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  1. i am looking for the following red and white strip dixie also looking for a leesville or batesburg from south carolina as well. not sure where the dixie is from but really would like one!!! also looking for a central south carolina khaki and red half strip thanks in advance for your time in looking at this thread. willing to buy or trade for the above items. yis jeff
  2. please add me to your list toooo very intrested in a smokey the bear hat for my crew
  3. i have the following lodges for trade:(while my supply lasts) lodge 236 (random reg. issue) lodge 221 (CURRENT S-23) lodge 116 (random reg. issue) lodge 459 ( random reg. issue) and the current indian waters council strip if intrested in a trade let me know. cookmopar@wmconnect.com or cookmopar73@yahoo.com
  4. back in the 80's when i was a young scout we went on a district camporee and it was held on an old battle field. the camp was huge so the council decided they would have a trading post/district executive suite on the grounds with electricity(via a drop cord at least 10 football fields long) so we get the idea that they should rough it as well and "borrowed" a section of cord about 100 feet long. so the rest of the weekend the executives handed out free ice cream and stayed in the dark due to a missing or "borrowed" cord. it's amazing what a missing cord does for spirits of the exec's tring to
  5. when i was a scout in the 80's the RAMBO knife was very popular but not very functional. my scout master being the wise old sole he was. banned them. we couldnt figure out why. then our troop went on a council camporee and a wanna be RAMBO with his trusty sheath knife jumped out of a tree and the knife should we say found a new home through the scouts leg. after that little incident with sheath knives we all easily and readily gave them to him for safe keeping. to this say he still has them all in his closet. and they will stay there for years to come. he has since passed on but his wife offe
  6. i will trade muscogee lodge 221 flaps 1:1 or buy your muscogee lodge flaps for a fair price. our flap is quite pretty the issue i trade is the current s-23 'STEROID FOX" WITH THE TURQUOISE FDL. if intrested contact me at cookmopar@wmconnect.com or cookmopar73@yahoo.com yours in the
  7. i am a vigil honor memeber of muscogee lodge 221 from the columbia s.c. area. i recently began collecting oa sashes. i have just a few questions that maybe some fellow arrowmen could answer: does the sea scouts really have a blue sash for their arrowmen? i have a sash that is the following dimensions 1 1/2 inches wide and and just over 3 1/2 feet long. the arrow on the sash has a 1/4 inch wide shaft and the arrow head at its greatest width is 1 inch. this is a very narrow sash it also has a stainless snap. has anyone ever seen one of these?? and lastly is there a book or
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