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  1. Putting a time requirement between BORs would be adding to the requirements and is against the no more or less rule of advancement. There is no time requirement between ranks until you are going for Star. A scout may work on any of the requirements for Tenderfoot, Second and First Class at any time. You also need to remember that we are to recognize them as soon as possible and waiting would violate that rule. The troop I was Scoutmaster in, would and still combines those ranks in BORs.

  2. OA has three levels of membership Person elected by their units is tapped-out and they then go through an Ordeal and become a member of the Order of the Arrow as an Ordeal Member (just a arrow on their sash). Ten months later they are able to seal their membership and become a Brotherhood Member (a bar on about an inch or so from both ends of the arrow on their sash). After two more years they are eligible to selected for Vigil Honor (add a triangle to the middle of the arrow on the Brotherhood sash), only a few are selected from the lodge depending on its size. This is an honor and not all are chosen only those deemed to have done service beyond the usual.


    All members are considered equal; no level is required to serve in as an Officer in any level (chapter, lodge, section, region, or national).


  3. In our council multiple registrations dont cost anything, the only $1 fee I have heard of is for transferring a registration to a new unit.

    The other reason to register adults, if not a parent or legal guardian of a youth on that outing, a adult must be registered to participate.


  4. You have to be a youth member of a Troop or team to be elected as a youth to the OA. You have to be registered in the BSA, any program, to be an active member of the Order of the Arrow. To wear any of the symbols of the Order you must be a dues paying active member of the lodge of the council where you are registered. If your are in Venturing or Sea Scouts you may wear the flap and pocket rocket if you pay your dues.

  5. It was never a BSA award, but an award for volunteer service by the military for service members. They award it for all kinds of volunteer service.

    The BSA knot is for many different awards given by organizations such as American Legion and others.(This message has been edited by NWScouter)

  6. Ed,

    You accept that the courts say we can set our membership requirements, but you refuse to understand or accept that by doing so in the way we have, there are consequences, The federal government and other government bodies can not discrimination on matters of religion and any activity or group that they sponsor, own, run cannot discriminate on the basis of religion or lack of one. The courts have consistently ruled that way. So the government may it be the military or local fire department cannot sponsor (charter) a unit. It though may not deny access to facilities that it offers to other groups to any group. Why do you think the BSA split off the Explorers into Learning for Life, because those Fire and Police units were in danger of being abolished unless the BSA changed it rules.


  7. A person in the Order of the Arrow wears the correct uniform for his/her registered position. If he is registered as ASM in a Troop because he is over 18, he wears the adult uniform. If he is in a Venture Crew he would wear a youth uniform till he turns 21 when he becomes an adult in that program. Even though he is youth in the OA, he is not a youth the Troop so he needs to wear the correct adult uniform. No one is registered in the OA, just a member of it.

  8. Ed,

    If you got a speeding ticket and the courts required you to attend a program to control your driving. Now Muslims ran the program and you were required to pray to Allah on a rug facing Mecca and then memorize large passages of the Koran, would you sue? I bet the ACLU would be right there to help you. Is that stepping on their religious freedom and so you should be required to take that course?


  9. Part 2

    Or for you that linguistically challenged in English rather than Norsk

    I am so glad each Christmas Eve,

    The night of Jesus birth!

    Then like the sun the Star shone forth,

    And angels sang on earth.

    The little Child in Bethlehem,

    He was a King indeed!

    For He came down from Heaven above

    To help a world in need.

    He dwells again in heavens realm,

    The Son of God today;

    And still He loves His little ones

    And hears them when they pray.

    I am so glad on Christmas Eve!

    His praises then I sing;

    He opens then for every child

    The palace of the King.

    When mother trims the Christmas tree

    Which fills the room with light,

    She tells me of the wondrous Star

    That made the dark world bright.

    She says the Star is shining still,

    And never will grow dim;

    And if it shines upon my way,

    It leads me up to Him.

    And so I love each Christmas Eve

    And I love Jesus, too;

    And that He loves me every day

    I know so well is true.


    God Jul Merry Christmas


  10. Jeg er s glad hver julekveld,

    for da ble Jesus fdt;

    da lyste stjernen som en sol,

    og engler sang s stt.


    Det lille barn i Betlehem,

    han var en konge stor

    som kom fra himlens hye slott

    ned til vr arme jord.


    N bor han hyt i himmerik,

    han er Guds egen snn,

    men husker alltid p de sm

    og hrer deres bnn.


    Jeg er s glad hver julekveld,

    da synger vi hans pris;

    da pner han for alle sm

    sitt ste paradis.


    Da tenner moder alle lys,

    s ingen krok er mrk;

    hun sier stjernen lyste s

    i hele verdens rk.


    Hun sier at den lyser enn

    og slukkes aldri ut,

    og hvis den skinner p min vei,

    da kommer jeg til Gud.


    Hun sier at de engler sm,

    de synger og i dag

    om fred og fryd p jorderik

    og om Guds velbehag.


    , gid jeg kunne synge s,

    da ble visst Jesus glad;

    for jeg jo ogs ble Guds barn

    engang i dpens bad.


    Jeg holder av vr julekveld

    og av den Herre Krist,

    og at han elsker meg igjen,

    det vet jeg ganske visst.



  11. We are just finishing up rechartering in our council with many units doing it by the internet. The only problem that I have seen is once you submit you can not change anything. The only one who can make those changes is the council registrar. Of course, as in all the years Ive done rechartering, the best indicator of success is preparation. If you have the information that is needed for your youth and adults, have submitted applications on time, and collected the money, it tends to go smooth.

  12. Most mainline church theologians have orthodox Christian beliefs and reject the theology of the end time proponents. The rapture is such a recent concept and those who preach the end is near tend to read too much into the Bible passages they quote. As for me, Christ will come when he comes and until He does I will trust in His grace and do His work for peace and justice.


    These are the views on the rapture and The Left Behind books by the two largest Lutheran church bodies:


















    The below are from scholarly journals:






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