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  1. Scoutnut re Health & Safety Training: "This course is to be offered to all unit leaders, district staff, and council staff. All leaders should receive this training every two years." It does NOT say "REQUIRED", "MANDATORY", or even "MUST". It states "OFFERED" and "SHOULD", which is BSA speak for it would be nice if they would take it, but we are not forcing it at present. I can understand why they have not made it mandatory..." What is your point Scoutnut? Unit leaders should not be trained in health or safety. We want to tell everyone that unless BSA writes them a letter and expre
  2. Health & Safety Training is required every two years. Unfortunately, if you can cut and paste into these message blocks, I don't know how to do it. If you want a copy, send an email to denver4und@msn.com. If you get the H&S Syllabus, you will find the following written on the inside cover page: "All leaders should receive this training every two years....This course is to be conducted in concert with the District/Council Training Plan." Unfortunately, it is national policy (followed by every council I've heard of) to list only the Training committee trainings whe
  3. The relevant book is the "Troop Committee Guidebook" BSA Pub. 34505B The relevant training is "Troop Committee Challenge", which all committee members are required to have. The Guidebook says: Page 9: "How Your Scout Troop Works. The Scoutmaster. The Scoutmaster is the adult leader RESPONSIBLE FOR the immage AND PROGRAM of the troop." [NO ONE else decides program; the SM is the final decision maker on program.] Page 13: "Troop Committee Organization and Responsibilities. The troop committee is the troop;'s board of directors and supports the troop program....The troop comm
  4. The relevant publication is the "Troop Committee Guidebook" Pub.No. 34505B BSA. The relevant training (required for CC and all Committee Members) is the Troop Committee Challenge. If the CC is not trained, there should be no problem explaining that leaders are required to be trained and if she isn't then she can't be registered or in the position. The Guidebook explains the system for CC appointment and removal: Page 9: "How Your Troop Works. The Scoutmaster. The Scoutmaster IS THE ADULT LEADER RESPONSIBLE FOR THE IMAGE AND PROGRAM OF THE TROOP." The CC never is in charge of
  5. Question was where is the husband/wife rule in GSS? COMMENT: The rules pertaining to two deep leadership are found at page 1 and page 3. (Other references exist, but pertain to particular activities and don't impact question.) The idea that husband/wife teams should not be the only adults on outings is not a rule in the GSS; it is contained in the syllabus of the Health & Safety Training Class that ALL registered Scout leadrs are requried to take every two years (it is NOT the same as the Youth Protection Training class). This is probably the class most often neglected when a
  6. This is my last post as I'm going to unsubscribe form this hread. HEY, look at the header it says "Scouter Network". I have no interest in politics or religion, I have an interst in Scouting. There are so many fine blogging threads outside of Scouting -- I wish all those who just want to read their own small-minded, biggotted, insular, hateful crap would go there. BOY SCOUTS know: "..... to help other people at all times..." and "A Scout is ... helpful, friendly, courteous, kind...." Too bad few posters know those phrases. Adios, jim
  7. Novice Cubmaster -- Absolutely! The number of Boy Scous has now dropped to less than 1 million boys -- in a nation of 350 million plus people. Less than half the Boy Scouts attend summer camp. Cubs are doing little better, reporting in at 1.6 million, with less than a third participating in day camp. Venturing is at a quarter million. So, add it up, of the 4.6 million youth members that BSA reports to Congress, only about half are in traditional scouting units. All the rest are in the Exploring/Learning for Life division, which is co-ed and runs mostly after school programs in element
  8. Eagle92, you did a great job with the initial advice. It seemed unclear, from other's comments whether the young man was in treatment for the attempt. If so, great, save the following for next time; but if not, then..... I vehemently disagree with the comments: "The young man needs professional counseling. No not really." & Calico: "do not recommend counseling". http://teenadvice.about.com/od/suicidedepression/a/cry4attention_4.htm http://depression.about.com/od/suicideprevent/a/howhelpsuicidal.htm http://www.familyfirstaid.org/suicide.html After 20 years of decl
  9. Part IX of the Guide to Safe Scouting has the rules for skating and skate parks. I'd give that section to the PLC or the Patrol to use in their planning. Tell 'em to go for it.
  10. I worked on this issue for many years as an SM. I came up with 2 rules. 1. All New scouts go in new scout patrols. That's why BSA invented the Troop Guide. New scouts in established patrols leave the troop more often because they are not part of the established group, as younger kids they get ribbed more and end up washing the dishes more, and if they had a good webelos patrol, what is the point of breaking them up? I had several webelos patrols go all the way through the troop to Eagle. Obviouly, many patrols are recombined or shuffled later, but a good newbie patrol with a good tr
  11. "Until you've walked a mile in his shoes..." I had a Troop in D.C. 30 boys, 1 white and the rest black (I'm white). My Troop in Colorado, at the same time, had 1 sikh, 2 muslims, 6 catholics, a bunch of different flavors of protestant, asians, blacks, whites, hispanics. It takes empathy and work to make everyone feel welcome. You know you've succeeded when the kids stand up for each other (summer camp staff making fun of the sikh). Meet with the dad and mom, perhaps at their house. Tell them that you are glad they are with your unit because their son will be a real additio
  12. Eagle 92, if I came across as preachy, its not intended. My problem with hatchets is that if BSA isn't willing to tell me how to teach it, then I'm not sure I should be trying to do it -- especially with something as dangerous as a hatchet. But I also see the point of teaching all tools. That has its merits. Conservatism is a virtue in my business. Tomahawks aren't hatchets! They are made and intended to be thrown and therefore aren't woods tools. GSS One person mentioned being OVERWEIGHT. I'm not sure how many folks know it, but the BSA NATIONAL NEW HEALTH FORMS have been pub
  13. mmHardy wrote: "What's the point of this thread? To Push buttons?" Well, I thought it might be an opportunity for leaders working with scouts to exchange information and questions about health, safety and training. After the tone of the comments became abusive and belittling, I checked out other places on this website. There is an admin section, with nothing but messages about newbies who leave because of the refusal to engage in meaningful dialogue are receive only crap. So, I don't have any idea what the point is. Apparently, its to make fun of folks for trying.
  14. Hi all, I think the following items may help the discussion. When I looked at the Wolf Requirements, here's what I found: DUTY TO GOD (Page 94) Complete the Character Connection for Faith Know. What is "faith"? With your family, discuss some people who have shown their faith - who have shown an inner strength based on their trust in a higher power or cause. Discuss the good qualities of these people. Commit. Discuss these questions with your family: What problems did these faithful people overcome to follow or practice their beliefs? What challenges might you face in doin
  15. Shortridge wrote: "Sorry, but you searched for the wrong word. The modern term is "hand ax," not "hatchet." That term IS included in the G2SS (p. viii, in the age-appropriate activities chart). And the BSA STILL sells hand axes today - two types, in fact." You were right. I tripled checked. In the older version, the two items were on the same line. Now they are different entries. Go figure. However, I can't say I'd change anything I said. Although my trial example might give the SM a chance at winning. What I don't get is how the GSS can list it in the chart, but
  16. Hi guys, nldscout wrote: Senior Forum I didn't have a question at all, especially since your stating your the expert with all the answers. But I note your "Opinion" on if hatchets shout be allowed. Thanks for the "Opinion", but its not the right answer. COMMENT: Never said I was an expert, go read the first post. I'm still right, and now you know why I said what I said about sheath knives above. Never said the BSA didn't sell hatchets. What I said was 1. No mention of Hand Ax, Hand Axe or Hatchet in BSA Handbook. 2. No mention of teaching Hand Ax, Hand Axe or Hatchet
  17. By the way, you should contact the ASM and work out with him what he can, and cannot do. SMC's would seem to be out of bounds if he's not around enough to be working with the scouts on a regular basis.
  18. Well, I'm not sure the ASM is the problem, is he? The dad is the problem. And you can't get a palm without "being active in the troop for x months". You can require the scout's smc to be with you. You and the troop committee can tell the district that the scout has not completed the requirements. You can also tell the dad to knock it off. jim
  19. I guess I'm getting the real problem. If he's registered, then he's an ASM. If he's not active, that's between him and the SM and Committee. If the SM lets him to SM conferences, then he can. If not, then not. They are "Scoutmaster's conferences" The SM decides who does them. When I was an SM, I did them. No one else.
  20. Hi, There is no age. An adult leader in Boy Scouts must be 18. Once a leader, the adult is able to hold any position. SMC's are the province of the SM. If the SM delegates to ASM's, then its to all or particular ones as he may choose. Age is irrelevant. jim
  21. Hi The Scout. Must be getting tired, now we are making up facts and changing history. One example says it all. You wrote: "Whose armory was it in Concord? It was one of the Massachusettes Provincial Council formed by the colonists, it was not an imperial one." Huh. Says who? The only "armories" were those erected by public works, which were the crown, throw royal colonial governors. The Brits went to secure THEIR guns, cannon and ESPECIALLY powder. The powder was key, as most folks didn't have that much, like any commodity its expensive. Only the government stock piles enough for war
  22. Name calling? Oh, Bushwacker. Ok, I could say AWOLer in Chief. Or perhaps Coke Head In Office. But heck, its clear that I don't respect him, couldn't. He's a crook, a liar and a facist. But that's just my opinion. As for combat and the cost of war. Well I'm an Army Vet. Missed all the wars in my 20. But I know that if you go to war then you do three things: 1. You tell the people why you are going, and you don't lie about the reason. Vietnam may have been dumb, but the purpose was stated, and when the purpose was rejected by the people, we left. Sadam never had WMD's. He
  23. Hi Skeptic, Well, if the BSA has decided to ignore hatchets, and take all mention of them out of all requirements for use of wood tools, then I think the first issue is Scouting use. I see no need, hence no need to allow or teach. A hatchet at the end of the day requires one to get too close to the legs and to put a hand on the work to be struck with the hatchet. That's too dangerous. I agree, once upon a time, we all lived in houses with fireplaces, etc. But we don't know, and kids don't learn to whack a chicken neck (although wringing is better)or make kindling for the stove
  24. Hi, The Scout. I love to debate. But I prefer actual facts when I do. Your statement that the US Constitution does not contain the "right" to declare bankruptcy shows that you do not know your facts. For bankruptcy see Sec. 1, Art. 8. For Alcohol, please see Amendment 21. You also said: "Who cares if there is blood in the gutters?" I assume you are using the type of argument known as "devil's advocate". We all care. We promised to care. Both in the Oath and the Law. You also said: "The 2nd Amendment does not say we have the right to bear arms unless their is blood in the g
  25. OMG. I echo mmHardy. Sure are short memories out there. Bushwacker took over with a budget surplus, and a deficit lower than Bushwacker's father had left it. The economy was booming and employment was up. Bushwacker left office after trashing the economy. It was good policy to fight a war off-budget? Give trillions to oil companies for "exploration" while they were reaping record profits? Forgive taxes on both oil companies and Haliburton et al.? There is no doubt what's wrong with the economy. Its in the same shape was it was, for the same reasons, as when Nixon, a Republi
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