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  1. So here is an update as to the happenings of this merit badge dilemma.......We presented our issue to the Troop Committee at the Committee Meeting. (May I say that this was the largest turnout for a committee meeting in quite a long time according to members that have been in the troop longer than my son has been.) The Advancement Chair argued on the side of the Scoutmaster but when it was noticed that she was reading out of an old GTA, and she was also picking and choosing lines out of said GTA and reading them like they were one continuous statement, she didn't have much to say after that.
  2. It's been a bit of a slow start so far for the new pack but we are finally getting our feet under us. It has been quite an experience, going from 5 years as a den leader and 1 year experience with Boy Scouts, back to the beginning of Cub Scouts and having every family be new to the scouting program. Thankfully, I have had some help from the new unit coordinator at Council in the recruitment process and have had a lot of help from my son (den chief) and several other boy scouts. There is another pack in the area so this new pack doesn't ever expect to have huge numbers. The plan is to stay s
  3. I took Wood Badge this past summer and am currently in the process of working my ticket. My advice? Plan for hard work and long days on the weekend that you are there. I also took my WB out of council and am really happy I did. I am very familiar with the people who usually instruct my council's courses, so everyone was new to me at my WB and it was very refreshing to meet up with new people and learn different perspectives- especially different council perspectives. Have a few ideas in mind for your tickets, but as stated by others, don't fully lock yourself in to your ticket ideas unt
  4. Hi Everyone! I live in Michigan and was a den leader for my son's den from Tiger all the way through crossover to Boy Scouts last February. For the last 2 years in the pack, I also served as the pack's advancement chair. After crossover I have become a committee member of the troop and help out in everything I can, have been recruited by Council to start a new pack in the area and am the Cubmaster for that pack. OH, and I am also in the process of working my Wood Badge ticket, (Go Eagle Patrol, C2-784-14!). Thanks for letting me join the forum!
  5. Welcome Andy! I have just joined here myself.
  6. Hi everyone! Thanks for all the responses. I have been locked out the past couple days as well and couldnt even see any of the responses, much less respond myself. In the meantime I have purchased a copy of the Guide to Advancement and have several of the items,, and the article from Scouting Magazine (thanks for all the links!) etc., highlighted and am planning on taking several copies of it to our next committee meeting. My son and his buddy that did the merit badge with him will be attending the committee also and presenting their case to the committee, and the MB counselor plan
  7. Hi! Forgive me of this has been asked before, but I have a question.... My son got an opportunity to work on the lifesaving merit badge over the Christmas holiday. He called his Scoutmaster 5 days ahead of time to get approval for the blue card and to discuss the badge. (He is 11 and was EXTREMELY nervous about having to call him.) The scoutmaster didn't answer his phone so my son left him a very detailed message about what MB is was, who the counselor was, what date he wanted to do the badge, where, and who his buddy was. The SM never called him back and since this was an opportunity he didn
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