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  1. Who said anything about an eagle project? What i was talking about is, if i went to another scouts service project, the hours i worked on it, don't count for anything.
  2. Currently if we want to get our star/life requirement signed off, we must be the person who designed the service project and also be the person in charge on the days it takes place. I have noticed many problems with this. Not only do we slow down advancement, we have very minimal attendance to service projects. Edit: Oldgrayeagle, you are right on.(This message has been edited by SPL142)
  3. Region 7, in my original case for changing our "rule", I used the BSA handbook and was shot down. I was wondering if there were more "specific" rules on it, in an adult leaders handbook?
  4. Badgeface, I am in a similar dillema as you are. This year I was elected SPL by my troop. I had a long list of ideas and things we wanted to do that the other boys and myself had agreed on during summer camp. The year is almost over and we have accomplished very few things off our list. The reason is that although the Adult leaders claim our troop is 'boy run', it is anything but. I am basically a puppet for the SM. I have virtually no input in anything we do. If I say I want to do 'something' at the meeting and the SM doesn't agree I am told that we are not doing it. Then when the SM
  5. In my troop we are "forced" into doing our own service projects. We cannot attend the service projects of other people and count those hours towards our service project requirements for Star or Life (we are able to do it for the second class requirement). Is there any publication that lists the rules for these requirements and/or how service hours work? Also, when I tried to make a case towards allowing service project hours, I was told that troops can change and adapt rules however they like. Is the preceeding statment true? Thank You Very Much! SPL142(This message has been edite
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