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    new 5th grade Webelos

    My son is 10 & in a Weblos 1 den. He's basicly 1 year behind due to him starting school late because of his birthday. I don't understand how a 10 year old can be just a Bear. When they should be either a weblos 1 or weblos 2. Anyhow a cub scout summer camp is a nice way to earn a few weblos badges. My son earned naturalist, outdoorsman, forester & traveler along with numerous belt loops & pins. He didn't earn traveler @ the camp but if you work with your son on the route & travel plans to & from the camp. They will earn traveler also.
  2. printman31

    Walk-A-Thon count toward service project?

    Scoutnut, There is no need to tell me your scouting resume. I wasn't pointing at you with the 1/2 decent remark. I was speaking figuratively only.
  3. printman31

    Walk-A-Thon count toward service project?

    From what I understood of the org post. That this project was started before becoming a Cub Scout but completed while being a cub scout. Like I said if all he gets is a .90 cent segment so be it. Any 1/2 decent den leader should gladly dish out 90 cents out of their pocket to acknowlege such a good deed.
  4. printman31

    Frustrated Tiger leader

    Goose, I'm also a Tiger den leader. According to BSA guidelines & my training. It is mandatory that all tigers have an adult partner. It doesn't have to be the parent. But the adult partner must participate. It is your job as the Tiger leader to tell the parents these are the projects we're going to do today. Give the parents the supplies needed along with instructions & let them go with it. You are there to help the parents run the Tiger program. As for the Family portion of the requirements. Stress to the parents that the work is to be done @ home with the family. If these acheivements aren't met. Their son's won't qualify for the tiger badge. When these kids go to pack nights & aren't getting their segments & awards while other kids are. It can serve as an insentive in doing better. Remember the old phrase. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. You can also keep telling the parents that the reason the BSA does the tiger program this way is to help the parent child relationship grow. And if all that fails. You can always tell them what bad parents they are for not helping their child with scouts. That's only a joke. Beleif it or not someone actually suggested to me I say that to parents. I lost all respect for that scout leader after that. Also Remember, there are NO performance requirements for a boy. Simply participating and doing one's best in an activity constitutes completion. Another option that I'm trying out is a pizza jar.(I told the kids last den meeting about it) I place $5.00 in the pizza jar everytime we have a well run den meeting. That means the boys listen & do their best in the den project(s). When they're not being good $5.00 come out. Now when we have enough in the jar for a pizza we get a pizza because you boys earned it. I'll let you know how it goes.(This message has been edited by printman31)
  5. printman31

    Transportation Questions

    I don't know Bob or anyone else out here. My intentions were mearly to clarify the subject.Not to try & make Bob or anyone else look bad. What I posted is what I was told by our counsels field secretary. And she's the one who handles all our tour permits. So I'm trusting that this woman knows what she's doing. Well she knows more than I do so I'm not about to argue with her. I have my wife to argue with. Along with a very difficult committee member in our pack. I don't need any more women to argue with.
  6. printman31

    Enthusiastic Scouter Swatted Down

    Your purpose in recruiting this person was to help you help these kids. If they're now doing it from a higher position than you intended is that really a bad thing? After all this is about those kids getting a good program correct? You can pat yourself on the back knowing you brang a good quality person to your counsel. That's what scouting is supposed to be about anyhow. Do a good deed daily!
  7. printman31

    Visitor form

    I think you need to elaborate a bit more. What is the problem with the SM inviting people to camp? Do you see a Youth protection issue here? Are these people of low moral character? Are they assisting the SM in anyway?
  8. printman31

    Walk-A-Thon count toward service project?

    At the bare minimum. You can always get him a segment for his brag vest. There's a nice helping hands or a good deed segment. Stop @ your local counsel shop to view the different segments and/or patches. Talk to your event coordinator also about logging in the hours for Good Turn for America.
  9. printman31

    Transportation Questions

    Bob, I was informed different by my counsel when I inquired about the proper way of filling out a tour permit. They instructed me that even though the scout is being transported in their own vehicle by their parents. The BSA insurance won't kick in if the counsel doesn't have their insurance info on the tour permit. The tour permit is not related to the BSA accident insurance in any way. If there were to be an injury to a BSA member while traveling to a Scouting activity or event the BSA insureance would not come into play until after the insurance of all other parties who were involved was exhausted. For instance, if on the way to family camp a family vehicle carrying a Cub Scout was struck by another driver, the liability insurance of the driver that struck them would be primary, the families insurance would be next, and if there were expenses related to the scout's medical coverage that extended beyond those two coverages then he BSA coverage would be in effect, with or without the tour permit being filed. That said some misleading information has been shared I beleive. If you are not sure if a Tour Permit needs to be filed then you should check with your local Council office. Do not assume with tour permits that what the rule is in one council will be true in all councils.
  10. printman31

    frustrated with our CC...

    I'm pretty sure the CC can't tell Den Leaders how to run their dens. If the people sitting in the current committee positions are properly trained. The CC shouldn't have to hold anyones hand to make sure the job gets done properly. So the question is. Has everyone completed their proper training? If not then the CC hasn't exactly done their job right either. It's amazing that so many people that join scouting can't realize that many people have done this long before them. Yet they come in trying to reinvent the wheel. Just follow the program & there shouldn't be any major problems.
  11. printman31

    Not Sure What To Do

    (This message has been edited by a staff member.)
  12. printman31

    Scout Law

    Let's sum this all up real fast & real easy. This forum has a very useful option. It's called the ignore user function. It's not a complex tool to use.It's actually quite simple to use.If used properly.There shouldn't be anyone leaving the forum because they don't like what someone else says.
  13. printman31

    Scout Law

    Doc, I can't say I know your current situation or why you're choosing to not communicate with persons on this forum. But let me clue you in a one little fact. I've been on this net for about 13 years now. Have done many forum postings & too many chat rooms. This forum is mild in comparison to the majority of forums on the net.Hit some of the religous chat rooms on yahoo.See what those people go through everyday from the many atheist there only to torment them. Check out the numerous fishing & hunting forums out here. Watch how these so called sportsman battle each other in a war of one upsmanship for fishing photos. My point being that there are many places that are much worse than this place. But more importantly, Not a single one of us posting here has any bearing on your life or how you relate with your current BSA position. So take what any of us say with a grain of salt.
  14. printman31

    Weblos religious emblem requirement

    Hopefully someone can answer this question. I know the BSA policy on religion. But what I don't know is how does a child that has no particular religous preference earn the faith emblem? What I mean is that there are parents that teach their children about Jesus & GOD. But choose not to participate in any particular church.In other words they're non denominational. BSA policy is that one must believe in a higher power. Not belong to a church.So how does a non denominational child go about earning the faith emblem under the Weblos requirements?
  15. printman31

    Hello Im Debby from Illinois

    Unit committee meetings are not public meetings and parents are not automatically invited nor must they be allowed to attend. Thank you for the clarification Bob. I was informed that committee meetings were indeed open to parents. I know from this pack that they never send out emails to the parents informing them when the meetings are.Even though they say parents are welcome.I'm guessing then that the decision to open the meetings to parents is on the individual committees choice.