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  1. One of the critical issues for every Cub Pack is to get a new Tiger Cub Den started off on the right foot every year. What you might want to consider are methods that will help achieve that goal, but not to substitute yourself for the leadership new parents need to come up with themselves. The only reason that the Pack committee has chosen to do this, is because we have a hard time getting the message acrossed to the parents that they need to stay with their tiger son. So they thought the less hassle the better off we would be.
  2. In our pack we have always had the leaders move up with their sons. But I messed that up because I don't have a son in the Pack, mine's in the troop. But we are switching the way we do things because we have realized that we can have a fantastic pack when all of our leaders stay with one den. So next year, I will stay as the Tiger leader (but I am going to volunteer up in the Webelos), our Wolf leader is going to stay with the Wolfs and her present AL is going to do Bears, and our Webelos will both change up for this year. But also next year we all be meeting at the same place, same day an
  3. So what is the story behind having your kids in the troop & Crew, but returning to the Pack?? I stared with the Pack because we needed people from our church to be committee members, also my husband is the CR for the Pack, and I have a secretarial background. So I was plugged in there first and then it came to join night and we had several tigers but no leader so I volunteered there. As for having kids in the troop and crew, it had been a while but our son was a tiger and was hurt so it took him several years to want to come back to Boy Scouts and the SM talked to him and got him e
  4. Hi, I'm Becky and I am finishing up my first year as a Tiger Den Leader also finishing up my first year as the Pack Committee Secretary and also Troop and Crew Committee Member. I am the mother of boy in the Troop and a daughter in Venturing.
  5. I know when my husband took over the senior pastor's job at our church, the former pastor that was also charter rep for the pack did nothing and neither did any of the committee members (I think that there was three others from the church). When my husband took over, that all ended. He is committer rep and chair, even though our CM leads the meetings. I am on the committee as the secretary and our church treasurer is also on the committee as the pack treasurer. We now have a working committee that consists of us three, the CM and all the DL we have no parents that come even though we encou
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