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  1. Thanks for your thoughts, John. Right, I don't plan to be the direct contact leader. I guess there is some chance that I'd be CoR. The kids shouldn't be to much problem as there has been a very, very active Refuge Club at the middle school and years of those kids have moved to the high school which does not have such an activity. I think we could recruit a core group from there and then have them present to the Friends of the Refuge board or to the service club about obtaining a charter. If the charter is done by the service club, I'd be the point of contact between the Crew and
  2. Absolutely! I agree that the Crew should be oriented by the youth involved. In my role as a commissioner, I work to help Troops be youth led all the time. Endlessly. Persistently! But here I have the new (for me) role of looking at this as a chartering organization. For me to present this to our Friends board, I need to tell how it would help with the Friends mission and where we can look for successful models. Berk
  3. Yes, these are my yellow fags too. We might also charter through the a local service club. I am also wondering about activities and service ideas. Really looking for some successful models. Berk Venturing Crew... Venturing Crew...Venturing Crew...Venturing Crew...Venturing Crew... I'll bet my brain slipped and was remembering Venture Patrols. but I've got it now: Venturing Crew...Venturing Crew...Venturing Crew...Venturing Crew...
  4. I am both an Assistant District Commissioner for the BSA and the Education Chair at our local National Wildlife Refuge. A DE has approached me about the Friends of the Refuge chartering a Venture Crew. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with a Crew at a NWR or other Federal facility or a Wildlife Refuge that is State or Non-Profit. I need to pick brains about issues and assets that such a crew raise. Could someone give me contact information for such Crews if any exist? Thanks, Berk Moss, Newberg OR
  5. Read it and love it. Re: Louv's take on scouting--- In an extended dinner conversation, Richard expressed his strong support for the methods of Scouting. Perhaps his only reservation is adults trying to organize kids too much. His thesis is that kids need "unstructured" time with nature. In a good troop with the program led by boys, with lots of outing and time on those outings unstructured, we are delivering what kids need! Berk Moss ADC Pioneer District Cascade Pacific Council Newberg, Oregon (200+ nights camping)
  6. I used to be a Bear And a good ol' Bear too But now I've finished Bearing, I don't know what to do I'm growing old and Feeble and I can Bear no more So I'm going to work my ticket if I can Back to Gilwell.. Happy Land.. I'm going to work my ticket if I can. Berk Moss WEM 94-442 (My gosh 14 years ago and still Bearing up!) GRRRRRRRR....AAAARRRRRRR!
  7. The problem with the old belts was that they shrink. Mine got shorter and shorter. (Actually at one summer camp, one of our "adult" patrol readjusted the belt of his tent mate each night about half in inch shorter. Toward the end of the week, the tent mate was passing on seconds at dinner and not eating cobbler. We finally told him and gave him extra Chili-Mac that night. Berk Moss Cascade Pacific Council Newberg, Oregon
  8. When I put the uniform on I requre myself to try to fill it the way Mr. Crandall (SM Troop 157 Tarzana, Calif 1957) and Bill Beebe (SM Troop 204 Multnomah Village OR 1989) looked to me. I try to stand proud and tall and "pull it in!" for them. I get people telling me stories and I suspect people thinking things I'm just a gald they don't say, but we're not doing it for them. Have a look at your patrols and dens. Think about your Eagles doing life long service projects, because that's what they learned. Think about teaching the joys of self-sufficincey while also teaching the power of work
  9. My son went to camp earlier this year. But it was Boarding School ... Boarding Team Member Training in the US Coast Guard. Previously, I sent him off to the Washington State Police Academy and to college. But, I was never as anxious as when I sent him to his first BSA summer camp. I was confident of the troop (adults and youth) and decided he needed the experience without me along. (I took another portion of the troop on another event). No matter how old they are, you are always "dad" and take a deep breath as you watch them take another big step. But, you are so proud that they ar
  10. Responding to: "Scout gets home with his new uniform and a handful of patches (unit number, council strip, the usual) and calls you on the phone and asks where do they all go? What do you tell him - "oh, just put them anywhere you like, whatever looks good." Or do you tell him to look inside the cover of his handbook for instructions, which are taken from the Insignia Guide? Curious to know your answer." The answer is much more important than correct uniforming. If you want to build a strong Troop and carry out the mission of scouting you answer. "Great question! Glad you want to look goo
  11. I don't know if this is like some witness protection program, but the university where I did my graduate degree has changed its name twice and changed the names of each of the buildings on the campus. Many of the buildings are now named for people who were either professors or students when I went there! Berk Moss, Newberg OR
  12. There is a little misunderstanding here. He is not a "former Eagle Scout" he is still and always has been an Eagle Scout since the date of his Board of Review. The council won't try to collect back dues, just current one for his newly active status. On the other hand his "back dues" of service to Scouting are still due. He'll be gald to know that your troop will accept his volunteer hours and will be happy to see his obedience to the Scout Law as an adult. T L H F C K O C T B C L --- those should have meaning to him. In my Troop when I encountered the parent of an new scout who told
  13. I had a little talk with God about your situation. But, I can't find the words to tell you much more here. The prayers of all our scout family are with you. Berk Moss, Newberg OR
  14. May the Great Master of All Scouts welcome him to the eternal campfire and may we all take the courage to now stay on course inspired by the leadership that the likes of him provided us. Berk Moss, Newberg OR
  15. Can we BEAR one more? I used to be a Bear, and a good old Bear too. And now I've finished Bearing, And I don't know what to do. I'm growing old and feeble, And I can Bear no more. So I'm going to work my Ticket while I can. Back to Gilwell, Happy Land, I'm going to work my ticket while I can I LOVE that song! Berk Moss, Newberg Oregon Assitant District Commissioner Pioneer District, Cascade Pacific Council WEM 442- 94-1 (Bear Patrol)
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