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  1. I'll be working Action Center C Archery and bunking in subcamp 7. First time on Staff. Was an ASM for NSJ in 05 and WSJ in 07 and hope to do it again next year in Sweden. JAMBOOOOOOOOOOO!
  2. I was hoping for a tie dye design similar to 2007 World Jambo. I do like the duffel bags. Mario Action Area C Archery
  3. What is it with some adults? 25 page proposal @#$%&*? As long as it has the Who,What,Where,When and Why sounds like someone is adding to the requirements. This reminds me of my sons project. His eagle advisor completely rejected his proposal from the beginning. Told him it would never be approved. Not big enough,not enough hours,can't use non-scouts,can't use power tools,welders etc. A lot of the older boys in the Troop told my son that's the reason why they will never Eagle. He basically tried to micromanage my sons project. As his dad,ASM for his current Troop and Scoutmaster f
  4. The story is much to do about nothing. Yeah Brownsea Island could have been handled differently. Instead of banning certain foods they could used the experience as a cultural lesson that teaches tolerance and respect of others cultural/customs. There were some aspects of Jambo that were on the PC side. But like anything in life its what you make of it. Attitude is everything. The food was fine. Personally I would have liked to have chorizo and eggs with tortillas for breakfast but believe me 10,20,30,40 years from now the last thing the participants will remember would be the food.
  5. My son has been frustrated trying to find an Eagle project. After talking with school principal and agreeing about the need for benches(qty.4-6) in front of the school ,my son talked with his eagle advisor. He told my son it wasn't big enough,2 weekends is not enough work,didn't involve enough scouts and that he could not use his school friends to help with the welding and would be rejected by the committee.He then was told about the length of some of the previous eagle projects for this troop in the 400 to 600 hour range. I guess I'm frustrated too. After being involved in eagle projects
  6. We used the 30 minute rule after the last observed lightning or thunder at Northern Tier base at Bisset. Mario
  7. I just found out today from Western Region I will be a 1st assistant scoutmaster for one of the contingent troops from southern California.I already feel the excitement building all over again just as it did for National knowing the experiences I will have with my 2 boys along with 5 scouts from our Troop. What were some of your experiences and how does it compare to National Jamboree? Back to Gilwell, happy land, I'm going to work my ticket if I can. Mario Montano
  8. I wish I was back on a Northern Tier canoe trek. ...the float plane ride,the lakes ,the portages,the sunsets,the fishing,more portages,the teamwork,the rain,the adventure,more portages,watching young boys transform into young men.........the memories How about this prayer: FOR FOOD, FOR RAIMENT FOR LIFE AND OPPORTUNITY FOR SUN AND RAIN FOR WATER AND PORTAGE TRAILS FOR FRIENDSHIP AND FELLOWSHIP WE THANK THEE, OH LORD AMEN Crew advisor B080804A Mario PS I lost my leatherman on the last portage"Heartbreak" just before scout lake. Reward if an
  9. Sorry your unit didn't win the Philmont lottery. I had 1 crew go with the council contigent in July 2003. We had 2 crews go to the Northern Tier in Bisset Manitoba in August 2004. We had a blast. The float plane flight to and from Scout lake was memorable. This is one place to consider. My Troop is going to Whittset this summer, just three days after we return from National Jamboree. Western LA Council also has another great camp called Emerald Bay on Catalina Island. http://www.bsa-la.org/camping/camping.html Here is the link to Los Angeles Area Council High Adventure Team we
  10. We had 2 crews that returned on the 18th from Northern Tier Bisset. The scenery was incredible. We too caught some pike and fried them up. The weather was great. We had a couple days of rain but when the sun was out , the temperature was in the 80 degree range. Some of our boys saw a 2 moose. We all saw some beavers,otters,bald eagles,loons. Half the crew had close encounters with leaches. The first couple of portages were rough(not used to carrying 80-90 loads). The portages trails are not well used and in some cases over grown with trees. By the end of our 75 mile trip, t
  11. Troop_358_potlatch What a month. I just finished my second weekend yesterday. Great experience!!! I also had my Ordeal in between the first weekend and the second. Enjoy your second weekend. I used to be a Fox too. WE4-33-03
  12. Congrats Mutua I used to be a Fox A good old Fox too But now I've finished Foxing I don't know what to do. I'm growing old and feeble And I can Fox no more So I'm going to work my ticket if I can. Back to Gilwell,happy land I'm going to work my ticket if I can. I just completed my second weekend yesterday. WE4-33-03. What an experience! By the closing ceremony at Gilwell field I had the same feeling I felt after summiting Mt. Whitney with my 12 year old son and our Troop. WOW!!!!! Looking forward to working my ticket...... Scouts Honor Mario Montano
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