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  1. In the movie, 8 Days A Week(1997) starring Joshua Schaefer and Keri Russell, Keri Russell's father, played by Patrick O'Brien, quotes a man named Zig Ziglar. I thought it was some made up name, I had no idea that the there was an inspirational speaker named Zig Ziglar. Thanks for the information.
  2. ...choose to help the Pack or choose to help the Special Needs. I believe I need to clarify this. The program I volunteered for only lasted 5 weeks and was some sort of starter program passed down from National. In other words, there was no large commitment or stress. However, though I did volunteer, no one else from my pack had. This makes me question their commitment to scouting. Why? Because there schools (both the one that the solicited at and the one they did not) are attached to this school with the special needs students. If your pack was connected with a school, wouldn't yo
  3. 1 If you were the chairman of a pack committee would you rather choose your own committee members or have them inserted by the local District Executive into your committee? I would take all who should an active commitment to both their child and scouting. So I guess in a way I would rather choose my own Committee Members, but never disrespect the ones I had. That would make me unkind and show a lack of courteousness towards others. I think you understand what I mean. However, my goal to this point has been to be as helpful as possible. By attending Roundtables, organizing my den, helpin
  4. You can have it if all Boy Scouting has become is an idealist clique. I'll send the badge too. Your statement seems so full of anger; it makes me wonder if you are truly, at the end of the day,...happy with {yourself} in life. I mean, why be so angry with an idealist organization that has no current personal bearing on your life? If your badge means nothing, then let it mean nothing; no anger, frustration, attacks, displeasure, and ultimately disappointment. Let it go without the anger, estranged resentment and dishearten response. (This message has been edited by jafyfe-bsa)
  5. As some may have read through some of my other post, I am an Eagle Scout who is returning to Boy Scouting with my boys. I was approached by the DEs to become involved in a pack that was "failing." My first clue that it was failing was the simple fact that at recruitment, only the DEs were there (we have two because the area is really growing). At that meeting we were invited to the District Day Camp. My second clue was that at the Day Camp, no one from this pack had shown. At the day camp, the DEs asked my wife and I if we could help with a program that brings Boy Scouting to ment
  6. When I was a child, I had little to no involvement from my father. Though my parents were "together" in marriage, my father's job took him away from the home for most weekends, weekdays and holidays. I, and your son may be doing this himself, sought others to be a role models of manhood. When I turned to scouting I found many fathers active in the troop and in their sons lives. It was by experience with these men that taught my self not only ideals of a healthy manhood, but how to be father. Now that I have two sons of my own, I have examples of fatherhood that I turn to in times of t
  7. {Though I don't remember where I read this, I am almost positive that Tiger Den's can not have den chiefs. Bear and Wolf dens, however, can.} Tiger Cubs don't usually have DC because they have their adult partners. As to Wolfs, Bears, and Webelos, I was a DC for all of them when I was a First Class and above scout. DC are necessary to teach the boys that there is fun in scouting beyond Cub Scouts. I believe that a must be at least 13 years old or First Class scout; however if there are no such requirements, those would be my requirements.
  8. Would one want to remove the list of Honored, those who have no more honors? For example: (Bunch of names that I am not going to verify) Though I agree, as an Eagle Scout, the lessons and leadership I learned have continued with me beyond my years as a youth; I have a hard time allowing the good name of Eagle Scout be destroyed by such examples of hatred and destruction. Beyond that, these boys have added fuel to a fire raging out of control that attacks the organization as a whole. To have them maintain with such an honor is wrong and sends the wrong message to the world.
  9. {What team is the Storm with?} The San Diego Padres. {Make sure to use Fuji film containers they pop so much better than the black with grey tops.} Good tip. My boys and I will be paracticing this weekend. {So this year we aren't putting a finish time on the flyer, hoping everyone will come at the start time.} We are doing a packet to pass out with all the information needed. Hopefully that will work.
  10. I stand on the middle of the fence with this issue. The only way that my boys joined scouting was through the DE having a meeting at their school. Through that one meeting our pack not only got my wife and I but two others just as dedicated to scouting. The Pack, though feeding from two schools, did nothing to invite the children from one school. The Pack was run by a group of people who were happy having three dens at about 5 boys per den. This year my wife is the Membership Chair and is actively recruiting from the two schools. To have the DE come in now would really not benefit
  11. How long? - 1 day from 4pm to 6pm How much? - free What act.? - round robin crafts, cooking, astronomy, rope bridge Lunch provided? - no This was for the Tiger Cubs so I don't know what the rest of the group paid. This was also for the District and not the Council.
  12. Though it has been mentioned that the leader book does have a Parent Survey, I like yours more. The one in the leader book is confusing and ask for information that really does not pretain to the skills needed for the year. At the beginning of the year I give out a package include a parent survey, but I think I shall use yours instead. Thank you. I made the following changes: 1. One per parent instead of parental unit. 2. In the "I have..." I added "a pool" (important in CA). 3. In the "I have these skills..." I added "camping", "hiking", "models."(This message has been edite
  13. I like uz2bnowl movie night. I'll probably push for something like that in the spring. As for recruiting, over the summer we got 5 boys, with a local Minor League Baseball team (Lake Elsinore Storm) allowing scouts to campout on the field, watch a game, watch a movie, feed them and patch them for $15.00. Just by mentioning this activity recruited those boys. As for active recruitment, we begin on the 25th of Aug (Back to School Night) and our Recruitment Night the first of Sep. We feed from two schools and my wife pulls from her involvements in the home school program. Our plan
  14. To answer Rick's Question (Are your boys just starting in Cub Scouts, as in they are twins?): no. One will be starting Tiger Cubs while the other will be a Bear Scout. Due to the fact that we live in the "middle of nowhere" and that the children were home schooled, we never got a straight answer as to how to start them in the Cub Scout program. This year they will enter into a school that has Cub Scouts. To prevent this future confusion with home schooled parents, my wife is actively recruiting home schoolers.
  15. After taking a 10 year "vacation" from Scouting I have return with my boys. I have received an Arrow of Light and Eagle Scout with four palms. I am also a Brotherhood memeber of the Order of the Arrow. My boys are now starting on their trail with wide-eyed excitment.
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