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  1. From my stint as District Advancement Chair and my reading of the guide book that goes with it. A Scout may use any of the required Eagle Merit Badges for Star and Life to fulfill the required badge portion. For example he could have earned Hiking, Cycling, Swimming and say First Aid for the required for Star--- Then earn Lifesaving and Emergency Preparedness and Family Life for the required for Life. He would still have to earn the other eight required to receive his Eagle.

  2. Dont assume that if a council votes against a merger that I wont go through. Out here three councils were in merger talks about ten years ago. National wanted them to merge, so when one of the councils (in between the other two) voteed not to merge National pulled that council's charter and gave the territory and property to the newly created council.

  3. Hitting up a group or businesses outside of your Charter Organization for donations is not permitted by the BSA regulations. A unit may conduct fundraising using the guidelines but not ask for donations. That is not be confused with any store policy for discounts etc.

  4. Terry,

    I guess the moderator area is restricted after trying to click on Meet the Moderators. If you dont want their identity to come out you might want to figure a way that their handles dont show when they post.


    BTW thanks to OGE for his work and fairness.


  5. Talking theory here:


    If you join Scouts at age ten. Now to reach First Class the only requirement having any time associated is the Tenderfoot physical fitness and thats 30 days. So if you could do that and get 10 outings, three of which were overnights in month, you could be First Class. Now another four months for Star, then six for Life and finally six months for Eagle. Now that figures out to be 11 years five months old to be an Eagle.


  6. Zero tolerance is the easy way for administration to avoid the appearance of or actual discrimination. The old way many good kids get away with a lot, while bad kids got jumped for everything. It only takes one incident to put the school district in a deep legal problem. Either a good kid goes off or a bad kid sues for discrimination.


    It is a kin to the laws for possession of Eagle feather it doesnt matter that you pick it up of the ground, you're still breaking the law.


  7. Ed,

    The University of Washington and Seattle University are educational institutions in the same city, the former is public (government run) and the latter is private (Jesuit run).


    Everett High and Archbishop Murphy High are both educational institutions, the first is government run and the second is private.


    Educational institution describe what they do not who owns them.


    UW and Everett High cannot not sponsor scout units because of BSA restriction on membership while PLU and Archbishop Murphy may.



    In state consitution of Washington no money may be spent for religious education or purpose.


  8. Mr. West is quite a prominent Scouter and Republican. He has taught at

    National Camp School and when the story broke, he stepped down from the Inland Empires Executive Board and his BSA membership revoked. The real interesting part of the story is that for all his time in the Washington State Legislature (both a rep and senator), he has been a leading opponent of gay rights, including sponsoring bills to have gays fired from teaching positions. I am surprised that he was still a registered Scouter because a year or so ago he was convicted of making threats against the life of lobbyist. Local papers are reporting that rumors of his activities floated around for years.


  9. Seattle Pioneer, I'm from just north of you. While schools can not be a CO of BSA unit, they must under both Federal Court Rulings and Washington State Law provide space on the same basis as they do to other organizations. (same fees, same rules, etc.). Though they are fickle, many of our units have problems with being bounced for school sponsored activities - parent teacher nights, concerts etc.

  10. Two other knots while rare to see can be on the Cub shirt and stay on the Boy Scout shirt, the knots for heroism or honor medal and the knot for the James E. West Award. The first time I saw the knot over ten years ago was on a young scout uniform, his grandfather had given $1,000 to the endowment fund in the young scout's name.

  11. n councils merge, there are more than likely units with the same number. There might a Troop 1 in both councils. So our council when, it formed out of two councils one of the former council's units who had duplicate numbers had a 4 or 40 added to there number, i.e. 32 became 4032 and 120 became 4120. They are still referred to as 32 and 120 but for BSA reporting and databases have 4032 and 4120. They now do not give out any duplicate numbers.

  12. The only official sashes are white with red arrows and the red bars and triangles. The blue and black sashes are not official. There is no lodge local option.

    Some arrow members purchase a second sash to keep clean for formal occasions. It is not a requirement. There are some members who take pride in their dirty sashes, for it shows how much service they have done.


  13. If I remember it correctly, I read Scouts Honor years ago, the main story he was talking about was a man who was a scout leader in, I think, Massachusetts, sexual abused some boys in a troop there. The troop got an agreement that he would seek counseling, leave the troop and they would not report it.


    He went to Pennsylvania (?), he joined a troop there, where he got in trouble again. This troop kicked him out and reported him.


    Then he went to Virginia (?), where got active in a troop. He failed to fill out a BSA application. When asked to, he would take it home to fill out, then forget it. He was asked a few times, but he was so good with the scouts and so knowledgeable they just didnt press the issue to get it done. He of course abused some scouts there. They got him thrown in jail.


    Now this was happing before or about the time that YP was being brought out. The first unit did report, the third unit didnt use the application. Both that would have stopped the whole thing in its tracks. The second unit did everything right but were a victim of unit ones inaction.


    If YP had been in place and been followed it would have not gotten passed the first unit. It may not have happened at all.


  14. Just thought a definition might help. I think it gives a lot of wiggle room.


    agnostic [ ag nstik ] (plural agnostics)





    1. somebody denying Gods existence is provable: somebody who believes that it is impossible to know whether or not God exists



    2. somebody denying something is knowable: somebody who doubts that a particular question has a single correct answer or that a complete understanding of something can be attained



  15. Now if I'm correct in memory of Cub advancement -- it is the parents that sign off the requirements and the den leaders responsibility is to record them and make sure the awards are reported to the pack advancement chair. Is this not similar to the many discussions of merit badges -- if it is signed off the leader can't deny it?

  16. Here is the section on election as an adult by district or council from the Order of the Arrow Troop/Team Representative Support Pak


    2. Adult leaders in council and district

    positions: The lodge adviser, district

    chairman, council president, or members of

    the professional staff may recommend

    adults to the lodge adult selection


    Recommendations of the adult selection

    committee, with the approval of the Scout

    executive, serving as Supreme Chief of the

    Fire, will become candidates for induction.

    All requirements set forth for adult leaders in

    units must be fulfilled, with the exception of

    the camping requirements, which may be

    waived at the discretion of the lodge adviser

    and Scout executive.

    Adults may be recommended for

    membership only one time per year as either

    unit Scouters or district/council Scouters, but not

    both. How they are recommended depends on

    where they maintain their primary registration.

    Adult members shall be elected to

    membership at the discretion of the lodge adult

    selection committee. All members of the Order

    of the Arrow, both youth and adult, must

    successfully complete the Ordeal experience

    and participate in the induction ceremony.

    Because the Order of the Arrow is principally

    a youth organization, unit, district, and council

    Scouters are not elected to membership as

    recognition. Election into the Order should take

    place only when the adults job in Boy Scouting

    or Varsity Scouting will make the Order of the

    Arrow membership more meaningful in the lives

    of the youth membership.

    are under age 21 and meet the youth

    membership requirements. Staff members over

    age 21 must meet the adult membership

    requirements and be selected as either unit

    Scouters or district/council Scouters.


  17. He can work on it in both units though only one would sign off on his Eagle project. He may use leadership in either unit or in both for the leadership role., but the not at the same time i.e. jan- mar he is pl in the troop and crew president jan - mar no go but jan- mar in troop and apr - june in crew is good. He could have the merit badges awarded by either. Though again for ease of record keeping it would be good to pick one or the other.

  18. As a former District Advancement Chair, I will atesst that a young man can earn Star, Life and Eagle in a Crew if he earned First Class in an Troop or Team. This was the case in the old Exploring Program too. The new Exploring under Learning for Life you may not get Boy Scout ranks.


    While a Venturing crew should not plan its program to provide for working on Boy Scout ranks, but to enable young people to earn the Venturing ranks. The young man wishing to finish up his Eagle may do so on his own. He still has to complete it by his 18th birthday, even though Venturing goes till he is 21 and that is the cut off for Venturing ranks.


    He may get His Eagle in either the Troop or the Crew it is his choice.


    The Venturing book, Venturing training and the District Advancement Guide all make mention that this the policy.


  19. The best place to get the requirements is from the Training Committee Guidebook (may not be the right title but close). The Training Commitee administers that program. I don't have one at work and my copy is at home, I would have to check if is the latest.

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