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  1. This is like G2SS evasion calling a banned activity like Laser Tag not a scouting event. Is showing it to 10 people in your home like showing it to 20 or more at scout camp? A Scout is Trustworthy. BSA paid for those films and flim clips used in Woodbadge. They may not come after you but come after councils and the BSA for their deep pockets.

  2. Great lists of movies. May I suggest Johnny Tremain, a Disney production? In 80 minutes a good treatment of revolutionary Boston.

    One caution I must make to your idea of showing movies at camp, is copyright infringement. The DVD you and I buy or rent only allows home viewing.

    My Church, the ELCA has a page on the subject and remedies suggested.



    Have fun I love historical movies even when they have no relation to the facts.


  3. Out here many of the temp patches are made with loops, less than a cent to have it added when they are made.

    I have used the little cloth tape, I can't remmeber name(binding tape?). it is wide enough to run a few stiches to attach a loop.


    But encourge your camporree or camp directors to get the loop done with the production of the patch.

  4. I hike almost exclusively in the Olympics and Cascades of Washington State, where until you get above the tree line you generally stick to the trails.

    A few years back a midwestern Scout Troop (I think from Minnesota) wanted to hike the wilderness area of the North Cascade National Park. Oh one thing they wanted to do was make a little easier. They hired a helicopter to drop them off high in the mountains then hike down. Within the park there are privately owned mining claims, where they could land.


    Pilot didnt do a good job of navigating and dropped them off in the wrong hanging valley. The Scouts couldnt find a trail out of there. The weather socked in. The helicopter pilot couldnt find them. A couple older Scouts/Leaders went cross country and ended up finally at Stehekin at the head of Lake Chelan on the other side of the Cascades. A rescue of the Scouts was successful.


    The one rule I take from this, let me hike in so I know there is a least one way out.


  5. Ah, now blogs, newslettters, facebook, twitter and websites. The printing press back in 1517 was high tech. So on door with the potluck notices (remember this was the start of the Lutherans) it was written in Latin to call for debate by the college community. But like the internet, it was quickly picked up by the printers and translated and sent out to all Europe.


    Just so you know a little about me -- I'm a guy for his senior seminar in History at the University of Washington wrote a paper on the Marburg Colloquy where Luther and Zwingli argued over the essence of communion.(This message has been edited by nwscouter)

  6. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) today in its Churchwide Assembly has approved standards for ordained leaders (Pastors) that allow homosexuals to be Pastors while in committed relationships. Previous the rule was that they had to be celibate.


    The ELCA is the largest Lutheran body in the US and is one of the larger and older religious chartering organizations. Its predecessor bodies had units clear back to 1910.


    What Im seeing that the present stance of the BSA is in direct opposition to a religious body and how does the BSA reconcile it membership regulations with its statement of religious principles, which state the members faith defines their beliefs and Scouting is not to change it.


    When a unit is chartered or renews its charter, it has to designate an Institutional Head, depending on the way the constitution of the Lutheran congregation, that could be the lead pastor or the president (lay). The president always could have been a homosexual and now so could the Pastor.


    It looks like that the BSA needs only to be concerned on the safety of the members when it looks at leadership not at religious tests. Lets have local option for our Charter Organization.


  7. It was that shade of red. Some other color would have been better. Around here everyone tried to trade for the green Scouts Canada beret.


    Also as a youth I went through ten years of Cubs and Scouts without any mention of homosexuals. The only issue was religion, the idiot adult camporee leader who tried to make my Jewish buddies attend a protestant chapel, they had one for the RCs.

  8. Ed, you state in a post a few pages back Did God destroy entire cities because people ate pork and shrimp or blending the threads of linen and wool? Nope. And let us not forget those were man's rules not those of God. You claim to know the Bible and state the prohibitions mention were just mens rule Hate to remind you they are in the book of Leviticus, part of the Torah and the same place where quotes sited against homosexual come from. How you can call one passage God's Law and an another mans.


    One thing you have to remember about the history of interpreting the bible, you have groups that have practiced free love, 16th cent. Radical Anabaptists, vegetarianism, Seven Day Adventists, complete abstinence, Shakers and others beliefs to this day.


  9. On my moms side about 5 generations back (my mom born in 1912, her oldest brother born 1889 and I came when was 3 months short of her 40th birthday), a Paul Andreas Kaald ( 1786-1867) a Norwegian privateer for the Danish/Norwegian King. Captured a few British ships and broke out of their prisons a few times. A Wikipedia article and everything. Plus also a street named for him in Trondheim.


    On my dads side I share with him, my son, brother and nephew the middle name of Krohn, his mothers maiden name. When back in Norway a few years ago I found out from my cousin that our third cousin who also has the middle name of Krohn had been the Defense Minister of Norway and almost elected Secretary of NATO.


  10. Ed, you are right, I was trying to make the "non" work for both the parent and the legal guardian. It didn't work.


    The phrase "Legal Guardian" is set out in law and has specific rules governing it. It is not the same as "Joe is taking care of my kid while he he is with him at the ballgame." Joe doesnt have the right to authorize medical treatment while a legal guardian has a court order allowing him to do that among other things.



  11. Some areas you cant find a doctor or facility to perform abortions. This is the result of groups protesting a legal procedure, with blockades by large groups making patients run gauntlets of chanting, heckling protesters. Also listing doctors, nurses and patients on websites for crazies to take potshots at or blow them up.

  12. The problem with sending any non parent or legal guardian on any type of outing where they share a tent with a scout, it is against YPGs. Even to have them on outing such as a Boy Scout campout, for them to be there they have to be registered. We made older brothers (adults), uncles, grandfathers and friends of the family register in troop I was Scoutmaster. Parents and legal guardians can not be denied by the unit.

  13. BSA learns their lessons. One of the reason there is a Venturing Program is because BSA could see the handwriting on the wall. The old Explorer Scouts had many public governmental sponsors primarily in the career fields. When the BSA realized that it would not fly to prohibit from leadership gay and/or atheist leaders there, it may have been developing Venturing before that as way to put some punch in the non-career units, it took the opportunity to create a new corporation called Learning for Life and put Exploring in there with the school program called Learning for Life. Now they can have different leadership standards for each corporations.


    There is a whole other discussion, on why they use the same set of employees to work with both programs in most councils.

  14. I seen good ones and Ive seen bad ones. The one Im most familiar with, at the camp my son staffed (I did too for one summer). It started out slow, it was staffed by my son and a few others. I got great reviews about my son, he was in his second summer, with only SIT the year before, all of 15. It did bloom as Pathfinders program the next year, Two Scouters in their fifties took over the program, (one now is the camps director for the council). They established a round robin type of training with a Scouter from each of the Troop sending Scouts. It was a half day program. The carrot at the end of the week was the scouts put together their scout skills and leadership in a patrol to build a ballista (a catapult) that launched water balloons. The targets were the Scouts' Scoutmaster and SPL. One year it was held a little ways away from the Scout craft area, I think there were a few candy bar prizes for hitting staffers there offered by the Pathfinders staffers. Now it is held a Fort Apache style fort, called Fort Boeing (guess who donated the money for it).

    The one thing the program staff reiterated that they were teaching skills only and the unit was to recheck and pass off the scout, for only unit leaders are the ones to sign the books.

    BTW my son was on staff for 10 summers and the last two as Program Director.


  15. On the requirement for First Aid that they have completed the t-1st class requirements, I've seen camps handle it these ways. First day of Class a review and catch up session, a special session for those who need it that night, first day of Pathfinders focus on first aid, and the best, encourage the troops and their boy leadership to work with the scouts that need it that first day in camp.

  16. In my council we deal with four countys United Way and the Boeing Campaign. Two of the counties out of general drive give no money to BSA and the other two do. The Boeing campaign gives the vast majority of its general drive money to two counties (one to the south of us not in our council) that do not give to the BSA. Now here how it gets interesting, you may instruct UW to give to a 401 c3 non-profit; if it is on their list of organizations your donation goes to that organization but unless there is enough directed donation to exceed its planed giving to that organization it only gets the planned amount. Now if you instruct it give to an organization that is not on the list, in our case the BSA, then it will forward your gift to the BSA minus a fee to cover the UW overhead.

    We have had UW volunteers misstating this to people, say yes they give to Scouts but not telling them the had to specify and /or not telling that a handling fee applies


  17. We have two camps in our council; the southern one is about 700 acres and both butt up to DNR, state timberland land. From both you can go to the crest of the Cascades without hitting an paved road and the northern one from edge of it you are only mile to Canada,

    Here is a picture of what the underbrush looks like. I took the picture in one campsite and there is another campsite about 20, 30 feet from there: Underbrush at Camp Fire Mountain There are some more pictures of camp from my collection you should be able to see from there.

    Hal, Ive seen some pictures of your mountains and the underbrush there looks pretty dense.

    (This message has been edited by nwscouter)

  18. Gren, you'll appreciate this.

    About 15 years, on a week long trek with my Scouts in the North Cascades on the way to Holden Village, we camped on the top of Cloudy Pass. A hiker stopped and took a rest and told of his day. He had come through where we were going to camp the next night, Hart Lake. He had found sitting on the shore with his back up to a log, his fishing line in the lake and a sketch pad in his lap, a man in his 70's. He had passed on. The gentleman had hiked up from Holden that morning.

    The hiker then went down to Holden and got the Forest Service and County Sheriff to bring the gentleman out.

    The next day when I soaked my feet in Hart Lake, I thought that was the way to go.

    BTW do a search on Holden Village a great place to go and hike to or from.


  19. I'm going to take the DE side right now about the charter information. He was acting on information he got at the start of the unit. He had a list of adults and youth that were interested. And he was by the information that the unit was chartered in December trying to get started quickly so that it would count for last year it all fits. First Boy Life issue can take five months or longer to get going (why? I don't know), you'll get a full year. The DE believed that these people would be active and you most likely don't know that there is no method to automatically remove people if the are not active. Unless you transfer them to another unit, while you can change their position with your CO's approval, they will stay on until time for rechartering. Then if you don't pay their fees they're gone.

    He needed the positions filled or there could be no unit. One thing I would do right aways is get the Charter Organization Rep (COR) postion filled by a seperate person. Then you would not have to hunt down the Pastor every time you need to bring on or change an adult's position.


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