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    I was recently told that axes must be jr size axes, and I cant find anywhere that will tell me exactly what that size is, does anyone know? Or does anyone have a link to a site with the BSA regs?
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    Friends...Too Close?

    Thanks a lot for all the advice. I especially like the idea of blind folded tent set up!! I will make sure that something is done right away about them all sharing a tent.
  3. I am the ASPL for our troop. We recently had a group of webelos cross over, and I have noticed most of them are adjusting well to Boy Scouts. I have noticed, however, that two of them are real close friends. They do everything together, and don't often include other people. I have also noticed that one of these boys fathers, has come on all the campouts, cooked for the kids, and set a big tent for them all to sleep in. I am getting a little worried that if one of the boys drops out, the other will be lost. Also, I think they need to gain a little independance and learn to pitch their own tents and make their own food. I have tried to get them to do seperate things around the site, but they always end up together again, alone, talking and playing in one part of the site, away from the rest of the troop. How could I make it so they would spend less time apart and meet new scouts? Is there anything I should do?
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    Advice for a scout family

    I think if the boy moves up it will be best. You say he is the type to dissapear into the shadows, well at some point in his scout career he will need to help people on a team, and will develop good leadership skills, no one is just born with them, they have to be developed, and I am sure, through scouting, they will be!
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    Webelos camping with Troop

    I am the Den Chief for our troop, i set up the campouts with our troop and the local Den so they will get use to our rules and all that. I think it is a good idea to let them come with you, however it seems odd they don't want to join. If they keep comming they might decide to join your troop after all. I believe, however it is a rule for Cubs to have something like a 1:1 scout to adult ratio, dunno. Anyway, if they become a nuisance however, I would say goodbye!