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    Bellowed pockets going away ??

    Hello guys! Glad to see some like-minded folks here ^_^ I prefer the flat pockets of the old uniform. To me, the large bellowed pockets look silly on a uniform- like they're meant for an iPod or cigerettes. One idea would be to bring back bellows similar to the 40's/50's uniform, but with the bellows a bit wider spaced as to allow for most patches. Or... just make smaller bellows than those on the centennial uni that are stitched at the top and bottom and open wider mostly at the center (of the sides of the pocket), just so they will lay flat when they are empty and will bellow out when you need to put stuff in them. On the topic of pants... I like classic cargo pockets that have a bellow in the center, so they will lay flat when empty and open when filled. The switchbacks seem to get caught on everything and they just end up being an inconvenience when the are filled to the brim. And can we go back to good ol' brass snap buttons instead of velcro and zippers and whatnot? These opinions are from a 22yo ASM who likes sturdy and rugged fabrics. I've actually had clothing melt on me, so I do prefer natural fibers. Granted, it helps to keep away from flames or heat sources, but sometimes it cannot be helped. Accidents happen, and cotton & wooly clothing in my humble opinion is safer than nylon, supplex, polypropelene, etc. To the Supply Divisions credit, many (most?) uniform items are available in natural fibers. It just seems like Supply is more fond of synthetics. I realize this probably is an issue for another thread, so please excuse my rant. Eagle of '05, and still goin' strong!
  2. MandalorianScouter

    So will you bite...

    I think my beggiest aversion to this new uniform (prototype) is the green epaulets. They should be red. I don't believe the uniform had any epaulets before the de la Renta version (I'm not old enough). So when they were introduced, they were red...they should stay red. I suppose it's about time that we had a uniform update, but it should only be tweaking, not a massive overhaul. Just my opinion...
  3. MandalorianScouter

    Who wears a District Patch?

    If it was me on the board, I would have given him a CSP and some tape and told him to put it on right there! Staples are also an alternative
  4. MandalorianScouter


    Hey there! I'm fairly new to Scouter as well. Eagle of 2005, Troop 72 Gulf Coast Council FL Nowadays I'm Assn.Scoutmaster of Troop 419 Transatlantic council at RAF Lakenheath, UK. Just a little way away from "home"...
  5. MandalorianScouter

    So will you bite...

    I like the current style, just wish it was more "rugged" if you know what I mean. I wish we could use it in the field without pussyfooting around. They need to change it's durability and wearablity, not it's style or colors.
  6. MandalorianScouter

    Young SPL

    A scout is obedient. By which I mean a consequence, not punishment. They have to realise that they need to respect the scout system and leadership. If they don't, they obviously aren't prepared for an advancement in rank or position! One of the REQUIREMENTS for rank advancement is to live by the scout oath and law. We must also keep in mind that I'm talking about severe cases only.
  7. MandalorianScouter

    The new uniform

    First, I'd like to know what movie that's from! Second, I like the Aussie uniform, but ours is an American tradition!! Perhaps it could work for an official activity uniform (it really looks quite nice!), but part of our Scouting tradition relies on a certain amount of formality. Perhaps we could bridge the gap by building a scout shirt that is part US/UK/AUS. Has anyone taken a look at the Brits' Scout uniform? Try www.scouts.org.uk okay? You'll find it. I like the look of our current uniform, but the British uniform looks like it has a certain amount of functionality as well. However, neither US nor UK uniforms look like they could take the beating the AUS uniforms can, just because of it's simplicity. It'd be harder to break Again though, our uniform is part of what makes us tick. We can't just scrap it. We can't have two separate uniforms either. I could go on and on!! My brain is beginning to ooze out meh ear... Any ideas on these? And thanks HiLO for showing us your uniform! Oh, and keep the neckers! Even for activity wear.(This message has been edited by MandalorianScouter)
  8. MandalorianScouter

    So will you bite...

    WOW, this is a bit new! Why do they have to change them? The uniform has been the same way before I started, so why now? If they are going to change anything, why not make switchback style pants, but out of heavy cotton? I still wear the old pants with the side cargo pockets instead of the kind they have now with front cargo pockets that look like you have abnormal bulges if you put anything in them. The shorts of this style look especially silly. Changes I think would be good for a utility/field uniform- -Tan unit patches with dark brown numbers, though I have no complaint about the red patches -District patches directly under CSPs -KEEP RED SHOULDER LOOPS!! that's what boy scouts have been for YEARS!! -Yes to bellows pockets (especially on my "heavy cotton switchbacks") + other utility pockets -At least another place for temp patches (they can wear them so why not? -Name strips (like the name plates, but not easy to catch on things!) -Production of a FIELD jacket, like the popplin jackets of ages gone by, but perhaps brown instead of bright red (the reason why most youth don't want BSA jackets!) I was going somewhere with this but forgot. I'll get back to it...
  9. MandalorianScouter

    Hat Pins / Plumes

    My apologies. I miswrote previously. GREEN plumes are for Scoutmasters, while RED plumes are for Assn Scoutmasters.
  10. MandalorianScouter

    Young SPL

    Indeed! A scout is obedient. If not, then they don't fulfill the scout spirit requirement...
  11. MandalorianScouter

    Hat Pins / Plumes

    Actually, I found two plumes on eBay with BSA emblems. I assume they are custom made, but I'm gonna wear 'em anyway! One had a red plume and the other green, both with the BSA universal emblem, similar to the standard BSA hat pin. The green plume in every scouting organization is for Scoutmaster, while green is for Assn Scoutmaster- me being the latter.
  12. MandalorianScouter

    The SPL

    A good minute.
  13. MandalorianScouter

    Help planning trip to UK in'08

    Have you got in contact with the Transatlantic council? More specificly, the Mayflower district? They are the BSA district in the UK (yes, American Scouts in the UK! mostly military families though). They would know all the best places to go camping and whatnot. You could try to contact them through the Council site [www.tac-bsa.org]. I know it's a bit late in the game for this, but it may be worth looking into.
  14. MandalorianScouter

    Who wears a District Patch?

    I think it would be a nice idea to have some way to recognize districts on the uniform. I am in the Transatlantic Council, and a difference in district means you're in another country altogether!! I am in the Mayflower Dist in the UK, while there are a half dozen others spanning all of Europe! We do have a council round patch (temporary insignia placement)around which we put award and recognition segments, so perhaps they could create a district segment. This could be a great idea for everyone else too! See if your council has a council round patch and maybe they have a district segment too.