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  1. I apologize if this has already been discussed. I searched but couldn't find it. I know a boy has to be 10 1/2 or 6 months past 4th grade to receive AOL, but when can a boy start working on the requirements? Can they complete some of the requirements while working on the Webelos Badge? If not how long after receiving the Web badge can they start working toward AOL. Some of our boys earned the Webelos Badge in Feb, some are still working on it. The den leader would like to work on some of the AOL requirements over the next few months. Also can they earn a pin from say the mental skills group now and use that to meet the requirements for AOL later or will they have to earn another one from the mental skills group. If you have a place that it's down in writing that would be great. Thanks
  2. rrelaljrksw

    Popcorn Woes

    I've had people order popcorn and not pay. I just got to buy extra popcorn that year I've also had people in our pack damage popcorn. A case got backed over accidentally instead of being loaded in a car or their younger kid ripped open a pack and ate some. In all cases the family had to pay for the popcorn. If they don't agree with this let them know that selling popcorn was not mandatory it was THEIR choice and they need to accept responsibility. Our pack would not be able to afford to cover for them. I would offer a payment plan to repay the pack. Something to keep in mind for next year. Our pack requires a postdated check for the full amount of popcorn checked out. It's dated so the check can be cashed about 2 weeks before the popcorn money is due to our council. If someone did not pay for their popcorn, the check would be taken to the bank and the remainder after crediting any money turned in and taking out money due would be reimbursed to the family with a pack check. We have never had to cash a single check. It gives everyone extra incentive to pay on time and get their canceled check back. If someone had insufficient funds in their account when the check was cashed then that would not only be a cub scout problem, but also a legal problem for them. So that's an extra incentive to turn money in on time.
  3. rrelaljrksw

    Webelos To Troop

    Our pack has 2 brand new WLs. They just got started in Nov. when we decided to split the first and second year boys. We have had a lot of problems with our 2nd year WLs and I have just about given up trying to help them. I don't think they are properly preparing the boys for BS. They like the spoon fed method of leading. After reading these suggestions I'm going to work with the new WLs to come up with a transition plan that will not repeat the mistakes the current leaders are making. Would this help prepare the boys for BS? The first year of Webelos work in Den meetings to earn the pins required for Webelos badge. During the Spring and summer let the boys pick the pins the group works on. In the fall of the second year work on scout skills like fire building, knots, building tents, camping, hiking, etc... during den meetings. In order to earn AOL have all remaining pin work be chosen by the boys on an individual basis and completed at home. We could try to find parents with those skills to act as MB type counselors. Or does someone have a transition plan they would like to share?
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    Sales Lists

    We sell popcorn, not greens, but my son's order form is full of family members, friends, neighbors, business acquaintances, etc... If we had to leave our pack I would be very upset if someone from the pack started calling people from our order forms or insisting on copies of it. If we had left scouting I would probably understand, but a lot of the time people are buying to support the scout selling rather than the whole pack. Especially in the case of Individual Scout Accounts. No one NEEDS a tin of popcorn or a wreath. They are often not buying to support the troop, but because little Johnny from down the street is selling it. The boy at the door is the face they see benefiting from the fundraiser. Not a group of boys they never met. If they wanted to support a group of unnamed boys in Scouting they could make a donation to FOS or to a specific pack or troop. I would ignore the old troops requests. Anyone you call who has already purchased from them say "Thanks for supporting Scouts, Would you mind if I called you next year in (insert Month) to see if you would like to purchase more greenery."
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    Where did it go?

    I'm looking for a website called the Virtual Cub Scout Leaders Handbook. It used to be at http://www.geocities.com/~Pack215/home.html On Oct 26 geocities stopped hosting free websites and deleted all its sites. Does anyone know if this site's information was saved and moved somewhere else? It had a lot of great info on it. It'd be a shame if it was lost for good.
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    Where did it go?

    Thanks John. It looks like at least some of it was saved in the wayback site.
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    length of Webelos program

    I have a question about the length of the Webelos program and 2 different situations. 1. I have some boys that are getting their AOL in Dec. They or their parents more than likely have chosen not to cross over into Boy Scouts right away. Their parents have said they are going to stay in cubs until at least May and might like to do some pack activities over the summer and then join boy scouts in the fall. What are the rules about how long a boy can stay in cub scouts after earning the arrow of light? 2. We have another boy who will not earn AOL. This is his 2nd year and he has earned no activity pins. He has a very busy life outside of scouting and only completes the den portion when he's there. He never follows up and finishes anything at home. We informed his parents that he is welcome to attend when he can and have made them aware of why their son is not advancing like the rest of his den. They are okay with that. He will most likely not go into Boy Scouts, but would like to stay in cubs as long as possible and go to Webelos camp this summer. How long can a boy without the AOL stay in Webelos? When do we have to nicely tell both groups of boys they can't come anymore? Any suggestions how to do this when that day comes? I'd like to have some official rules to refer to and not just opinions if possible. I'd like to have something official to back up the pack's decision about letting them remain in Cubs as long as they are allowed to.
  8. rrelaljrksw

    length of Webelos program

    The parents of the 2 getting AOL ARE the den leaders so they have planned meetings to last until May. The reason they gave is because the boys want to earn more pins. They already have over half of them. They have visited with a scout troop and the DL parents were unimpressed (it was apparently a very chaotic meeting) Before the visit the parents were not sure they wanted to go into scouts and the meeting did not convince them that their boys should advance into scouts. One also has a younger brother in cubs, so its more convenient to keep them together. The COR and I have tried to explain that they need time to bond with the scouts before summer camping to no avail. We are a 2 year old pack, so this is our first Webelos to Boy Scouts transition. I'm think its the parents more than the boys and we may have to deal with it and let them crossover when they like. I will however let the other parents of boys in this den know that they can cross over earlier if they have their AOL or are 11. I'm going to work with the first year Webelos DLs to make sure they have more contact with the Boy Scouts so they will be excited to cross over. Longhaul posted "A boy may remain in Cub Scouts for 6 months after turning 11 years old OR completing the 5th grade, which ever is later. Per Cub Scout Leaders Guide and Webelos Leader Guide" Does that mean 6 months after 11 (11 1/2) or 6 months after 5th grade (Sept. or Nov.)? Or does it mean 11 1/2 or when school lets out May/June. I have parents who are trying to interpret that as 6 months after 5th grade.
  9. We are in the process of forming our pack committee. I know that we report to the COR, but are they a member of the committee and can they vote? We have a COR who wants to be VERY involved with our pack and some of the parents want to know if we're ever allowed to make our own decisions. I know the CO who is also our COR owns the pack, money, equipment, etc... But do they have total control in how we run our program or spend the money? What if anything do we get to decide for ourselves?(This message has been edited by rrelaljrksw)(This message has been edited by rrelaljrksw)
  10. rrelaljrksw

    is COR voting member of pack committee

    Currently I'm an MC doing advancements and treasurer. For the last few months I've also been doing the CC's job. Our CC is also our COR and the head of our CO. The COR is considering giving me the position of CC. I have a great relationship with the COR and we are usually on the same page. A few of the DL's are causing problems because they don't agree with the COR and constantly challenge decisions that are made. They believe the pack should be able to make mistakes and learn from them instead of following the COR's good advice and succeeding right of the bat. They would like to use the committee to overrule the COR if the need arose. I'm just trying to figure out how much authority each person has and what to do if everyone doesn't agree.
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    sibs at den meetings

    All our dens meet at the same time and place, so we have almost as many siblings as we do cub scouts. Last year the sibs sat in a corner of the room and played. This year we have a separate room for them. Parents that are not DLs or ADLs and older teen siblings volunteer to watch them. We each usually bring some toys that can be shared like crayons and paper, wooden train set, dress up box. On outings they come along and participate as they are able. We had a 6 y/o Kindergarten brother last year. We tried to let him participate with the tiger den, but mom said no he would have his turn this year, so he stayed with the other sibs. The only problem we had with sibs was snacks. They saw the boys eating and wanted some to. It was just too much to ask that parents bring them for the boys and sibs. We are now snack free, so its not a problem. If space is an issue for you let parents know that they don't have to stay unless the boys are tigers. If they choose to ask them to only bring sibs when necessary and have them bring something to occupy them. I know cubs is for families, but its also nice for the boys to have some time away from sibs and parents.
  12. rrelaljrksw

    Tiger Track Immediate Recognition Question

    I was wrong in my other post in the order of what tigers earn. We have done it wrong this year and last, I'll have to make sure we do it right next year. On the Bobcat page at the back of the tiger book it says "AFTER you have earned your tiger cub badge, you can work on your bobcat badge requirements. You must earn your bobcat badge before you can work on your wolf badge." So if I read that correctly the order for tiger is Tiger totem (paw thing) awarded at at pack meeting, the beads (orange, white, black) awarded at den meetings, Tiger cub badge awarded at pack meeting, the yellow beads awarded at pack meeting, and finally the bobcat badge awarded at the pack meeting. We have always had the boys do bobcat first, but after reading the book, they should not earn bobcat until after their tiger badge. Most boys would not even earn it until spring right before crossover.
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    Tiger Track Immediate Recognition Question

    I just explained this to a tiger parent the other day. Borrow a tiger book and flip to the back. I'm thinking it was a page or 2 after the 5th section of achievements. I can't find my son's old one right now, but there is a page in the back that has the 3 things you need to do to earn the tiger totem (the white paw print to hang the beads on). Tigers earn the bobcat first, than the totem, then white, black and orange beads, tiger badge and then the yellow beads
  14. rrelaljrksw

    Tiger Parents! Grrrrrrr

    Have you thought about the parent's taking turns leading the first few months? Since Tigers have to have a parent why can't each parent take a month. Provide the parents with the program helps for their month and offer them any assistance they may need. You might even offer to do them for the first month ONLY to show them how it's done. When we first started up as a pack, a great guy who was the pack trainer for another pack ran our first 2 meetings. He showed us how it's done and got us over our nervousness. It's kind of hard to jump right in if you have zero scouting background and no idea what you are supposed to do. It's also a lot easier to get some one to volunteer if its a short term commitment. If you make tigers seem easy and fun you might have several willing to go it alone. They just need to get comfortable with the idea. You'll also introduce the idea to other parents who may think on it a while and be ready to be DL's next year.
  15. rrelaljrksw

    Forming a Pack Committee?

    First off LOVE these forums. I'm learning soo much. Our pack is only a year old and we do not have a pack committee. When a decision needs to be made we discuss it at parent meeting or by email and then everyone votes on it. It's worked okay so far, but sometimes we spend too much time discussing little things. EVERYONE has a different opinion and our meetings can last almost 3 hours. We have 4 parent meetings a year. In reality though, most parents don't really care and the few that do make most of the decisions. SO I'm looking for a better way to run our pack. No one parent has volunteered to be the CC. On paper our CR is also our CC. She is also the head of our CO. Her son moved on to Boy Scouts along time ago and the original cub pack stopped being active. Last year we had enough boys to start it up again. She wants to take a back seat since she no longer has a son in our pack and just be our CR and head of our CO. She also has health issues. I've been doing most of her job for her to help her out. I also do just about everything else committee wise, treasures, registration, advancements, secretary, etc... Im basically a pack committee of 1. Without the official titles or veto power its getting difficult. I get emails and phone calls a couple times a week filled with Cub Scout drama and everyone is starting to expect me to do everything. I want to nip this in the bud before I burn out. I wouldnt mind being the CC but my husband is the CM and loves it. Im strongly against H/W being CC and CM. I think its time to form a committee of 3-5 parents to make our decisions and meet monthly. Most of our active parents are DLs or ADLs. So who should I recruit to be on the committee? Would you recommend DLs and ADLs also serving actively on the Committee, especially as a CC? I think they should spend their time focusing on the boys and leave the business to some one else. Is anybody out there doing both? Since no one person wants to be the CC has any pack ever split ALL the pack committee jobs including CC into 3-5 hybrid committee positions? I know we'd still need a CC on paper, but is it possible to split up the tasks. We are a small pack and could never fill all the recommended committee and pack positions. It looks to me like some were just created so an interested volunteer would have an official title. Im seeing a lot of overlap. Which ones do we need and what part of that position? Which ones can we cut? We have just over 15 families total in our pack. So I need a list of aprox. 10-15 jobs including pack (5 DLs, CM) and committee (CC, MCs). Thanks for any advice.
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    achievement question for arrow rewards

    Thanks for the info. I have a wolf, so I'll have to borrow a bear book to read. I have a Bear DL who wants the boys to finish the ENTIRE book and earn every possible arrow point. There are only 3 bears and I think this will burn them out. I'm trying to discourage her and knowing that they can't be arrow points might help. Last year her son was the only wolf and he did the ENTIRE book.
  17. rrelaljrksw

    new cc needing help

    I agree as passionate as you may be to be the CC either you or your husband need to transition to a different job sooner rather than later. I turned down the CC because my husband was the CM. Parents WILL accuse your family of running the pack and disagree with a lot of your decisions just because you are in the same family. I love your passion, if you leave CC stay on as a committee member and try to implement your ideas that way. The CC and CM are a kind of check and balance for a pack so they really should not be married. Maybe adopting a set of pack bylaws would help. Search online for other packs and adapt it to fit your needs. If everything is in writing and known by all it's more likely to be followed. As said before if you are both on the checking account get one off TOMORROW! The money situation already sounds bad, last thing you want is accusations of missing money. Require 2 signatures on all checks. Have 3 who can sign, but 2 who usually sign. With receipts maybe you could require they are turned in within 30 days of purchase. If you have 15 boys what in the world is she spending $600 on? If the pack doesn't have the money don't buy it. You can do all kinds of things for free or cheap. Scouts shouldn't have to cost a bundle. Something we have done is require advance approval of pack purchases. Things that do not require approval are $25 per boy to den leaders for supplies for a year, awards, and rechartering. Everything else is voted on by committee or approved by CC and CM. Another reason why they should not be married. Set a budget for things like PW derby and B&G so many $ per scout and no more. Ours is $5 PWD and $10 B&G Bounced Checks try to run them through again. Some banks will rerun the check at no cost 6 months to a year later. Maybe they will clear now? I don't know that I would punish the boys for parents not paying, by not buying awards. The boys earned them in good faith that the pack would follow it's obligation to award them. I would tell all parents that due to funding problems from lack of dues the following events ... will be cut from the schedule. Continue to cut back in other small but noticeable ways until they pay up. Things like charging for B & G parents and siblings dinner, and boy's field trips that used to be paid by the pack. Talk to all parents who bounced checks individually. Be understanding, polite and calm. Those with a financial hardship ask on a case by case basis if they would be able to pay in installments. Don't tell everyone this or they will all want too. Remind parents that Cub Scouts runs on parental involvement and all need to be involved in some way with the pack. Tell them if you and your husband are feeling overwhelmed the boys are the ones who will suffer. Cub Scouts should be fun for the boys and you too.
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    achievement question for arrow rewards

    "A Bear can mix requirements from electives and UNUSED ACHIEVEMENTS in any way to get the ten he needs for each Arrow Point." I have a question about the unused achievements part. I'm the advancement person and don't have a bear yet, so I got the above quote from an online source. Say Sammy Scout works on achievement 9 what's cooking. He does 9 a,b,c,d for his bear badge. I understand that he can't re-do a-d, but what about the rest? Is achievement 9 now considered used and can't be used for electives? Or can he later go back and do 9 e,f,g and count them as electives? If he can't go back and count the others, can you please provide the source for this rule. I have a parent who will call me out and question me if I tell her they don't count. I'll need proof. Thanks
  19. rrelaljrksw

    Small Pack

    I sure wish someone had shown me that link a year ago. It would have saved me a lot of time. Thanks, I'll hang on to that in case we ever need it again.
  20. See my post under Small Packs for a comparison of achievements and electives for all 3 ranks by theme. We had 4 ranks in one den last year. There were pros and cons. Pros: all boys had fun, all boys advanced, younger boys made friends and enjoyed working with older boys Cons: Webelos had a lot of home work, more work initially for leaders to plan group themes, harder to adapt activities for multiple skill levels sometimes the tigers had have more help and Webelos finished activities early and needed a second project to keep them interested.
  21. rrelaljrksw

    Pack Treasurer

    This is our 2nd year as a pack. We do the training and online orders for popcorn so we get the extra 2% added on to6 the 30%. We are hoping to increase our sales to earn another extra 2% So our goal is 34% commission. Of this 30% goes to the boys individual accounts. This can be used for dues ($100), camp, uniform, other scout expenses. We require a receipt from parents before issuing a check. Anything from the scout store is automatically considered a scout expense even if it's say a rubiks cube. Things not purchased at the scout store must be for an achievement, elective, or pack activity. An example is hiking boots for pack hike or hammer for a building achievement. The pack runs on $100 dues and the extra 2-4%. It seems to be working so far. We modeled it off the system that our boy scout troop uses. Any boy that does not sell popcorn must opt out by paying 4% of the goal set for the boys, This year's goal was $350, and of course they pay for their dues and other expenses out of pocket. As far as record keeping. Our last treasurer borrowed from the boys individual monies for summer expenses. To stop this I maintain several spreadsheets. One is the actual amount in the bank account. Another one is the amount in all the boys accounts. Each boy also has their own page with all their deposits and withdrawals. I keep separate ones so I can print them for parents or show them only their son's account. Another is the left over money for the pack. This one is more complicated. Our dues have been split into categories like recharter, b&g, derby. Each one has so much money allotted for it. So my pack money sheet has these amounts take out and in their own column. That way I know exactly how much I have for awards, supplies, etc.. It's working okay for now, but if anyone has a better way to do this please share. Also I'm not good with the formulas so any math other than adding or subtracting I do by hand. If anyone has a similar system would they be willing to send me a sample spreadsheet or their formulas? I'm also the advancement person and wife of cub master, so taking on treasurer was the last thing I wanted to do, but necessary because of the borrowing against the boys issue.
  22. rrelaljrksw

    Small Pack

    Our pack started last year. We are a homeschool pack so we ran it more like a den. We had 11 boys and all 4 ranks. I read all the books and organized them into themes. We used these instead of the program helps. It required some work at home especially for the Webelos, but all the boys advanced by the end of May. Now we have 20 boys and have split them into dens. The dens are small and we all meet at the same time in the same room. Each den has a corner. I would say the best idea is to have a parent step up as a co leader of tigers and let them meet at the same time but split when appropriate. If you do most of the planning and prep work they may be more willing to volunteer. Here are the themes that we used in case this would help others. It's pretty long so if you're not interested you can stop reading. BobCats All Theme All ranks work on bobcat badge and getting to know the boys Family Works Theme 1st Wednesday Chores Activity Make a family Chore Chart Fulfills Tigers 1 F Think of one chore you can do with your adult partner. Complete it together. Wolves 4. KNOW YOUR HOME AND COMMUNITY (Wolf Handbook, Page 60) E. Talk with your family members. Agree on the household jobs you will be responsible for. Make a list of your jobs and mark off when you have finished them. Do this for one month. Webelos Family Member 2 Make a chart showing the jobs you and other family members have at home. Talk with your family about other jobs you can do for the next two months. 2nd Wednesday Scrap booking Activity Make a Scrapbook Fulfils Tigers 1D Make a Scrapbook Bears 8. THE PAST IS EXCITING AND IMPORTANT (Page 72) c. Start or add to an existing den or pack scrapbook. Webelos Artist 2. Create a scrapbook (portfolio) of your Artist activity badge projects and show it to your den leader. 6. Draw a profile of a member of your family. Pack Meeting Family Fun Night Activity Board game night Fulfils Tigers Elective 3 Fun and Games Wolves 10 FAMILY FUN (Wolf Handbook, Page 88) Do requirement a and do TWO of requirements 10b through 10g: G. Have a family Board Game night at home with members of your family. Bears 10. FAMILY FUN (Bear Handbook - Page 90) B. Have a family fun night at home Webelos Family Member 8. Tell what your family does for fun. Make a list of fun things your family might do for little or no cost. Plan a family fun night. Go See It (field trip) Attend a Play with family Tigers Elective 36 See a play or musical performance Wolves 10 Family Fun f. Attend a concert, a play, or other live program with your family. Bears 10. Family Fun a. Go on a day trip or evening out with members of your family Webelos Showman Badge Drama 18 Attend a Play Its a Grand old Flag Theme 1st Wednesday Flag ceremony Activity Learn and practice pledge of allegiance and a flag ceremony Fulfils Tigers 2 D Pledge of Allegiance and flag ceremony Wolves 2. YOUR FLAG (Wolf Handbook, Page 46) a. Give the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. Tell what it means. b. Lead a flag ceremony in your den. Bears COUNTRY (Do THREE of the following) WHAT MAKES AMERICA SPECIAL? (Bear Handbook - Page 34) (Do requirements (a) and (j) and any two of the other requirements. f. Be a member of the color guard in a flag ceremony for your den or pack. Webelos Citizen Badge 5 Repeat the Pledge of Allegiance from memory. Explain its meaning in your own words. 2nd Wednesday Care and Displaying the Flag Activity Tell how to respect and take care of the U.S. flag. Show three ways to display the flag. How to fold the Flag Fulfills Wolves 2 Your Flag C Tell how to respect and take care of the U.S. flag. Show three ways to display the flag. D Learn about the flag of your state or territory and how to display it. E Learn how to raise a U.S. flag properly for an outdoor ceremony G With the help of another person, fold the U.S. flag. Bears COUNTRY (Do THREE of the following) WHAT MAKES AMERICA SPECIAL? (Bear Handbook - Page 34) (Do requirements (a) and (j) and any two of the other requirements. H. Learn how to raise and lower a U.S. flag properly for an outdoor ceremony. Webelos Citizen Badge 3 Describe the flag of the United States and give a short history of it. With another Webelos Scout helping you, show how to hoist and lower the flag, how to hang it horizontally and vertically on a wall, and how to fold it. Tell how to retire a worn or tattered flag properly. 4 Explain why you should respect your country's flag. Tell some of the special days we fly it. Tell when to salute the flag and show how to do it. Go See It (Field Trip) Visit a Historical Site (liberty memorial) Tigers 1G visit a historical site and learn what life was like in the past Wolves 4 Know your Home and Community F. Visit an important place in your community, such as a historic or government location. Explain why it is important. Bears Family 8 The Past is exciting and important E Find out some history about your community. Pack Meeting Hooray for the USA Boys recite the pledge of Allegiance and perform a flag ceremony Safety First Theme 1st Wednesday Fire Safety Activity Discuss Fire safety, stop drop roll, fire escape plan, smoke detectors Fulfils Tiger Elective 28 Check the smoke Detectors 3Fa Plan a fire drill Wolves 9 BE SAFE AT HOME AND ON THE STREET (Wolf Handbook, Page 82) C, WITH AN ADULT, check your home for danger from fire. Bears 11. BE READY! (Bear Handbook - Page 96) a Tell what to do in case of an accident in the home. A family member needs help. Someone's clothes catch on fire. e. With your family, plan escape routes from your home and have a practice drill. Webelos Ready Man Badge 11 Make a fire escape plan 2nd Wednesday Emergency Activity How to handle emergencies Make an emergency phone list fulfils Tigers Elective 27 What to do if something happens 3Fb what to do if lost Wolves BE SAFE AT HOME AND ON THE STREET (Wolf Handbook, Page 82) b WITH AN ADULT, check your home for hazards and know how to make your home safe. Bears 11. BE READY! (Bear Handbook - Page 96) Do requirements a through e and requirement g. Requirement f is recommended, but not required. b.Tell what to do in case of a water accident. c. Tell what to do in case of a school bus accident. D Tell what to do in case of a car accident. Webelos Readyman Go See It Visit a Fire Station or Police Station Fulfills Tiger 2G Ask someone who works there how they help people in your community Bears 7. LAW ENFORCEMENT IS A BIG JOB (Bear Handbook - Page 64) Do all six requirements. Practice one way police gather evidence: by taking fingerprints, or taking shoeprints, or taking tire track casts. Visit your local sheriff's office or police station or talk with a law enforcement officer visiting your den or pack to discuss crime prevention. Help with crime prevention for your home. Be sure you know where to get help in your neighborhood. Learn the phone numbers to use in an emergency and post them by each phone in your home. Know what you can do to help law enforcement. Pack Meeting (Fire Fighter Visit maybe) Lets Explore Nature Theme 1st Wednesday Plants Activity Make leaf rubbings, study trees Fulfils Tigers 5D Make a leaf rubbing Webelos Forester Draw a picture to show the plant and tree layers of a forest in your area. Label the different layers. (If you don't live in an area that has forests, choose an area that does and draw a picture of that forest.) Identify six forest trees common to the area where you live. Tell how both wildlife and humans use them. (If you don't live in a region that has forests, read about one type of forest and name six of its trees and their uses.) Make a poster showing a tree's growth rings or examine the growth rings of a tree stump. Explain how the rings tell its life history. 2nd Wednesday Animals Activity bird ids and bird feeders, make a bird house? Tigers Elective 32 Feed the birds Wolves Elective 13 Birds (Wolf Handbook, Page 174) This elective is also part of the World Conservation Award. Make a list of all the birds you saw in a week and tell where you saw them (field, forest, marsh, yard, or park). Put out nesting material (short pieces of yarn and string) for birds and tell which birds might use it. Read a book about birds. Point out 10 different kinds of birds (5 may be from pictures). Feed wild birds and tell which birds you fed. Put out a birdhouse and tell which birds use it. Bears 5. SHARING YOUR WORLD WITH WILDLIFE (Bear Handbook - Page 50) This elective is also part of the Cub Scout World Conservation Award. Do four of the requirements. Choose a bird or animal that you like and find out how it lives. Make a poster showing what you have learned. Build or make a bird feeder or birdhouse and hang it in a place where birds can visit safely. Webelos Naturalist Visit a museum of natural history, nature center, or zoo with your family, Webelos den, or pack. Tell what you saw. Watch for birds in your yard, neighborhood, or town for one week. Identify the birds you see and write down where and when you saw them. Learn about the bird flyways closest to your home. Find out which birds use these flyways. Go See it Hike no more than 2 mile for younger boys Fulfills Tigers 5F Take a hike Wolves Bears 12 Family Adventure B. go on a hike 5. SHARING YOUR WORLD WITH WILDLIFE d. Visit one of the following: Zoo, Nature center, Aviary, Wildlife refuge, Game preserve. Lets Explore the Food Pyramid Fulfills Tigers 3d Wolves 8. Cooking and eating A Communicate Visit a TV, Newspaper or Radio Station Fulfils Tigers 4G Bears 17 Information Please c. Visit the newsroom of a newspaper or a radio or television station and find out how they receive information. Webelos Communicator 7. Visit the newsroom of a newspaper or a radio or television station and find out how they receive information. Games galore Play games both board and group Tigers 4d 3 g Wolves 10 b 1a-i Bears 15 a-c Webelos