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    Bobcat in one month

    I am a new Tiger leader myself. I emailed all the parent and asked them to please work on this stuff with there boys. everyone did it. I also made up some little cheat sheets that the boys can keep in there uniform pockets. I also have a poster board that I made up and have out at the begining of each meeting. I think I am going to bring them for pack meetings also.
  2. Goose22

    Frustrated Tiger leader

    Thanks everyone.. This information is great. I do have traing this coming thursday. I am excited to do this. I should remeber that the Boys are here to have fun. I dont mean to make it sound like I am Pushing for advancement. I never got pushed by my folks they just wanted me to have fun. Of course I was two months shy for my eagle. Darn birthday in the wrong month..haha Again thanks everyone. These forums have helped. I will continue to check here daily. I will ask questions to, Ok time to get my stuff ready for meeting tonight. Thanks everyone.
  3. Goose22

    Frustrated Tiger leader

    How do I get my parents involved? None of them want to step to the plate. I Have 10 years of scouting under my belt. Alot has changed not all that excited about the way things seem to be going but that a subject for another forum. Sorry... I am thinking of going with the Fast track program but I only get 2 hours a month with the boys and I need to have all of them to Tigers by Feburary. For the Blue and Gold. What does one do? i understand everyone is busy and has a pesonal life. Dont get me wrong I love that fact I am passing Scouting on to my son. But there is a lot to do. How do you not get so overwhelmed. You get 0 for a budget to plan anything and I feel that everyone pays enough up front. I am just over my head and looking for some Ideas. I am hoping my boys go for the den cheer: Tiger cub den2 Were here as part of the zoo... roooaaaar Thanks in Advance for any help.