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  1. To all the forums scouters who upheld his notion of not to have boys run the unit verses experienced trained adult leaders. Jambo most likely will be away for awhile in the hospital. When he returns he will jump into all the topics of discussian. Tobias Russo, former Asst. Scoutmaster, Commitee Chairman of one of the best units in the nation.
  2. Eagle dad, and Gold winger, I appreciate your input. Yes ,we have a problem in todays Scouting. How do we solve that problem,? then I have to write a book on it or run a course on leadership...and then ,I have to throw away the notion for the boys to run their own troops. We need dedicated adult leaders with a vision, imagination, energy and love of kids. It would be nice to have council cooperating in recruiting boys from 10 1/2 years and up. Which at present time they are just involved to get the cubbing program running. A lot of cubbing program resemble the old Scouting program, where the
  3. Barry, I respect your opinion...but you chastised me for not having my facts straight ?( I deserve an apology !) I feel that you never been in the trenches of Scouting...on professional level as I have, or a scoutmaster for 32 years, and maxed out at 90 boys in the troop, Our troop attended two National Jamboree, and one International at Calgary Canada. We went on a exchange program to England and Kandersteg Switzerland.. We had 20 Eagle Scouts and etc. I am getting closer and closer to 90 years of age...and soon you will have me on 'silent key ". Good Scoutmaster never die, they just pass
  4. Eagle dad, and Mr. Nelson: I think you missed my point, that I tried to bring out, I would suggest you read it again..." The real Scouting is dying, a slow death "...it refurbished into tigering, cubbing, and weblows. As I said before ,soon we we will have " diaper Scouts, and girls scouts will be the baby sitters ". Our rough and tough Boy Scouts units will be found and mentioned only in Boy Scouts museums. A few of the boys that will cross over from cubbing , will be joining " club for boys ", as I indicated before.So called" boy run " units, where the boys are ashamed to wear their class
  5. In response to Greg Nelson's critique of Jambo: I respect your opinion, and I see where you are coming from. But, let's get real , cubing became a glorified 'baby sitting organization', you don't need to look for day care center, anymore , it is called tigers, and etc. We dress them up and parade the kids in front of the parents, and call it Scouting. If you look at the National statistics, only 40 % of former cubs join a real Scouting unit. And when that boy joins that unit, and see's the disorganization of so called "boy run" unit, he quits and joins an organized teen club at church, YM
  6. We will have more irate parents, when they see the mess we made out of Scouting. Cubbing is not Scouting, but a baby sitting organization, run by Den mothers, Den leaders. In my oid days ,a boy went to become a weblow for one year, to get aquinted what Scouting .. Then he crossed over into real Scouting, and not the so called ''boy run''. boys club, where most of them don''t even wear the uniform. Scouting got watered down, to Tiger cubs, and soon we we will have '' Diaper Scouts ''(ha,ha,) Yes, dear Irate parent...there is something to be concerned.
  7. What a response from the BSA cadre in reference to my experience with a Regional Scouting Executive, on the Eastern coast of USA. No mention of the salary they get on the National level.? No mention is made how much money a year is made by the Boy Scouts, Inc., on national level. Scouting on top is strictly administrative, they don''t even know that there is " boy " involved ? It is perpetual self supporting, and self financed organization ,for the benefit of the professional , and not trench loving volunteers. You, should be ashamed to quote your BSA Manuel, on the qualification to be a pr
  8. Brianshore, most of the informaton is correct on this site. I had an executive who worked real high in Scouting , on the Regional level. His salery at that time was about $ 60,00 t0 $ 80.000. They worked him worse then a horse, 12-16 hours a day, and you never got any time off. You are responsible of recruiting new Council Executives. The most important thing is how well do you have skills in raising the finances. Scouting knowledge they would get in training courses. He told me, if he had a chance he would go into Airline busines or Corporate world, and not into BSA, Inc....jambo
  9. GWD=scouter, I sympathize your sincere effort to recruit Scouting. This is not done by the Council any more. They want each boy to be a recruiter, and they get a patch for it. I remember when I assisted running " school night for Scouting ". The Council executive would get permission from the principal to book the auditorium, to put on a show. I recruited Order of the Arrow, members and a dozen or so Eagle Scouts, in their class "A" Uniforms. The Scouts would put on skids on First Aid and etc. The MC was a Marine Sargent, who told the boys to grow up to be men, and join the adventure of Sco
  10. Howdy all, no this is not jambo's post, I received a few PMs from people who did not appreciate what he had to say. If interested, I copied it and can send it to any one who wishes to see it, then let me know what you think OGE (This message has been edited by a staff member.)
  11. ( Jones of Kenntucky )In my past experience of running a very large BSA unit, I have noticed that some of the small town Scouting, are the best. The whole town would back the unit...providing that the Council does not break it up. in order to create a new units,... for the sake of the numbers ? If you are going to send your boys to join a Troop, make sure it has experienced adult leadership, and not run on the " boy run " concept ? Other wise all it will be is "BSA---baby sitting association " Keep that Scouting spirit...jambo
  12. Volker, once again thanks for the info. What is this about " sod grass " placement ? Is that a new German techique to keep the water out of the tent ? Please educate me ! Sincerely, jambo
  13. Barry, I have read your articles on this forum, and I see you were in the trenches as I have, trying to run a successful scouting program. I am not going to beat this " boy run'' / adult run/guided " program. to its demise . But I will tell you my experience just lately, attended a district fall camporee. ..... During the camp assembly, there were 12 units of Scouts. Two units had 20+ scouts, with class "A" uniforms, and there leaders looked very well decorated and seemed very well organized. The rest of the units was a disgrace to the scouting movement. We had one obese lady ASM, in ch
  14. Volker mein Herr, Thanks for the info...but what is the difference between the regular Kohte tent, and the ''super '' Kohte. I know the price difference ! Have you used any of them, and do you have negative or positive to say about them. " Aufwiedersehen " jambo
  15. Mein Phadfinder Bruder Volker: Thanks for the information...but I still could not find the " Kohte" tents...I found plenty of our American type tents. I hope Scouting is getting along fine in Germany. jambo
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