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  1. Thanks! It sounded a bit like a urban myth. I just wanted to make sure I wasnt bending a real rule. I couldnt find anywhere in the book that said it, but this leader was adamant. He is the type of leader that has set the bar so high for requirements that most of his boys are burnt out before they hit Boy Scouts. I will look forward to handing out all they have earned at the next Pack.
  2. I'm a Webelos I leader. All seven of our scouts went to day camp, where they earned Engineer and Forester. We handed these pins out at our Sept pack meeting I was recently told that until a boy earns his Webelos Badge, he can only receive Citizen, Fitness, and one other. But I can't find where it says that in the Webelos Leader book. Our Webelos II leader and Cub master are unsure. We are camping next weekend and plan on working on Outdoorsman, and possibly Naturalist. We are working on Cit and Fit at den meetings. Can we hand out other pins? Or do we have to hold them until t
  3. We have two new Webelos joining our pack. They are brothers, one in 4th and one in 5th. They are new to the area and will not be able to start till mid Oct. They are both new to scouts, need Bobcat ect. Our pack is unsure where to put the 5th grader. Since he needs to start where the 4th grade den is, with fitness and citizen some say put him there. Some say put him in with the 5th graders because of age and have him bridge with them in Feb. He will not have enough time to complete Arrow of light if we do that. He just turned 10, so he could start right up with a Boy Scout t
  4. I am looking for ideas for craftsman. We would like to make simple wood boxes to use as cub scout keepsakes when the boys move up. We are thinking shoe box or boot box size. any plans would be welcome. other crafts idea welcome too. I have the books so i know the basics but we are looking for new ideas. thanks
  5. This website has tons of info on girl scouting at every level. It will give you a good idea of the programs. http://www.scoutingweb.com/ScoutingWeb/index.htm
  6. Our pack has a large number of people in the "poorer" category. We have a pack of about 45 boys, so outings get expensive quickly. We only camp once a year, but we do many hikes and other outdoor activities. We plan Pinewood every year, and rotate Rain Gutter or Space Derby. For our pack outings we have to keep things cheap. One way we save money is by piggybacking on to other activities. A nature center in our area has a free weekend every year. Another group does a free fishing day. The tree lighting ceremony in our town is free and they have cocoa and smores! The more of these
  7. cut and paste from fema site... FEMA Publications You can get posters, videos and other fun things for free from FEMA. There are two ways to get FEMA publications. You can call, toll-free 1-800-480-2520 or you can write to: FEMA P.O. Box 2012 Jessup MD 20794-2012 You cannot send E-mail requesting publications. FEMA cannot send material outside the U.S. Here is a listing of some of the things you can order. * A Disaster Preparedness Activity Book (Ages 8-11) FEMA 523 * A Disaster Preparedness Activity Book (Ages 4-7) FEMA 522 * Brochure: Wildfir
  8. Two years ago when my boys were wolves we earned the EP pin, along with the bear den. We ordered free workbooks from Fema got enough for the whole pack, didnt even have to pay shipping! There are two books for different age levels, so you can pick the ones that work best for you. We spent two meetings talking about being prepared, using some things from our book and fema book. Our friend a trained Fire/paramedic come in and helped. For our last requirement- We had a meeting for our families- sibs parents cousins whoever. The boys talked first explaining what they had learne
  9. I agree that you should split the Den evenly and build from there. Last year i had a wolf den of 11. It was very hard to get things done at den meeting. Too many "active" boys running around. Outings were easier, because we often had many parents come. This year we split the group, and added 2 new scouts. Den meetings are much more productive. the two dens still do outings together. It was hard for the boys to understand why we split them up, but they all adjusted. I think splitting sooner is better than waiting.
  10. Our Pack has the tiger scouts, (and new scouts in other dens) make their own vest. We trace it and the boys cut it out and sew it. They are too big! They are uneven! They get ratty looking by the time they are bears! The Boys wear them with pride! It helps them remember all the fun things they have done. Older boys show off to younger ones. Younger boys proudly show off the few they have. They are a great place for S&A pins and extra belt loops! Pinewood metals too! Leave no trace looks Killer on the center back! We try to give patches for pack outin
  11. I'm the Leader of our bear den. I have been with them since tigers. Out of ten boys we have five sisters in scouts; most of them come to events and some meetings. I spoke to the parents at the beginning of the year if we are doing a craft the girls are welcome, as long as the craft is paid for by the parents. Some thing with outings and community service. If we are getting fun patches, I will gladly order them for the girls if the parents wan them. I also mention at some of the things we do can count for them too. We earned our emergency prep pins last year. We had a fireman and
  12. My Wolf den is working our WCA. We have a Tiger brother who comes to most of the activites(with his Parent) Can Tigers earn the award? what are the requirements? I have read they cannot, but I thought that might have changed. Last year Tigers didn't earn bobcat, now they do. thanks!
  13. Hi I'm new to the group. My son was a Tiger last year and can't wait to move on. His excitment has rubbed off on my nephew. He has asked me about joining scouts. He will be going into 4th grade and has never been part of a group like this. he is a quiet boy, very smart but has a hard time talking to kids his own age. My questions is, can someone completely new to the program "get the hang of it" or will it be hard for him starting so late.
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