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  1. [Allowing the boys to randomly and freely complete all their achievements at will, removes any vestige of an organized year long program.] Yeah, what's up with those darn kids? Don't they know that they should wait for us to teach them to goose-step and give the straight armed salute? Seriously, I have more problems with kids not completing those items that we will not have time to do at the regular den meetings. I continually tell them (and their parents) that we will not do everything required to earn their badge at the den meetings. At the end of the year, I invariably hear compl
  2. Wound my heart with a monotonous langour
  3. On occasion, I have doled out punishment to my son for lying. In particular, he did something wrong and when questioned about this, lied and said he did not do it. Depending on what he did wrong in the first place, he might receive X days of punishment. However, if he lied, he will have 2X more days tacked on. On at least one occasion, what I considered a punishable offense was reduced when he came to me and 'fessed up before I found out. I know that my son will not stop incorrect behavior altogether at his age. However, I try to instill in him the lesson that no matter what you did
  4. >>Insignia Guide 2002-2003, Special Regulations, Headgear (page 3): This is EXACTLY what I needed. Thanks again to all for the replies.
  5. Thanks. I was under the impression that the hat was optional and that if worn, they remained on during the flag ceremony. Batting .500!!!
  6. 1) Is the hat a required part of the uniform (specifically for a scout in Bears)? 2) Does a scout (again a Bear) have to remove his hat when a) performing a flag ceremony and, b) when saluting the flag and saying the Pledge of Allegiance (both indoors)? Answers would be great but answers with official references would be preferred. Thanks.
  7. Can you provide a reference regarding earning infinite arrow points? The Wolf book is somewhat ambiguous. Page 8 - "He can earn as many Silver Arrow Points as he wants until he completes the second grade (or turns 9)." Page 103 - "Fill in this arrow point when you have done it. With your first ten filled-in arrow points you can get your GOLD Arrow Point; ten more gives you a SILVER Arrow Point;..." The first would indicate that you can earn infinite Silver Arrow Points. The second seems to indicate you can only earn Gold/Silver Arrow Points when you fill in the arrow and you ca
  8. The most important piece of this thread is the BSA's ability to adopt should this case go against the government. I hope that they are true to their motto, "Be Prepared."
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