sat the Scouts down and explained to them what I was doing and why. My entire ticket revolved around the Troop, so I thought it was appropriate to do the ceremony with the people that really earned it for me. These beads are as much for them as they are for me..in fact they are more for them, that is why we do this...right? Jerry
  5. hehehe.... Oops... need to check that spelling... Jerry
  6. I am doing my beading at a modified Troop Meeting. Since my Troop was the center of my ticket. I want them to share in the experience. I am the Scoutmaster of the Troop. Good for me? HECK YEAH! I AM A HAPPY BEAVER! Jerry Nibbling on my share of the Beaver log.
  7. All- Just got off the phone with my Troop Guide. My Beading Ceremony is the 30th of January!!! YEEEEEHAAWWW! Jerry and a Good 'Ol Beaver too!
  8. Hey there.. I am looking for some plans to construct a Water Bottle Rocket Launcher. Looking at doing this with the Troop. We had a great one at Wood Badge... Any Help... greatly appreciated. Jerry And a Good Ol Beaver too...
  9. Thanks Sue- I am not sure when the actual "Beading" will be yet. But I am stoked. I have the Beanie sitting with the log. Love it. Jerry
  10. In our Troop we currently use both. When we started we were all on First Name basis. Now we are leaning to the Mr/Mrs. [insert last name]. Why? because it does add to the lesson of respecting your elders. Respect needs to be tought, and while I agree that not all people are deserving of respect, I would like to think that the adult leaders in Scouting are deserving. At least in my unit. PET PEEVE-- MR JERRY... NO GO... Either call me by my first name or call me Mr. Schleining... But MR. Jerry...NO. I grew up spending a lot of my time in the South... they do that down there (fr
  11. I got the Bennie Baby Beaver for Christmas.. a great addition to the collection. Got the Big Beaver sitting on the Dash of my Truck (it was given to all of us Beavers by our Troop Guide) Beaver Zone sign etc.. Getting Beads soon... just finished my Ticket YEEEEHAWWW! Jerry And a Good ol Beaver too!
  12. "Fully" Trained? Does that mean ALL the adult leaders are trained? Does it mean that a certain % are trained? Does it mean that the JR LDRS are trained? The reason I ask is because the level and % of trained people make a big difference. Also, what they do with the training is also a huge factor. I know people that have been to Wood Badge that do not have boy led troops. But the reason is not him... its that his JR LDRS are young and not trained. In my Troop all of the Adults that work directly with the Boys are Trained, but many of the Committee members are not. This does
  13. First of all this will be my last post on this issue. The reason, I believe after watching Merlyn on this board for some time, if you get caught in a "Discussion" it will soon become a catch 22 and start spiraling out of control...as this topic has. So my final comment on the issue... MY OPINION is that yes Schools should not be Chartered Organizations. Why... because typically they are terrible COs. They do not hold the same set of values as the BSA and therefore do not understand the program in total. For the same reasons I do not expect school teachers to raise the kids. I
  14. I have seen some really great COH's and some not so great ones. Our Troop does about 4 a year. We have done the COH in our meeting hall and at campfires during Campouts. The Campout COH's are by far the better ones, but not alot of parents come, even when we do it locally. So, we have to try to accomodate those parents that are not to fond of the woods. For the Campfire COH's we have the fire, Tiki torches that outline a "Stage", Opening Ceremony, We do sing some songs, and do the awards. The best is ending it with a Scoutmaster's minute and vespers... really adds a special touch. F
  16. First of all Ed and Merlyn... you both are out there. Second.. I think it is a bad habit to pick and choose which policies you follow or enforce. Just because you don't agree or think it is bad form... does not give you the right to not follow this organizations policies. You are always welcome to leave Scouting (private Club) if you are not happy. Choose not to follow Youth Protection Guidlines and get a Scout hurt. I hope you rot after you are nailed to the tree. And I hope in your defense that you say, well it was a policy I did not agree with. The policies are there for a rea
  17. Glad they are not available anymore through the Scout Shop. I wore one in my Troop as a youngster.. we only wore them for COH's etc, wore the Baseball type hat camping and pretty much all the rest of the time. The beret is a dumb idea. Not practical and unless worn right (define right).. the wearer looks as stated before a "dork". I have worn berets for the Army for the last 21 years.. again very "High speed" looking when I was with the Rangers and wore a High and tight hair style. Once you put hair under it, the beret "Sits" on the head like a dead cat. Our Troop has had o
  18. I could not agree with you more Barry... and to John's point- Shared leadership is the key in Scouting. And working as a team is critical in the success of a Scouting unit. Vision (in my view) has to be flexable in Scouting. That is what I liked about my ticket... You get 5 angles to approach you vision from. 5 seperate goals that ulimately get you to that point at which you say... ok I have accomplished this on the way to seeing my vision become a reality. And if you really give it some thought and have a vision that has goals that can be reached, you surely will find that
  19. Barry- And thats what its all about... Understanding the thier vision and the mission of SCOUTING. I went to my Wood Badge Course 5 months after I returned from Iraq. There is NOTHING in the Wood Badge Course that equates to the daily life of a Soldier. Leadership is in fact Leadership... but the difference is the context in which you apply it. Leadership in Scouting is 180 out from the way it is applied in the Army or the corporate world for that matter. Wood Badge not only provides a forum to establish or refocus vison, but I found it gave me a great set of resources and
  20. My only question is .... How can one go thru Wood Badge and have no Desire to work a ticket.... Hmmmmmmm... That guy must have missed a verse in the Gilwell song... or.... heck I don't know... something misfired... geez... I had a two hour drive home from Wood Badge and I sang the song all the way home... thinking about working my ticket. I must be a weirdo or something... or it had to be the water... Jerry
  21. Thats a great story Sue... I can honestly say that I did not want to leave Gilwell on that final Sunday. Typically folks just want to get done and get home... It took 2 hours to get our Patrol off Gilwell field and out of the Parking lot. Love Gilwell! Leave it to the Beavers! Jerry
  22. The meeting after the BOR the Scout should get his rank patch to sew on the uniform. What our Troop does is give the Rank as soon as the next meeting (the following week). Then we give the Moms pins and advancment cards at the COH. That way the Scout is recognized in his group and recognized again infront of friends and family at the COH. Holding out on the Scout is not a good idea. Read the Scoutmaster Handbook.... Recognized Immediately!! Jerry Scoutmaster
  23. Yes John... Our Staff went off on Saturday night too... They went to a "Special Dinner" not sure if they left Camp, but they were nowhere to be found.. not that we looked for them. We did some interpatrol campfires.. had a blast that last night. I pulled out my Dutch ovens and made cobblers. Some of the Bears and Bobwhites came over and we had a great time.
  24. She's a Yes vote from me. First things First... Forums are not the gospel Truth and full of opinion.. and opinions are like feet... everyone has them and some of them stink. Second..as long as the Communist News Network (CNN) does not like her... She automatically gets a yes vote from me.
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