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  1. We usually start with the dinner. I think the little ones are less crabby that way. We use a place with a nice sound system to avoid sounds of people talking in the back. I also ask the moms to please not do any kitchen clean up during the program. I tell them that the boys deserve our attention. This year we had a story teller. The boys all gathered around a fake fire I made. Lights were down and I had a soundtrack with crackling fire sounds, crickets etc. It was very cool. He told the history of scouting and the boys were mesmorized. We follow with a skit, song, etc from Web I
  2. Since my oldest son is currently fighting in a war zone and I am desperately missing him right now.... I LOVE this country. I hate to see anyone disrespect it! I am also very aware of the many rights he is fighting for...for me, you and everyone else. So, while I would be annoyed by someone sitting while our proud flag goes by, I guess he has every right to. Maybe he doesn't understand how his actions affect others..maybe he does. I just know that he can do it, as much as it breaks my heart and frustrates me.
  3. I think the ideal plan would be for you to shadow/assist your CC until February and then take it from there.
  4. My boys just came back on Saturday from the Webelos Adventure Camp at Camp Gerber just north of Muskegon, MI. It was 4 days, 3 nights. They had a BLAST!!! If you would like more info post again on this thread. If you are interested in this, I will be happy to give you a hand.
  5. scouter1960


    He either has met the requirements or he has not....right? At the Webloes level the DL is the one that signs off. It would seem to me that the Webloes leader should be able to say he has earned it or not. Or maybe I am missing something in the post.
  6. Wow, this is really out of control, isn't it? I feel for you but you have to get this handled. As CC you have the authority (and responsibility for this pack) to get this handled as best you can. Sounds like you are dealing with a major power play here. If it were me, I would tell the den leader that you can replace them as the DL if they continue down this path. You and your COR can do that. I realize they have been the DL since Tigers but they cannot take over and disrupt your pack this way. Maybe if they face this choice, knowing that there is so little time left in the pack, t
  7. If your son joined in December he will have plenty of time to get his Bear badge before the end of the school year. Odds are the rest of the den will have earned their badge before he does but that will make his bear ceremony that much more special because he won't be sharing the limelight with anyone else. A lot the "homework" for the Bear badge is stuff many families already do...family game night, help with making a meal, help with shopping, etc. I bet you won't have any trouble getting it done without rushing him.
  8. scouter1960

    Den flags

    We have a flag for each den. The boys make them each year. So if there are two Bear dens we would have each bear den make their own seperate flag. They have a seperate den number and they each have their own den yell. It helps promote pride in their group.
  9. Thank you all so much for the help. I am waiting for a reply from the Web II leader. They had a death in the family so I haven't been able to communicate with her much this week. CM and CC (me) both are concerned that due to this lack of planning this very important event (if it even happens) is going to be rushed just "to check off a box" and the real meaning of what is going on is getting completely lost. NOT how we want this to go! This Web II leader is determined that they will cross over at BG. I have concerns that in the end they will just say they did it all, whether they did or n
  10. Help, I can't find the answer anywhere. We have our BG planned for the first week in February. Reservations, plans, etc very much in motion. I have just learned that the 5 webelos that are supposed to cross over at the BG ceremony have not yet gone on their outting with boy scout troop which is needed for the AOL. We are scrambling to find a troop to do this with (the group they are crossing over to doesn't have one planned before now and then) but I don't see this happening. Can we do the cross over as planned at the BG and then an AOL ceremony for our next meeting in March? The cr
  11. Thank you everyone, this is very helful. I was under the impression that you only used the local tour permit if there was distance and carpooling involved. So, when we meet at a local park for our raingutter regatta or rocket launches we fill out the LTP and the previously linkd permission slip for this too? In those cases everyone drives themelves. Or is this to be filed for every single pack activity that is held away from our usual meeting place? We have not used any of these forms previously because we don't really have many activities away from the school where the boys can att
  12. Thank you, that helps alot. With the exeption of the one boy, everyone is going with a parent. That boy will ride with us and YP guidelines are covered. Thank you for that permission slip. Is that to be used by everyone that is going, or just the boy going without his parent? If two families go together in one car, should there be any paperwork since the parents are there? The Local Tour permit was mentioned in our training. As I read that form over I wonder if I am supposed to use this also? It states that it's supposed to be turned in two weeks in advance and have all the dri
  13. I have a quick question. If you are going on an outting that Council has set up (as opposed to something that the pack has planned on their own) what permission slip do you use for carpooling and/or taking someone's boy where the parent is unable to attend. We have some that want to drive together and one boy who wants to go but his parent is working that day. I cannot get a call back from my DE on this. Thank you
  14. I completely agree with the others that 20 is just TOO MUCH. It is too much for the leader and it's too much for the boys. There's no way they will get what they are here to get in this type of environment. Maybe I missed this, but have you talked to the CC? It is my understanding that the CC is responsible for the leaders in a pack, not the CM. Additionally, thinking a year or two ahead, I can't imagine 20 wolves, 20 bears, etc in a den. The activities as the progress get more and more and I doubt that anyone could effectively manage that.
  15. I am looking for some suggestions for pack meetings. We have a lot of new families and scouts following a successful recruiting campaign. We are having huge problems with behavior during the pack meetings now. We have younger siblings running around the room while the parents just sit and watch. We have scouts (old and new) being disorderly and running around as well. There was playful pushing and shoving during the flag ceremony last week that was very annoying. We had a police officer come and give a presentation not long ago and it was very embarassing. He was frustrated himself
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